Best Home Theater System in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A home theater is a system that uses modern electronics to bring more entertainment to your home, enabling you to enjoy many enjoyable moments with family and friends. People end up forgetting an important point when it comes to experiencing the best in this entertainment, that is the sound quality. In this article, we will give you tips to choose the best home theater system in India available in the market, and provide a listing with several home theater systems that we consider the best today. Also, a brief buying guide that will deliver in-depth technical knowledge so that you can choose your system according to your needs.

Home theaters are the equipment that can bring cinema-quality to your home, and ensure your family is more united than ever during fun times. Through a sound system, different speakers are positioned by the environment, making the audio come from all directions. So without wasting any more time, let us begin with our super bass journey.

Best Home Theater System in India

1. Sony BDV-E3200

I would like to share that Sony has produced many amazing home theaters over the years and so you might see more of it listed here. But every single product mentioned in this article is 100% quality-oriented, trustworthy, and also has its own positive features to amuse you. BDV-E3200 by Sony also has its worthy reasons to be on top of the list. It has an output of 1000W RMS, which makes it pretty powerful and delivers a booming sound. Sony has dropped fully wireless features like NFC and Bluetooth, which makes connectivity simple and hassle-free. Also, it has a special feature for the Indian audience, which is named India Sound Settings, which states more bass, louder sounds, and super clear vocals.

Sony BDV-E3200 has USB Multiple Format, which allows you to enjoy multiple video formats like AVC HD, MP4, MKV, MPEG4, WMV, XVID. We have already mentioned the wireless connectivity and adding on; it also has built-in WiFi, which allows us to stream and suffer content on the internet wirelessly without any troubles. Sony has offered many special features and of them is Football Mode that gives you a perfect stadium-feel to enjoy your sports match or event. With real 5.1ch Dolby Digital sound, you get a magical audio experience, and all this is a worthy treat to your ears. Sony has given Miracast and Smartphone control, which makes it a perfect and must-buy option.


  • Brilliant 3D in Full 1080p HD quality, which makes it so real as if you are in the virtual world. (3D Glasses Not Supplied)
  • Special audio features like India Sound Settings and Football Mode makes it a user-friendly product.
  • DTS-HD & Dolby Digital Pro sound technology delivers a superb quality sound experience.
  • Other features like NFC, Bluetooth, and Built-In WiFi makes it a complete and perfect home theater package.

2. JBL Cine System 500Si

JBL is producing audio technology for years and has conquered the audio segment by delivering fantastic quality products and also according to the consumer’s needs. Whenever someone speaks of a quality audio product, then the first brand that strikes most of the intellectual consumers is JBL. This home theater system by JBL has a 5.1 surround sound system that delivers excellent sound with immersive, high-quality sound experience. The system is packed with 5 surrounded small speaker boxes to cover a large area and a subwoofer with 6.5″ active and powerful central speaker of 60W.

JBL Cine System 500Si offers easy to connect audio/video receiver, which also lets you tremendous sound and variety of tuning options. Compact in size, this home theater fits any home environment naturally as if it was never there, and the 5.1 channel drives you to a wow audio-visual experience. It also offers four 3D-ready HDMI inputs to entertainment with precision and accuracy. Considering the overall features, crystal clear sound quality and a popular big brand name, we state this product as a trustworthy and genuine buying option.


  • Compact size, which easily fits any environment and saves your space.
  • Easy operations so that it can be operated universally by anyone.
  • Precise and Clear sound quality tags it as a worth buying home theater.

3. Yamaha YHT-3072-IN

One of the most loved products online and a perfect home theater by Yamaha. YHT-3072-IN 5.1 sound channel home theater system offers Dolby audio with DTS-HD technology, which enhances the sound experience to the fullest. YHT-3072 has HTR-3072 AVR with an NSP-41 speaker, which provides a superb audio experience that includes loud but crystal clear vocals. It also has an active woofer, which is responsible for the excellent bass and booming sound. Installing this beast home theater is so simple and easy that even a kid can process it.

It has covered all aspects to compete with all the other HT segments, and so Yamaha has also dropped Bluetooth connectivity so that one can efficiently operate the system through his smartphone. It is brilliant to enhance your gaming experience and makes the experience super real. Yamaha YHT-3072-IN also offers a year warranty from the date of purchase, which makes it a reliable and decent home theater and eventually a worth buying option.


  • It offers a one-year manufacturer warranty which makes it a reliable and genuine buying option.
  • Easy Installation saves you from all the hurdles and also your time
  • Dolby Vision enables you to play even the super high-quality 4K visual with no lags.

4. Logitech Z906

Logitech is famous for making quality electronic accessories, mostly computer accessories. It has always delivered consumer-oriented quality products within a budget amount. This home theatre is tagged under Amazon’s Choice, which indicated its quality and reliability. Logitech Z906 offers twin 2.0 dual input multimedia speakers allow 6-watts top power, which enables it to deliver crystal clear sound for an excellent audio experience. It has easy, simple controls that propose convenience by combining volume and power in one place.

A unique feature of the home theater is its handy headphone jack, which allows a more private and personal entertainment experience. That means if other mates are sleeping, then you can plug your 3.5MM headphones and enjoy your movies and songs without disturbing anyone. It has Power 1000W peak power, which gives a super loud booming but clear sound. Logitech cares for the consumer, and so for more ease, it has given a wireless remote for easy operations. The 2-year hardware warranty makes it an awesome and trustworthy home theater product.


  • 2-year hardware warranty makes it a more reliable and genuine product.
  • Power 1000W offers brilliant booming sound with crystal clear vocals.
  • 5 surrounding channels complete this product and make it a worth buying option.

5. Samsung HT-J5100K/XL

Samsung has sold the most electronic units in 2019 as compared to the other brands of similar segments. It has proved that Indian consumers choose quality over quantity and budget. The premium range of products by Samsung is loved by millions of Indian consumers. The HT-J5100K/XL offers powerful bass for a big and quality sound boost, which eventually turns into a brilliant amazing audiovisual experience. The Crystal Amp Pro technology delivers a crystal clear and promising sound experience.

The additional features including Karaoke scoring, which lets you record songs with fantastic Karaoke music by the microphone with USB record. It also has a quick start mode, which offers speedy start in no time. Samsung has always been quality-oriented and never compromises on its product quality. Considering all the features, including balancing sound in your preferred way, this Samsung HT is a worthy buying option, if you are looking for the best quality home theater.


  • FM tuning which lets you enjoy the radio at the very best quality.
  • Quick Start Mode allows you quick access and play.
  • Balancing Sound feature lets you enjoy the sound your own way.

6. LG LHB675

LG has always been the first choice for home appliances and electronics by mass Indian consumers. For so many years, LG has gained consumer trust and respect just by producing premium quality products at a budget price. LHB675 home theater by LG is a fantastic buying option for those who are looking for a full pack HT in a smart budget price. It also offers a 3D Blu-Ray player who drops a thrilling 3D visual experience(Only possible if you own a 3D Blu-Ray disc).

The rectangular stand-bars have Built-in subwoofer with 4.2 channel that promises great surrounding sounds, which delivers a powerful and premium home theater experience. It also offers Karaoke, so that you can sing along on your favorite tunes and be a rockstar at home. It has a wireless connection to specific LG TV, which is an amazingly unique feature in today’s technology.


  • Blu-Ray 3D player who draws a brilliant 3D visual experience.
  • Karaoke is also an exciting advantage with this LG home theater.
  • Powerful Output of 1000W, which delivers powerful bass and clear quality sound.

7. F&D F3800X

So here is the super-budget home theater by F&D, which offers quality and budget integrated into one single HT product. It features 5.1 channel multimedia Bluetooth speakers for a loud booming sound, also features a white display which delivers a convenient view. The 4.0 Bluetooth has powerful connectivity of 10-15m and this F3800X home theater comes with a wireless remote which makes navigation easier and convenient for the users.

F&D has specifically target Indian consumers, and so they presented a super budget home theater with all the necessary features and good quality as compared to other brand products.

It has a USB port to support USB devices and also SD card port so that you never run out of media channels. With digital FM and Multi-colored LED, this beast also offers booming sound by the 5.25 inches bass driver for subwoofers. A complete pack home theater with a super budget label as preferred by most of the Indian consumers.


  • Multi-Colored LED and White Digital Display provide a more entertaining view to the users.
  • 5.1 Speakers offers great loud sound with amazing sound quality.
  • Specially made considering the Indian audience and so you can have it in an amazingly low price.

8. Sony BDV-N9200W

We have already mentioned a Sony Home Theater before, and again, we are back with another superior product, which is a lot more than a home theater. Sony keeps updating its technology by adding new and unique features to it, and also we have seen the product design and quality is unbeatable by any of the other brands. BDV-N9200W home theater by Sony features a long surrounding sound system with amusing lightning effects. It consists of a subwoofer and 5 speakers, which are supported by 1200W RMS power and 5.1 channels.

Sony also offers Wireless connectivity that includes WiFi, NFC, Miracast, and Bluetooth, which makes streaming high-quality content easy and simple. It has an updated     4K upscale technology which offers 4K content with 0 lag and also a Blu-Ray compatible player, so you can also experience super 3D visuals. Sony has always promised quality by its products, and with quality this, it has offered amazing features like Virtual Football Mode and One-touch NFC Mirroring.


  • 100% Premium quality audiovisual experience with no room for complaints.
  • Lightning effects made this home theater more amusing and appealing.
  • The Virtual Football Mode for a stadium and super gaming experience.
  • Universal wireless connectivity by Bluetooth, NFC, and WiFi.

9. JBL Bar 5.1

Again JBL being the most enthusiastic innovator, has introduced a new product with a whole new and amusing design. Beating all the competitors, JBL released its new home theater, JBL BAR, which is super light and appealing to the eyes. It has surround sound that is a must feature in a home theater. The wireless connectivity lets you stream and control the HT via smartphone through a stable Bluetooth connection. JBL Bar consists of detachable and battery-powered wireless sound speakers, which drops a true wireless experience with 10 hours of playtime.

Don’t fall into the misconception, which is often offered by people that the Bar design makes it lesser than any other 5.1 home theater. It delivers awesome booming surrounding sounds with clear vocals that eventually enhances the overall entertainment experience. Adding on, it also has an active subwoofer that produces Bass and offers a full theater feeling and joy. JBL Bar is one of my favorite home theater packs as I have personally experienced it at a mall, and it really impressed me.


  • Booming Bass by a 250mm subwoofer, which improves the audio experience.
  • Detachable and battery-powered wireless speakers are unique and amusing.
  • JBL has never compromised with the quality of its product, and this HT has certainly proved it.

Buying Guide

Sounds happen all around us, and that’s the idea of home theater. Unlike watching something with just a TV, the home theater system doesn’t emit sound from only one direction. Home theaters bring a more real and quality user experience. If you are seeking for a home theater system, to bring your family and friends together, this product is the right choice as it is a reason for everyone to gather at home around the television and with Smart TVs, you can do a lot more then just watching TV.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Theater System

Home Theater brings ease and pleasant cinematic experience at home. Among the so many advantages I would like to mention the most comforting, which is you can access the cinematic experience anytime with no restrictions, you can take unlimited breaks if you want or can watch a full movie without any interruptions and disturbance(as faced in theaters). Also, home theater brings a fantastic and realistic sound experience that cannot be replaced by any other gadgets. A more personal watching experience also has a few difficulties or can say disadvantages like the high price, Home Theaters are a bit expensive but worth for what they deliver and also another disadvantage is the irritating setup installation.

What Do These 2.0, 5.1, 6.1 Digits Mean?

These numbers may seem confusing to first-timers, but the explanation is much simpler than it seems. The number on the left represents the number of speakers in a home theater equipment, and the number on the right is the number of subwoofers, which is mainly responsible for producing the excellent and strong Bass.

What motivates each person to decide on one of these options is mainly the price, as well as the quality and the level of sound they want according to their environment (the place where the HT will be used.) Below I have explained each of the term/digits in brief:

  • 2.0: A 2.0 home theater, for example, which has two speakers and no subwoofer, will be much cheaper than other higher-end models, but it will disappoint those looking for more realistic sound quality.
  • 5.1: 5.1 is an interesting piece of equipment if you are looking for a compromise between quality and price, as it has five speakers: two front, one center, and two sides. In addition, it also comes with a subwoofer which produces a super bass to support the speakers.
  • 6.1: This does not make a significant difference from 5.1, as only one extra speaker is added to the room at the rear. Some sounds of passing cars, gunshots, and voices may become more obvious through this system of home theater.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Home Theater System

Home Theater System is an expensive buy and so one must check the purchasing criteria twice or even thrice before making the ultimate decision.

There are certain characteristics that are necessary in a home theater, such as the following:

  • Power
  • Sound
  • Design
  • Wifi
  • Space
  • Subwoofer

Let us discuss each characteristic, in brief, to understand the criteria better.

Power: Power has a lot of influence on the result of each home theater system, and it is expressed by an acronym called RMS. The higher the watt, the better the device will be.

Usually, for small places, the most recommended powers are 900 and 1,000 watts, while for larger places it is ideal to be larger than 1,000 watts.

Sound: Sound is one of the main elements of a home theater, so it is very necessary to choose your product well so that you feel it and have a more realistic experience.

The immersion that the home theater promotes through sound can mean listening to a plane flying over your head or the feeling of being in the middle of gunfire, all produced only by the sound of the equipment. To make this happen, you will need to strategically position the speakers in the environment so that individual sounds come out of different speakers and together they form a perfect atmosphere for the movie.

Design: Design is the first thing that catches the eye of a home theater, and it is important that it matches the environment in which you are going to place it, as it is a piece of equipment that will stand out on the spot. The JBL Bar is one of the most sold product just because of its innovative and attractive design. There are devices that have larger speakers that make a bigger impact on those arriving at your home, while some home theaters have smaller, more compact speakers.

WiFi: With applications like Netflix today, having access to Wi-Fi is important to assuring fun.

Some home theater devices come with a wireless network, so just connect your equipment to your home network and you’re done, you can access the internet to download programs or listen to music from your computer. Some manufacturers require you to buy an accessory to access the Wi-Fi network, so keep an eye on this detail, as it may be an extra expense to bear and also a drawback of the particular system.

Space: Knowing how much space you have in the room in which you want to place your home theater is very important, as there are home theater systems of large and small speakers, and only knowing the size of the room or environment can give you an idea of how many speakers can be placed. If you end up buying a home theater with large speakers and have little space at home, the equipment may end up causing discomfort as the sound may end up getting too close to your ears. So always keep a check on where you will be placing the home theater and consider all the possibilities before the purchase.

Subwoofers: This part of the home theater system may or may not exist, depending on the model you choose. Usually, it is present in more expensive versions of the home theater because it offers several characteristics to the sound that is extra sound and loud Bass.  And so this becomes an important criteria before buying Home Theater System.

Price: First of all, you should consider what you want with a home theater. We have already mentioned that the cost solely depends upon what are you getting if you wish to more speakers with more features then you have to pay more, and if you settle up in a basic model with less or no extra features then you will get that product at a considerably low price.

To make up your home theater, you will need a lot of equipment because, in addition to the stereo and DVD and blue-ray players, you will need to buy a quality television, so that you can make your environment a true movie theater.

Place: The home theater system can be purchased at consumer electronics stores and supermarkets. There is always the option to shop online much more conveniently as you will receive your home theater system directly at home. I personally suggest Amazon for genuine and secured buying.


Home theater is now no big deal for you right? I have covered every small thing for the subject. Also, after a week of analysis, we have chosen some of the best home theater system in India. I have also covered the purchasing criteria including the advantages and disadvantages of the home theater system to make it easy for you to choose the best home theater. Please comment down your experience and queries regarding the subject and we will be back to you in no time.

Best Smart TV in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

We live in the age of smart devices: phones, watches and now we have TVs too. With the help of a Smart TV and an internet connection, it became possible to use numerous applications on these giant screens. The digital era has also greatly enhanced televisions, but choosing a smart TV is not an easy task. So making it easy for you, here we present the best smart TV in India.

Until a few years ago, choosing a new television was not a problem. However, the ongoing technological advances that make new models obsolete in just a few months now make choosing one model or another a complicated decision. Therefore, it is essential to have minimal technical knowledge about the specifications of each model.

If you are thinking of buying a Smart TV, but you do not know what the advantages and disadvantages of this type of a Smart TV are, how much they cost or where to buy, you have come to the very right place. An excellent smart TV does everything which improves your entertainment experience. Today we will tell you everything you need to know before you buy your smart TV.

Best Smart TV in India

1. Mi LED TV 4C PRO 80 cm

Amazon’s best-seller and one of the most loved smart TVs in India. Mi LED TV 4C Pro features 32 inches Ultra-Bright HD LED screen, which displays brilliant clarity, along with lifelike colors and enhanced brightness. This budget-buy smart TV has 3HDMI ports for set-top box connectivity, gaming console, Blu Ray players, and 2 USB ports to connect hard disk & other devices. It has 20W DTS-HD sound to improve your audio experience. Mi LED TV 4C Pro has fantastic smart features that include Patch Wall with Android UI & Set-up box integration, In-built Chromecast which enables you to cast your device on TV, It has all the apps you use on your phone including Play Store, YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar and many others streaming applications.

This smart TV has Mi Remote with a Google voice search that allows you to easily search and saves you from typing on a stupid TV remote. It has content across 15 languages, which makes it a universally wide product. Also, the Mi Remote controls not only this TV but also other Mi Devices like set-top boxes and smart home devices, eg. Mi Air Purifier. Subjected as India’s No. 1 Brand, Mi offers a 1-year warranty on full product and extra one year warranty on the panel. It consumes 50W, which is comparatively less and saves electricity, which makes it a perfect budget-buy smart TV.


  • 32 inches Ultra-Bright HD display that makes the visual experience more awesome.
  • DTS-HD sound enhances audio enough to serve a big room.
  • It comes with a Mi Remote, which can be universally used also on other Mi Devices like Mi Air Purifier.
  • Projects an Android UI that means all android applications can be used in it.
  • Mi LED TV 4C Pro comes with a stand for suitable storage & use.

2. OnePlus Android QLED TV 55Q1IN-1

OnePlus has ruled the smartphone segment and is subjected to a beast and unbeatable brand by many tech geeks. This QLED TV 55Q1IN-1 is one of the premium and most sold products online. It features 4K Ultra HD with a resolution of 3840×2160 & a motion rate of 480 Hertz. Speaking of its connectivity level, it has 4 HDMI ports, which also supports ARC to connect devices like set-up boxes, players, gaming consoles, and other HDMI devices. 3 USB ports enable it to connect with USB devices like hard drives. Also, this smart TV also works with Alexa by configuring it through Alexa.

Two speakers and two subwoofers with Dobly Atmos offers an amazing audio experience to the viewer and eventually enhancing the full entertainment experience. It has quality features like Built-in WiFi, Android UI with the latest version of Oxygen OS & Android Pie (9), Google Assistant, Built-in Chromecast which offers quality screening your smartphone on TV, OnePLus connect mobile control that allows you to control your TV via your mobile and a Bluetooth Stereo mode. Bezzle Less beast design makes it more beautiful and appealing with a QLED 120% NTSC Display. It has 3GB of RAM, 16 GB storage with an A53X4 CPU for a brilliant visual experience.


  • QLED 4K Ultra HD display for a magical visual experience.
  • Built-in WiFi is one of my favorite features, which makes internet connectivity easy.
  • 2×2 speakers and subwoofers deliver an alluring sound experience.
  • One PLus, QLED TV 55Q1IN-1, works with Alexa too!

3. Vu HD Ready UltraAndroid LED TV

Vu has become one of the top Smart TV brands by producing and integrating quality with the latest technology. It has conquered the budget market by introducing superior and premium quality products at an amazingly low price. Right now, it is also offering “Free Installation” with all its products and being a new brand that is a pretty good marketing strategy to cover all grounds. HD Ready with a resolution of 1366×768, which offers a good picture quality. Vu HD Ready LED TV has 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports to connect with various devices like set-up boxes, gaming consoles, Blu Ray Players, Hard drives, etc.

Offering Android Pie 9.0 makes it UltraAndroid. Vu has also offered other fantastic smart features, for instance, Built-in Chromecast, Bluetooth 5.0, Google Play Store, and also Google Eco-System (Music, Games, Movies, TV). It also offers Licensed Apps like YouTube, Netflix, AmazonPrime Video, Hotstar, Google Play Hotkeys on Remote Control. ARC and SPDIF port to connect to external sound speakers. One year of warranty provided by Vu makes it a reliable and trustworthy product.


  • Google Android Pie 9.0 offers an UltraAndroid experience.
  • Top streaming apps on remote offers effortless access.
  • DTS sounds tend to improve your audio experience.
  • Free Installation is also a worthy advantage.
  • 24×7 customer supports makes it a more reliable and genuine brand.

4. TCL Smart TV 40S62FS

Telephone Communication Limited is one of the best electronic multinational brands. It has produced several different types of electronic products, like TV, Mobile Phones, Air conditioners, Refrigerators, and other small electronics brands. TCL has recently released its Smart TV 40S62FS, which features 1920×1080 Full HD Display with a 60-hertz motion rate. The 16 Watts Output and Built-in stereo speakers offer an alluring and magical audio experience with Dolby sound. TCL Smart TV has five ports (3 HDMI and 2 USB ports) to enable connectivity to various devices like Gaming consoles, set-up boxes, Blu Ray players, Hard disks, etc.

TCL offers TCL launcher with Dual Core CPU for better user experience. With T-cast and screen mirroring, it also gives special YouTube & Netflix streaming. A+ class display LED panel, Dynamic Picture Enhancement (DPE), and Narrow Bezel Design make it a picture-perfect Smart TV with a user-friendly interface. Here you are also getting a fully free installation that costs a thousand or two usually. A trustworthy and genuine product as it has 18 months full warranty provided by TCL.


  • Free Installation by Amazon Home Service that means 0 additional costs after purchasing the TV.
  • Dolby Audio, which is known for its superb quality.
  • Wifi Display Screen Mirroring lets you cast your phone directly to your TV.

5. Panasonic TH-32FS600D

Panasonic has always delivered quality products in the different electronic segment and has created a significant consumer base. No doubt, Panasonic never lets their customers down, and for that, they offer quality-oriented products at a comparatively low price. They focus on customer needs, and they try hard to fulfill all the aspects of it by their product. Panasonic introduced Smart-TV (TH-32FS600D) to satisfy the need for a perfect Smart TV for its consumers. TH-32FS600D Smart TV features an HD Ready IPS LED display with a resolution of 1366 x 768p & a refresh rate of 60 hertz.

Panasonic Smart TV has 3HDMI ports to connect gaming consoles, Blu Ray players, and Setup boxes. Also, 2 USB ports let you connect hard drives and other USB devices. It has Home OS installed, which makes performing Smart tasks easy and effortless. Panasonic has served in electronics for years now, and like always, it has also promised quality, and with this Smart TV, it has proved it again.


  • HD Ready IPS LED display drives an amazing visual experience to you.
  • 1-year warranty as promised by Panasonic.
  • Five ports allow you to connect to various devices like gaming consoles, setup boxes, etc.

6. LG 108 cm (43 inches) Full HD Smart LED TV 43LM6360PTB

A Full HD Smart TV by a very old and successful brand LG, which has served in electronics segments for years and has gained enough consumer trust by its quality-oriented and customer-centric products. This Smart TV by LG features Full HD display with a resolution of 1920×1080 and a motion rate of 50 hertz. It has 2 USB ports to easily connect to hard drives and other USB devices and also has 3 HDMI port, which lets you create a connection between your LG Smart TV and devices like Blu Ray Player, setup boxes, gaming consoles.

LG has introduced the all-new AI ThinQ with built-in google assistant and Alexa. This new technology has created its hype in the market and gave little attack to the competitors. Magic remote and AI acoustic tuning made this a unique Smart TV of all time. With no compromise with the user interface, they dropped one-touch access to Netflix and YouTube for effortless streaming. Not leaving any room for other competitors, LG also gave the mirror cast option to cast your smartphone on TV. 1 Year promising warranty and Active HDR with tone mapping has made this a perfect Smart TV in 2019.


  • AI ThinQ is the newest technology introduced by LG, that is also used in this Smart TV.
  • Full HD resolution drives an amusing visual experience to you.
  • Trustworthy product as manufactured and introduced by LG.
  • Everything you need in your Smart TV in 2019.

7.  Samsung HD LED Smart TV UA32N4200

Finally, a brand that is super quality conscious and is loved by millions of consumers. Samsung is the #1 brand in every segment of electronics, and it doesn’t matter whether it is Mobile Phones, Washing machines, TVs, and other electronic segments. Samsung has always won the hearts of their consumers just by their superb product quality. And by this LED Smart TV UA32N4200, it is again targeting quality-oriented customers. Offering brilliant quality display with a resolution of 1366×768 and refresh rate of 60 hertz.

Samsung’s product quality differs a lot from other brands promising the same specification with their product. But Samsung has always delivered what they promised at the very best quality. With all the best quality display and sound, it also offers smart features like Built-in WiFi, Chromecast, Smart Hub, and SMA (Supports Multiple Applications) with Music System. A year warranty on full product and an additional warranty on the panel by Samsung and all these major things make this a value for money product and must-buy option.


  • Premium design with a sleek, slim body.
  • Superbly Quality Oriented as always promised by Samsung.
  • Universal Guide UI chooses movies and shows as per your likes and search.

8. Haier HD Ready LED Smart TV LE32K6500AG

A multinational brand that deals in consumer electronics and mostly home appliances. Haier has always been the first option for many people all over the world and mostly in India. This 32 inches HD Ready LED Smart TV offers 1366×768 display resolution with a refresh rate of 60 hertz. Haier gave 3 HDMI ports to connect to gaming consoles, Blu Ray Players, setup boxes, and it also has offered 2 USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices and also VGA port to connect to a laptop.

LE32K6500AG by Haier has 2x8W output speakers, which can enough to serve a big room. Haier also gave some exciting features like screen mirroring that allows you to cast your phone screen on the TV with Android 7.0 and Built-in WiFi. Haier has always been a quality-oriented brand and has satisfied a vast majority of consumers all over the world through its quality products. And LE32K6500AG is also one of those quality products, which ultimately makes it a worth buying option.


  • Energy-efficient as it consumes very little amount of electricity i.e., 48 watts on home mode and 0.5 watts on standby.
  • Slim and sleek design with gold panels gives it a superior and premium look.
  • Buil-in WiFi is also a brilliant feature that saves a lot of time.

Buying Guide

Smart TV emerged in 2012 with the promise of being the big TV revolution, and indeed it has been the most significant technological revolution. Smart television has similar functions as smartphones; with it, you can access websites, do research, check emails, access social networks, and most preferred is streaming movies and web series. You can also play video games by merely plugging in the cable from your gaming console (TV must have an HDMI port for this). You can also go to your Smart TV’s app store and find a bunch of cool apps like streaming services for movies and music and many more.

Best Smart TV in India

To enjoy all these awesome benefits, you only need to have access to the internet connection. Smart TVs come with built-in Wi-Fi, but you can also opt for cable connection and start a broadband connection too.

What Are the Functions of a Smart TV?

Most of the people India own a Smart TV but do not know its features or what functions can it perform.

So here are things your Smart television can do.

  • Surfing the Internet
  • Using Streaming Services
  • Gaming
  • Screen Mirroring
  • Voice Control
  • Watch 3D Movies

We have briefly described each feature below-

Surfing the Internet: With Smart TV, you have access to the internet and can use it as if you were on your computer: to do research, access social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and read emails and so many other things.

Using Streaming Services: You can also access streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix to watch movies, series, and documentaries. You can also listen to music with Spotify & Gaana or any other music streaming service.

Gaming: Just like the apps, Smart TV has also got free games that you can play anytime. You don’t have to buy a video game console, because the television’s own remote control takes over this function. Using Wi-Fi, you can also download new game apps from PlayStore. You can also connect your video gaming console directly to your Smart TV and play on the big flat screen. If this is your goal, then you must buy a large screen of about 40 inches.

Screen Mirroring or Chromecast: You can connect various devices such as smartphones and tablets to your Smart TV via Bluetooth or USB cable and have access to the contents of these media on the television screen or in simple words cast your mobile screen to your television screen. The best feature of this is your mobile or tablet content gets the sound and picture quality of your Smart TV.

Voice Control: The New Smart TVs are now coming with Voice Control Remote, which allows you to access voice commands and making the navigation super easy. There are a few setup boxes like Airtel, which also are offering voice control remotes for easy search and stream.

3D Experience:  The 3D feature is rare and only found in a few and very expensive Smart TVs. Some Smart TV models come with specific glasses and offer a built-in converter to watch the content, but it can be found on Blu-ray DVDs and streaming applications.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Smart TV?

You must have known many advantages of a Smart TV by now. As even a blind can notice such amazing features like surfing the internet, streaming movies and shows, playing awesome games and many others.

But everything has a bad side and Smart TV has its own too. First of all to access the internet and stream everything you need a stable internet connection. Without the internet, you can’t enjoy half of the services offered by a Smart TV. And lastly, they are a luxurious appliance and therefore more expensive compared to other entertainment households.

Factors to Look on When Buying a Smart TV…

Smart TV is an expensive appliance for a middle man and so a person has to check and compare every aspect to buy the perfect Smart TV.

So here are some factors you must check before buying a Smart TV:

  • Screen Technology
  • Size
  • Operational system
  • Image Resolution
  • Inputs and Connections
  • Design

And now I will explain each of the factors so that you don’t get confused and easily chose your Smart TV.

Screen Technology: Basically, there are LCD and LED TVs, the latter evolving into OLED and QLED. The difference between these is the way they brighten the screen, on the LCD television there is a white fluorescent light behind the screen and in the case of LED televisions are LED lights. The OLED television model has light emitted by organic compounds that glow in contact with electricity and release natural colors. And so one must check screen technology before buying and make an ultimate decision according to your needs and budget.

Size: Screen size is one of the factors that define the price of a Smart TV. Flat and thin-screen TVs can be 26 to 110 inches, the bigger the screen the more expensive the TV will be. One thing to keep in mind before buying a television is the size of the room where you will be setting it up.

Operational System: Smart TV has its own operating system, which controls everything from basic functions such as audio and picture adjustments to the most advanced features such as voice command, application access, and more. The most preferred and most common OS is Android.

Image Resolution: Picture quality is one of the most important features in choosing a television, and it depends on the screen resolution, which is measured by pixels, the various dots that receive color and form the images when grouped together.

HD is the most common but also the simplest screen resolution, has the same picture quality as a digital TV. Full HD is more than twice the pixel of HD resolution, which ensures a sharper picture. You can also choose the Ultra HD image resolution, better known as 4K. The 4K Smart TV is four times more pixels than Full HD technology, resulting in remarkable images with brilliant color and brightness.

Inputs & Connections: Smart TVs have HDMI and USB port which allows it to connect to various devices such as setup boxes, gaming consoles, players, hard drives and many more. And one must check that the product has enough ports to fulfill his connectivity needs.

Design: After so many competitive brands, it is certainly difficult to choose as everyone is offering the same technology but what changes the game is its Design. People prefer beautiful and attractive designs rather than a boring TV with the same old features.

Where to Buy?

Smart TVs are now high in demand and so are readily available in local appliance stores or several brand outlets. Buying online at Amazon or Flipkart is the best and recommended choice by me. Amazon’s website offers models of various brands, sizes, technologies, and prices in a way that you can compare with, which are the best options, and previous customer reviews are also an advantage for you to check and buy.


We are now close to the end of our article after so much of knowledge and technical stuff about Smart TV, and we are here on our conclusion. So today we have shared the best smart TV in India and a brief buying guide about it which includes the advantages & disadvantages of a Smart TV and also the factors which one should consider before buying a Smart TV. I hope that I have covered everything in this brief article, but if you have any queries regarding the subject then, please comment below, and we will certainly be back to it in no time.

Best Earphones Under 1000 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Today we will talk about an essential item in your daily life: Earphones. We all know that it is currently impossible to survive a rush day without earphones, and choosing an earphone in this vastly competitive market is quite a perplexing job. So here we bring you the best earphones under 1000. Whether it’s listening to music while exercising, working, or even focusing. Or to answer calls, listen to audio messages, podcasts, or watch movies and web series.

The fact is that the earphone is a very important accessory of our daily life and we certainly can’t pass a perfect day without it. Now to help you with your essential purchase, we are here with a brief review of a few best earphone products and a perfect earphone buying guide, which will certainly satisfy you with all the things you need to know before buying an earphone.

Best Earphones Under 1000

1.  JBL C200SI in-Ear Headphones

I am starting with one of the most spectacular earphone brands. JBL has won every segment of earphones or headsets and captured a huge audience within a small span of time. It has fabulously perfect considering the quality, features, and affordable price. JBL has offered this beast in 3 beautiful colors (Gun Metal, Ice Grey & Mystic Blue), which makes it more appealing and eye-catching for consumers. C200SI has amazingly powerful bass with a one-button universal remote with a noise-canceling microphone.

JBL C200SI is super light in weight and is packed with 3 different sizes of ear tips, which makes it more comfortable and a user-friendly product. JBL is a true quality-oriented brand which only works to satisfy their consumer base by producing perfect quality products. It has quick launch access to Google Assistant and Siri by just a long press. JBL C200SI has a 3.5MM goldplated jack, which is compatible with most of the mobiles and other devices (laptops, computers, players, and other sound devices). Premium metallic body and a year manufacturer’s warranty makes it more reliable and a must-buy product.


  • JBL Pure Bass offers a quality sound experience.
  • Super lightweight and comfortable with three sizes of earplugs.
  • Premium body design and variety colors make it more appealing.
  • One button remote microphone with noise isolation.

2.  Skullcandy S2IKDY-L094 Ink’d in-Earphone

Skullcandy is a brand that deals in earphones and headphones internationally and thier products are majorly used by professional artists and music bands, but recently they have launched a product S2IKDY-L094 to target the budget buyers and the economic segment. All over the world, Skullcandy is famous for its superior product quality and magical sound bass. And with S2IKDY-L094, they integrated the premium designed body with amazing sound technology producing attacking, powerful bass, warm, and natural vocals.

Smooth 1-button remote and a quality microphone attached, it can take/make calls, play/pause music, and cycle through tracks. Skullcandy is known for its brand quality and amazing products, which makes it a customer-centric and a quality-oriented brand. Also, a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty makes this product authentic and trustworthy. With noise isolating fit, unique color options, and superior bold body design makes it a worth buying product.


  • Premium bold body design with a wave of unique colors.
  • Quality-oriented with new supreme sound technology which produces fabulous sounds.
  • 1-button remote offers easy navigation, which makes it easy and handy to perform certain tasks.
  • 18.1g of weight, i.e., pretty light in weight to carry and to use.

3.  Brainwavz Omega

A perfect fit for our subject, Brainwavz Omega is a decent earphone compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The brand Brainwavz is famous for producing audio products for the budget segment. Brainwavz Omega in-ear headphone is one of the best and affordable products by Brainwavz. It has premium earbuds to produce exceptional frequency response for an enhanced sound experience with appealing beats. The 1.2m Y-Cord cable is made up of copper and has a 3.5MM universally compatible goldplated jack. Earbud housing by stainless steel metal earbud that drops a premium look without; increasing the body weight & compromising its design structure.

Brainwavz also owns audio customer support, which helps every Brainwavz consumer to enjoy full support in case of any product problem. Compatible with all Android, iOS, Windows, and all the other MP3 or MP4 devices. Brainwavz Omega in-ear noise-isolating earphones provide high-fidelity & audio crisp, clean sound. 1-year replacement warranty and comparatively lightweight body make this product widely reliable and a must buying option.


  • Stainless steel metal earbud drops a premium and a superior look.
  • Updated sound technology that offers crisp clean sound.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices.
  • Ease in control with a one-button universal remote.

4.  1MORE Piston

Another audio brand that offers good value products internationally. 1MORE has finally made its presence in the Indian market and is creating its high vibe now. The 1MORE Piston is an audio earphone product that delivers a magical sound experience with sustainable user comfort. This fit earphone is packed with three different sizes of ear tips to improve user experience. The aluminum alloy body with a dynamic driver-dual layer composite drivers which enhances the sound quality and delivers a pleasant experience to your ears.

This in-ear headphone is compatible with all Android and iOS devices (including Tablets, iPods, and iPads). With a variety of pleasant colors and durable body makes Piston a worth buying option and a tough competitor. I have personally used this particular product, and I assure you about its quality, comfort, and durability, which makes it unique and different from other competitive products.


  • A trustworthy brand offers quality and comfort through its product.
  • The dual-layer driver consists of titanium and PET, which offers enhanced response time.
  • Light in weight, so you can experience quality audio for a long period.
  • Compatible with: Android, Windows, iOs, PC, Laptop and other MP3 players.

5.  Sennheiser CX 180 Street II

CX 180 Street || is probably the most loved product by the mass consumers. My whole circle is subjected to crazy Sennheiser fan as they produce awesome quality and user-friendly products. Sadly there is no microphone and control button, which is certainly a drawback of this product, but what it offers is enough to overcome that drawback. CX 180 Street II offers tremendous, powerful, and bass-driver stereo sound, which delivers an outstanding experience to the user.

Beating up all the competitors by providing unparalleled bass sound with balanced and high-resolution stereo sound with superb noise isolating technology, which minimizes the outside noises and brings the best audio experience. The new finger-contoured earbud housing allows easy adjustment with guarantee comfort. Compatible with almost all smartphones and other devices(mp3, iPod, iPhone, CD players, and portable gaming systems).


  • Innovative finger-contoured housing design allows total comfort.
  • Super powerful and bass-driven stereo sound.
  • A product by a verified and trustworthy brand.
  • Noise isolation which delivers an amazing sound experience.

6.  Sony MDR-EX150AP In-Ear Headphones

An audio product by Sony, renowned for its amazing product quality. Sony deals in a variety of products like smartphones, television, and a few other electronics, including earphones. Sony MDR-EX150AP is doing pretty well and is subjected as a preferable gift option. For a hassle-free experience, Sony has attached an in-line microphone. I have personally used it for an hour and had a fabulous experience, and the thing I loved the most is its lightweight.

9 mm neodymium drivers drop powerful stereo bass & balanced sound. Shiny metallic finish, elegant colors, and comforting earbuds make it more appealing for the users. 5 Hz–24,000 Hz frequency range and a year manufacturer’s warranty subject this product as a reliable, powerful, and durable product.


  • Lightweight and so comforting to use for long hours.
  • Hands-free calling enabled by a quality microphone.
  • The metallic finish gives it a premium look.

7.  boAt BassHeads 225

One of the most popular products of Amazon and online. boAt an Indian brand that created its hype mainly by its fantastic earphone range, which certainly fits and satisfies the ultimate consumer needs. BassHeads 225 is also tagged as “Amazon Choice,” which makes it a super authentic and reliable product. No person has to think twice about the quality of this product before ordering it. Plenty of cheerful colors and metal finish makes it attractive and eye-catching for the people.

The noise-canceling microphone allows hassle-free calls with no outside interruption. It has a 3.5MM goldplated jack, which is compatible with almost all devices. Dynamic 10MM drivers ensure sonic clarity, brilliant bass, and magical sound quality. It also has integrated controls for hassle-free & easy navigation to perform certain tasks (answering calls, changing tracks, etc.,.). Also, the product is extremely light in weight, which adds more comfort for the user.

Considering all features of boAt Bassheads 225, we subject it as a value for money product.


  • Amazon’s Choice that means no doubt an excellent genuine product.
  • Value for money considering all the aspects of Bassheads 225.
  • The tangle-free cable with gold plated 3.5MM jack.
  • Engraved metal finish drops a bold premium look.

8.  Philips Bass+ SHE4305

Philips has already satisfied a vast range of consumers with its different range and types of electronic products. And to capture the budget earphone segment, Philips has released Bass + SHE4305. It has powerful 1.2mm drivers, which allow quality bass and amazing sound experience. With the bold Bass, you also get a variety of colors, which makes it more attractive and appealing. Bass+ SHE4305 by Philips has a microphone with great sound isolation and remote control navigation that offers hands-free quality calling with no outside voices.

Ergonomic design (slim, stable, and ear fit) improves customer satisfaction by increasing the comfort level. 18.1g in weight, which is perfect and rarely found. People love this product, and it is one of the best earphones under 1000. Philips has always been a customer-centric and quality-oriented brand, and hence, it has captured a vast range of consumers through different means of products.


  • Specially tuned drivers produce ultra-low end frequencies to deliver a unique & pleasant audio experience.
  • Philips Bass+ has perfect sound isolation, which ensures crystal clear sound.
  • Comfortable as well as beautiful body design, which never lets you down.

9.  Portronics Harmonics 214

Harmonics 214 by Portronics is one of the best wireless earphones in this budget segment. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 that enables it to connect with 2 devices simultaneously with ease, and 10m is the connectivity range. Harmonics 214 has soft silicon ear-buds, which makes it comfortable to use for long hours. With 90 mAh li-polymer, it offers 6+ hours of play is enough to watch two movies and also few PUBG rounds.

The microphone has +/- control buttons, which make it easy to navigate volume or to change songs. It is light in weight, which means no irritation even after hours of use. It connects with all devices with a suitable Bluetooth option. Portronics has offered this amazing product in two vibrant colors (red & yellow).


  • Wireless, which means no tangling of wires.
  • The lightweight and comfortable design make it more appealing.
  • Twenty days of standby and 6+ hours of playtime is good enough.

Buying Guide

Buying an earphone may seem like a simple task and for most people, simply referring friends, trusting a brand, or even a beautiful design. But to make sure your headphone plays quality sound efficiently and comfortably, you need to go further.

So we have prepared this Buying Guide with the information you need to decide which headset is right for your needs.

Why Buy a Quality Earphone?

Nowadays, almost every cell phone comes with an in-ear style headphone, those that fit inside the ear. But the first problem here is that this type of earphone will not always be the best option for your goal as these earphones do not have good sound insulation.

People to save their sum buy pirated or very poor quality earphones. The copy earphone might be premium in look but has poor sound quality. The replica or pirated earphone does not transmit audio clearly, does not reproduce bass. And to avoid these problems, people are investing in accessories that offer a better sound experience. It is important that the earphone fits naturally into your head without weighing, injuring, or even slipping.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of an Earphone?

In addition to serving different functions, the great advantage of the earphones is that it allows for sound privacy and concentration, whether at home, at work, or while traveling. With the many different features available today, the headphone even lets you perform multiple tasks.

You can listen to music while working out at the gym or listen to a podcast while doing some labor or homework. Another advantage is that when using the headset, the sound quality that comes out of your phone or computer is infinitely better than listening to music or watching movies without the earphones on speakers.

However, this accessory also has its disadvantages. And they depend on the way you use the headset. Improper use of earphones may damage your hearing. Exposure to high volume may cause hearing problems like temporary hearing fatigue. In other cases, however, there may be permanent hearing damage and even complete loss. We recommend you to use the earphones at the lowest possible volume.

But the disadvantage of the earphones is not restricted to high volume only. The way the accessory fits in your ear is also a point you should be careful about. The earphone puts pressure on our ears as they plug the eardrums in and cause hearing problems, and so please choose well.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Earphone…

The time has come to understand how to identify the best earphone for you. Some technical specifications are largely responsible for the accessory having the desired performance and more durability. But it is also critical that you understand other factors to ensure comfort during use and especially to preserve your hearing health.

So here are some factors to keep in mind before choosing a quality earphone:

  • Power
  • Noise Elimination
  • Connector or Jack (Compatibility with your device)
  • Past customer reviews
  • Drivers
  • Sensitivity
  • Product Durability
  • Wire

Below we have discussed these factors in brief, to help you understand better and choose better.

Power: It determines the ability of the accessory to withstand high volumes. This means, the higher the power, the greater the ability of your earphones to reproduce sound at higher volumes effectively.

Noise Elimination or Cancellations: One of the factors that must be considered before choosing your earphone is the amount of external noise that is filtered by the product. This is important so that you do not have to keep turning up the volume and numb your hearing.

Connector: Although the connector, or plug, does not influence the sound quality, it is reflected in the quality of information transmission to your earphones. The best quality plug is gold plated stainless steel. Since gold conducts electricity better, the sound transmitted from the device to the earphone will be better. Also, in a very rare case, the earphone might not be compatible with your device and so always check before making the ultimate decision.

Past Customer Reviews:  So knowing the product directly from the ultimate consumers is an outstanding way of knowing it better and so one must check product reviews carefully. There might be something very little which is not even mentioned in the product description but is necessary for you.

Drivers: The driver is the speaker or speaker of your earphone. This is where all components responsible for the operation of the earphone are located. Therefore, the size and manufacturing material of the driver reflects the quality of the product. In theory, the larger the driver, the better the earphone will work. In-Ear earphones have Dynamic drivers and are the most common and inexpensive driver, which has a sound range capable of reproducing various frequency types.

Sensitivity: Sensitivity determines the volume the earphones can reach and is measured in decibels. So just consider that the higher the sensitivity value, the higher the volume the earphone will be able to reproduce. You must know that from 85 decibels, the sound is already loud enough to damage your hearing.

Product Durability: Product Durability is an important factor, but it is difficult to measure. You can refer to customer reviews, material, and technology used and even by judging the brand’s product prints to know more about the brand and its quality.

Wire: The technology is constantly updating, and nowadays, we have wireless earphones too. But When choosing your wired headphone, you must take into account the quality and length of the cable. Thick cables tend to be stronger, and flattened ones don’t make knots and are tangle-free. And if you are choosing wireless earphones, then surely check the battery backup as it is limited and connectivity power as it needs to be near the device it is connected to.

How Much Does an Earphone Cost?

The cost of an earphone varies from brand to brand and from product to product, also considering the features. An earphone may cost you INR300 to INR3000 depending on the product and brand. We have listed the best earphones under 1000, which are good enough to boom you up!

Where to Buy an Earphone?

You can find earphones for sale at electronics, departmental, and other local stores. But to find the best brands and at the best prices, the best option is to buy from online stores like Amazon or Flipkart. I prefer Amazon as it has a vast majority of products. Have a look at the mention products again, if you are really looking for a quality earphone. And buying online always saves your time and labor, and you get the product at your door.


After a brief discussion on earphones and all the possible aspects related to headsets, I hope you have pursued enough knowledge from this article, and now you don’t need anything else to read or to learn. We have also mentioned the best earphones under 1000, which was pretty difficult for us to find as every single mentioned product is worth buying. And the buying guide has covered every query of what you possibly might get confused with, but if anyhow, we left anything out, then do comment below, and we will be back to it as soon as possible.

Best 4G Mobile Under 7000 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best 4g mobile under 7000

If you are looking for a deal to grab the best 4g mobile under 7000, and you are confused about making a choice or facing a problem to select which one is best for you. Then we promise you that you are in the right place. In india, many brands are there in the market, which makes their products in this range.

We have mentioned the brands like Xiaomi(Redmi), Samsung, Infinix, Honor, Nokia, and Realme. For the daily usage for Facebook, WhatsApp, calling, and messaging these phones are best for all these types of uses. Now every month the companies launch new models, and they have the updates features so all must have the 4g VOLTE features in them. As per us, the Realme C2 is the best till now in the market with the price of 6000 as it has the dual camera and the notch display which is the latest specification that everyone is looking for in the smartphones which they want to buy.

Best 4G Mobile Under 7000

1.  Realme C2

Many of us know this brand as the sub-brand of the oppo electronics corporation. Yes, you all have the right knowledge about this brand. Because in 2010, this brand launches the smartphone named oppo realme 3 in China. However, in 2018, this brand has made himself out of an oppo electronics corporation and be an independent brand in the market.

Realme C2 smartphone is the successor of the Realme C1 that has been launched in the Indian market in 2018. Now the new model Realme C2 comes with the two variants in the market: 2GB RAM 16GB ROM and 3GB RAM 32GB ROM. The 2GB ram variant is only best till you won’t use heavy apps on that phone. For the heavy usage, the variant with 3GB RAM will be more suitable for you. This model comes with a good and sizeable 6.1-inch notch display — the processor MediaTek P22 octa-core chipset running at 2GHz inside this phone. The processor works appropriately in the 3Gb variant, and you can also play casual games on it. This phone is not meant for massive games.


  • Realme C2 comes along with the 4000mah battery inside it which gives two days of standby time.
  • For capturing the pictures, there is a 13MP+2MP dual rear camera on the back and 5MP front camera for selfies.
  • The expandable storage is up to 128GB.
  • This model comes under a budget of 7000 with a price of 6000 only.

2.  Vivo Y90

The Vivo Y90 is the best mobile launched by Vivo under 7k that has a 6.22-inch display with high HD+ resolution. This model comes with the latest technology of notch display and mat finish design in the black and gold color. This Vivo model is powered by the MediaTek A22 processor and comes with the only variant of 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB storage. The phone is made for the daily purpose of usage, means for accessing the internet, using WhatsApp and Facebook, calling and messaging.the light games like Candy Crush Saga or any other you can play in this model but not able to operate while working many apps at the same time. This model of Vivo brand is in second place just because it has a single camera at its back of 8 megapixels, and a front camera of 5 megapixels. The camera of this model is not as good as compared to the Realme C2.

This model is in second place due to its significant battery power, because it has a 4030mAh battery. Its battery is so powerful that it can last for more than two days. Vivo Y90 is not having the fingerprint sensor only rest off all the sensors are being covered in the price of 7000 rupees. And there is a face unlocking system which works fast to unlock the mobile phones with the help of a front camera.


  • This model has the capability of extending the storage up to 256GB.
  • There is a face unlocking system in this model.
  • The model comes along with 4030mah battery power.

3.  Redmi 7A

Redmi is a Chinese brand that manufactures smartphones at less price. It is the sub-brand of Xiaomi till July 2019. However, now it has been separated by the Xiaomi electronics. Redmi 7A is the successor model of the previous models 5A and 6A. When the redmi launches those models in the Indian market, then people showed their love for this brand. Because it has cover mostly all the features at a lower price. This model has a screen of 5.45 inches display with the bezel on both the top and bottom sides. The quality of the phone is reliable, but the design is not very attractive because this model is not having a notch display.

This model has Snapdragon 739 processor powers Redmi 7A with 2 GB RAM. It comes with the two variants of storage that are 16GB and 32GB and has the slot to extend the storage capacity of 256GB.


  • It has a 10w fast-charging system.
  • 12 megapixel of sony camera with sensors.
  • This model comes along with 4000 mah battery power.
  • This model has MIUI 10 based on the Android Pie operating system.

4.  Infinix Smart 3 Plus

Infinis smart three plus is the best phone in the price of 7000. Infinix electronics have manufactured this smartphone. The display of this model is having an excellent color resolution with HD quality. The display of this model is 6.22 inches which are quite useful for visualization. This is launched with three rear cameras at the back that are as follows 13 megapixel, 2 megapixel and a light sensor in the place of the third camera. So usually it has only two cameras only. This smartphone has an 8-megapixel front camera with a sensor for the clicking of selfies.

It has been powered by MediaTek A22 Quad Core 2.0GHz Processor which is quite a decent processor in that price range. It has a storage capacity of 32GB, which helps you to store pictures and videos as well as the sufficient apps that you required. You can not use this phone to play mobile games because it is not made for that purpose. Infinix smart 3c plus has 2GB RAM, which is the only variant that is available in the model. If you are looking to work more than that you can go for the search of 3GB RAM smartphones.


  • The display of this model is quite decent.
  • The mobile phones look beautiful in the design.
  • It has excellent storage capacity for storing pictures and videos.

5.  LG K7i

LG is the oldest brand in the electronics field and has been trusted by most of the people. LG launched this model LG K7i with a small display size which is 5 inches. The build quality of this brand is durable and lightweight to carry. LG K7i is powered by MediaTek MT6737M processor, which is quite a decent processor to use. This model comes in the variant of 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM and along with the expandable storage of 256GB memory card slot given. In this model dual sim can be used and both the sim slots are 4G.

This model comes along with the single rear camera of 8 megapixels and a front camera of 5 megapixels. It lacks in the battery status because the battery that has been used in this model is just 2500mah, which is not quite sufficient.


  • This smartphone has a unique feature which is Ultrasonic Mosquito Away Technology, which makes some waves out from the phone and keeps the mosquitos away from yours.
  • It has excellent build quality.
  • The company has provided Separated sd slots for expandable memory.

6.  Realme C1

It is another model launched by the realme in the year 2018 in the price of around 7000, which has been loved by the Indian customers. It has HD display resolution. The Realme C1 has a diamond-cut edges design on the back which looks nice as well. As per the looks, the amount is right to be invested around 7000. In these smartphones, there is snapdragon 450, which is the cheapest with 2GB RAM and 32GB of storage. The Snapdragon processor 450 is quite a good processor available in this price range.

Realme C1 comes with two rear cameras is 13MP+2MP. And along with that, the front camera is of 8 megapixels. The camera quality is good as we look towards the price of the phone. The pictures that you click looks more clear. The battery that has been used in this model is strong with the power of 4230mah, which is good and can last for two days for the regular use of the phone. We appreciate the realme brand for adding such a good battery life in this smartphone, but still, this won’t affect the weight of the mobile.


  • This model comes along with the high power of the battery.
  • Excellent quality of the camera for capturing the memories.
  • The processor of this model is the strength of this smartphone.

7.  Infinix Note 5

This brand has made the right name in the Indian market by its good quality products, and the last launched models of infix had excellent customer feedback from the market. By this model, they are stepping up to move forward in the market to compete with other brands available in the market in this price range. It has the 5.99 inches IPS display which makes the right proper visualization angles to you. Note 5 is having the MediaTek helio P23 Octa-core processor, and It is invariant of 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. There is a memory card slot along with the dual sim slots for expanding the storage up to 256GB. The performance of the infinix note five is said to be useful as day to day usage. It is not for heavy usage like playing games.

It has the 12 megapixels of the rare camera in the backside and 16 megapixels for the selfies. This model of infinix runs on Android Oreo 8.1 and has stock android and with guaranteed updates to Android P and Android Q. this phone has a battery life of 4500mah which can easily give the standby time of two days for regular use.


  • It comes with a stunning glass back body, which gives an attractive look to this model.
  • Infinix Note 5 has the full HD plus display.
  • The battery life of the phone can be defined by its battery which is 4500mah.
  • These mobile phones have the stock android, android one, and have guaranteed updates to Android P and Android Q.

8.  Nokia 2.1

Nokia is never a forgotten brand for the customers. This brand is known for the build quality of the products. And Nokia 2.1 is the latest android version that has been launched by Nokia to fulfill the needs and desires of the customer. And Nokia came back in the market after such a long time and this time every smartphone launched by it is making its impact in the market and gaining its trust again.

This model of Nokia has the snapdragon processor 425, which is a quad-core processor. It has a display of 5.5 inches with the corning gorilla glass which adds a safety mode on the screen. Android version on which it runs is android nougat 8.1. It has a rear camera of 8 megapixels and a front camera of 5 megapixels. This model comes with the variant of 1GB RAM and 8GB of storage capacity which can be expandable up to 256GB.


  • The Nokia brand is famous for its strong build quality of products.
  • The second and the most durable features of this brand is the battery life, and in this model, it has a battery life of 2 days with 4000mah battery
  • The storage capacity can be expandable up to 256GB.

4G Mobile Buying Guide

Mobile phones these days becomes an essential part of everyone’s life. Many of us do business with the help of mobiles only. We use mobile phones to communicate with long-distance friends and relatives, use social networking, taking pictures and playing games, and so on. The use of mobile phones is too many, and it depends on the users for which purpose they use mobile phones. Different people need different types of specifications as per their needs, so here we are going to mention some of the features that everyone should look before buying the mobile phones.

Best 4G Mobile Under 7000

Build Quality:

Build quality is nothing but just the durability or sustainability of the product. The life of mobile phones is defined by only its build quality. The body of the mobile phones is primarily made up of two types of quality- one is a metal body, and the other one is the plastic body. Some of the mobile phones have glass-coated panels that make the life of the product more as compared to standard manufactured mobile phones.


This is what everyone wants to be perfect in their smartphones because everyone wants to visualize the best performance of smartphones. The size and resolution of the display depend on the use of mobile phones. If you’re going to use it for just regular calling and messaging, then the resolution will not affect you much, but if you want to experience the video quality of the mobile phones, then you must have a good quality of the display.


The processing powers of mobile phones differ from each other. It varies on some factors like the Operating system, UI. This is one of the major thing one should consider while choosing the best 4g mobile under 7000.

As we have said that it depends on the users for which purpose they want to but the mobile phones. So if you’re going to play big games, then you must buy mobile phones which have the latest upgraded processors. And if you want to buy it for normal usage, then you can go for any processors that are in your budget.


Having the most significant number of megapixels does not mean that the camera phone is also good. The camera also has some unique features in it like a camera aperture, IOS level, and autofocus and many more essential factors are there to make a camera best.

A higher number of megapixels means the image will come with so sharpness that when it seems in the small screens.


It differs from user to user as per the usage of mobile phones by them. If the user is a heavy user means to use the smartphones for playing games, listening to songs and watching videos, then the battery will drain quickly, and if the user is a light user of smartphones, then the battery will last long as per the battery power.


The operating system takes up a large part of the storage of smartphones, and the pre-installed apps take some space on the phones. So the user has to check the storage capability of the phones too before making a deal, that the phone has enough space to store the data and other apps that he or she wants to operate.

Security and Other Latest Updated Features:

All the mobiles have the necessary security features of the key password and the latest fingerprint sensors or iris sensors for the security of the phones from the others.

Face unlocking feature comes with the mobile phone range starts from the 10,000 or above. The fingerprint sensor unlocks the most common unlock feature that every company is providing in the very model they launch.

Charging Type and Time:

The charging type and time are both critical for smartphones to be called themselves the best smartphones. The latest launch models of all the companies give the fast charging feature in mobile phones which will charge your mobile phones within 45 min from zero to 100%. The charging types are also different one is the android charger which is called the micro USB cable, and the other one is the type C data cable which is used in the fast charging.


So we have mentioned above the list of eight Best 4g mobiles under 7000. We had tried our best to give you the reviews of the best 4g mobiles under 7000, and We hope that our article was useful to you and can help you in making the mind to buy the best 4g mobile. And if you are still confused about selecting, then you can go with Realme C2 which is our preferred 4g mobile phone that is the best 4g mobile under 7000 in the market.

Best Mattress in India 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

These days, there are plenty of different options that are available to you when it comes to top quality mattresses. They will give you the comfort and pleasure that you are looking for at the end of a hard and backbreaking day. Get a tight sleep and feel refreshed the next morning to give it a go once again! In the following section, you will be offered a brief insight into some of the best mattress in India. It would help to narrow down your search and go for the one that suits your budget and taste.

In India, there are plenty of different brands available when it comes to mattresses. It can be quite confusing to select the best out of them, as there are so many different options available. At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you have the best quality material installed which would give you and your guests’ optimum comfort.

Best Mattress in India 2019

Here are the best mattress in India ranked, in order:

1. Wake-Fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

This is one of the best brands available in India as far as orthopedic mattresses are concerned. What makes Wake-Fit mattresses so special is the fact that they are available with a manufacturer warranty of 20 years! Memory foam of the best quality is used in the process of manufacturing these mattresses; as a result, they are ideal when it comes to providing support to your back. These are your best options if you are looking for a comfortable and deep sleep

  • One of the best mattresses available in India which are made of memory foam
  • It comes with an excellent cover which is made of the top-notch quality of cotton fabric, which not only makes it look classy but at the same time gives it the protection it requires
  • The foam used in this mattress is of high density which makes them soft and comfortable
  • A 20-year manufacturing warranty is hard to find in Indian market!

2. Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop Mattress

If you are looking for one of the most comfortable mattresses in India, in that case, the Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop mattress would just be the perfect option for you. These mattresses are available with extra support at the edges which are meant for preventing shagging that might occur at the corners. These mattresses are available in Queen size and in terms of Indian standards the size is quite large

  • These mattresses have top quality support features which are meant to help maintain proper posture of the body.
  • The memory foam is made of heat sensitive material which is an ideal option when it comes to taking care of the spine.
  • It comes with Visco memory foam, which is 2 inch in width, offers high level of comfort and mind blowing experience.
  • These mattresses come with a 5 years manufacturing warranty.
  • The Eurotop finish gives it a premium and classy look.

3. SleepyCat – Gel Memory Foam Mattress

These mattresses are available with cooling crystals that are meant to regulate the temperature of the body, which offers optimum level of comfort and gives a good night’s sleep. It also provides excellent support to the back which ensure that the proper posture is being maintained

  • These mattresses comes with a therapeutic layer which helps in the process of distributing the weight of the body evenly and helps you to get a comfortable sleep throughout the night
  • These mattresses come with high density foam which adds durability, structure and strength to the mattress.
  • The quality of the foam inside the mattresses is maintained by the breezy air cover which also provides excellent flow of air throughout the mattress.
  • Excellent quality of GSM knitted fabric is used to make the outer cover which offers additional flexibility and comfort. The cover, which is hand-crafted can easily be removed for the purpose of cleaning spots
  • This mattress comes in a box and no additional amount needs to be paid for delivery
  • The company donates 1 mattress for every 10 they sell
  • It is one of the best brands available in India when it comes to foam mattresses.

4. Sleepyhead 6-inch Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress

The Sleepyhead foam mattress is one of the best mattresses to have. It comes with layers of springy breathable foam and memory foam. This is a queen sized foam mattress and is ideal for the beds used in India. It offers the perfect amount of bounce and firmness which you need to have a good night’s sleep

  •  You can buy this mattress online which will make a reduction in price of up to 60%
  •  The product is delivered in an excellent pack. All that you need to do is to unpack it as you do   it with a blanket
  •  One of the best features of this product is the fact that it comes with a free trial of 100 days
  •  The mattress offers optimum firmness which supports all types of bodies
  •  It offers perfect bounce and will not disturb your partner even when you are tossing around the bed
  •  It comes with 3 layers of substantial foam which provides the optimum level of density
  •  The washable outer cover that comes with this mattress, allows you to keep it dust free and clean

5. Wake-Fit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & Soft

This dual comfort mattress can be used from both sides. On the one side, it offers a firm mattress while on the other side; it comes with a soft surface. As a result, this dual comfort mattress can be used according to the requirement and with the changing conditions of the weather

  •  The firmer side of this mattress can be used during the winters, while the semi-soft side can be used during other seasons
  •  High-density foam is being used in this mattress and they are of the best quality available.
  •  This product is dispatched from the factory directly
  •  This mattress comes with an mattress cover which is made of excellent quality quilted cotton fabric
  •  This mattress comes with a manufacturing warranty of 5 years and hence takes care of the manufacturing defects for a long time

6. Urban Ladder DreamLite Eurotop Bonnel Spring Mattress

In this mattress “inner stripping” technology is being used which provides it with the best-quality back support. When it comes to the comfort factor, this mattress has to be your number one choice as the quilting is made of top quality foam

  •  Bonnel spring construction mechanism is used in the process of manufacturing this mattress. It makes sure that the mattress is light and at the same time, the flow of air is enhanced
  •  This mattress comes with anti-corrosive springs which ensures a longer life span
  •  The top layer of this mattress is made of super soft and high-quality foam which offers additional comfort. You can spend hours together sleeping in the same position without having to toss around.
  •  The foam casing and additional spring support prevents rolling and shagging
  •  If you are suffering from spine pain, then this mattress would just be the perfect option for you
  •  It comes with a 5 years manufacturing warranty which covers all kinds of manufacturing defects

7. Kurl-On Dream Sleep 6-Inch Queen Size Spring Mattress

Since 1962, Kurl-On has been the largest selling mattress company in India. It is a name to be reckoned with. This is a queen sized spring mattress with a size of 6 inches. This mattress is available in wide range of different types of colors. It is ideal when it comes to providing best support to your back and spine.

If you are looking for a perfect blend of softness and firmness, then this mattress would just be the best option for you. Over the years, it has proven to be as one of the best double bed mattresses to be available in India

  •  It comes with high-tensile Bonnel springs which are strong and durable and can withstand heavy loads
  •  The springs come with a Thermo bond encasing which prevents them from damaging the layers of the mattress
  •  The thick PU foam of the mattress ensures that you get maximum area to sleep on and at the same time offers you a highly comfortable sleep
  •  This mattress is designed with Kurlopedic technology which makes the mattress a ideal choice as it offers optimum alignment to the spine and also offers comfort to other parts of the body
  •  This mattress remains devoid of dust mites, bed bugs and microbes all the time
  •  This mattress comes with a 5 year manufacturing warranty and 1 year of replacement warranty

8. Nilkamal Value+ 4-inch Single Size Foam Mattress

Nilkamal is another well known brand of mattress in India. These mattresses are being manufactured after conducting a thorough research on the sleeping habits and the weather condition that prevail in this part of the world.

Nilkamal is the first company in India to use Height and Weight Chart which allows the buyers to select the best firmness for them. There are 4 different types of firmness these mattresses are available in

  •  It comes with intelligent sleep technology which ensures that you get the best comfort
  •  Lux/Elvon Foam is being used by the company for manufacturing these mattresses
  •  These mattresses are available with an warranty period of 2 years
  •  This multi-layered mattress offers optimum comfort

9. Coirfit Beetle 4-Inch Single Size Coir Mattress

When it comes to the Coir mattresses, they are known for their firmness. These mattresses are available with a perfect blend of active bond material and PU foam. This mattress comes with an ergonomic design and offers the perfect balance in terms of weight

  •  The main material to be used in this mattress is coir. Hence, it can be called a eco-friendly product
  •  This mattress is made of perfect blend of active bond material and PU foam
  •  This mattress offers a springy feel that helps a lot when it comes to maintaining the proper circulation of blood in the body
  •  This mattress comes with “Bounce Back” feature which makes it even more special
  •  This mattress is made of cotton fabric. The durable outer portion of this mattress ensures that it would last for a long period of time
  •  This mattress comes with an warranty period of 1 year
  •  It is a single-bed mattress that offers optimum comfort and support

10. Foams India Brands Natural Latex Portable Mattress

These are essentially latex mattress and are very eco friendly. This is a single-sized mattress and is a portable one. It offers optimum level of comfort. One of the main benefits of this product is the fact that it can be used on different types of surfaces. This is a highly versatile mattress

  •  If you are looking for top-quality comfort, then this mattress is the best option available to you. It comes with all the qualities and features of memory foam mattresses
  •  This mattress comes with anti-microbial features which ensures that it remain fresh and free from all kinds of contaminations
  •  This is a portable mattress and can be stored anywhere. It occupies a very little amount of space
  •  The washable protector that comes with this mattress is made of natural rubber. This mattress is quite healthy to use
  •  This mattress comes in a wide range of different types of designs and colors which would suit your preferences and tastes
  •  It comes with a high-quality zipper that works perfectly under different temperatures

 Mattress Buying Guide

There are various aspects that need to be taken into consideration like thickness, size, motion isolation, providing support, comforting ability, and others. In the following section, a detailed insight will be offered to each of these

Mattress Size

In India, the sizes of the mattresses are different compared to other countries. Therefore, before buying one, you need to make sure that it fits the size of your bed. However, there are standard sized mattresses that are available in the market like, Twin, Single, Double or Full, Twin XL, Queen, King, California King, and others. Not all these different sizes are available in India. Here you will only find mattresses of the following sizes:

  1. Double Size Mattresses
  2. Singe Size Mattresses
  3. King Size Mattresses
  4. Queen Size Mattresses

These are some of the standard sizes that are available in the market. You can also go for a customized size which would fit the size of your bed.

Thickness of the Mattress:

When it comes to the thickness of the mattress, it is one of the most essential features. Most of the mattresses are 10 inches in terms of thickness. However, there are mattresses available whose thickness varies from 5 to 15 inches. Your body weight plays an important role when it comes to selecting the right thickness of the mattresses

The Firmness:

There are 2 important factors that determine the firmness of the mattresses, which are

  1. The weight of the individual who will be sleeping on it.
  2. The position in which the individual normally sleeps in.

Those who weigh less than 60m kg would normally opt for softer mattresses, while those who weigh in excess of 60 kg should look for firmer options. The firmness of the mattress is an important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration as the comforting ability of the mattresses to a great extent depends on it.

The position in which an individual sleeps also plays an important role. Those who are used to sleeping on their sides prefer softer mattresses and on the other hand, those who sleep on their back look for firmer and heavier options. It offers comfort.

Therefore, it can be inferred that when it comes to the softer mattresses, they are the best options for the side sleepers and those who sleep on their stomach, for them, firmer mattresses should be the best option

What are the Types of Mattresses Available in India?

The following types of mattresses are usually available in India

  1. Spring Mattress
  2. Coir Mattress
  3. Memory Foam Mattress
  4. Foam Mattress
  5. Re-bound Foam Mattress
  6. Latex Mattress
  7. Airbed Mattress

Here is a brief discussion on each of them

Spring Mattress:

Compared to coir mattresses, the spring ones are the better options. The fact that these mattresses come with springs, make them bouncy. As far as the life span is concerned, a spring mattress can last for 6 years. It, however, depends on how it is being used. Using a mattress topper for a spring mattress would be a good idea.


  • These are bouncy mattresses
  • They provide a medium level of comfort to those who are suffering from back pain
  • As far as price is concerned, they are quite affordable


  • The durability of these mattresses are of medium range
  • Motion transfer is being exhibited by these mattresses. It can disturb your sleep if someone moves around

Coir Mattress:

These types of mattresses were innovated in India and are only available in India. Usually, coconut coir is used to make these types of mattresses. Out of all the mattresses that are available in the market, these are considered to be the most eco-friendly. They are firm and hard and might not offer the same level of comfort as the ones made of foam. But the fact that they are economical makes them popular in the market. These mattresses do not last as the other mattresses do. The average lifespan of these mattresses is 5 years.


  • These mattresses come with a firm base
  • These mattresses are economical
  • Motion transfer is not being exhibited by them


  • The fact that these mattresses are formed, can cause pain and discomfort
  • If someone is suffering from back pain or stiffness, the condition might become worse for them
  • They do not last for a long period of time

Memory Foam Mattress:

These are the type of foam mattresses; however, there is a difference. These mattresses come with an open cell structure which allows the mattress to retain pressure and register it even when you get off the bed. The fact that it can remember the points of pressure, hence it is called “memory foam mattress”. These mattresses can be used by both stomach and side sleepers. These are considered to be the best options for the side sleepers


  • These mattresses offer a high level of comfort and can mold according to the pressure exerted upon them and are also capable of distributing the pressure equally throughout the surface
  • For those who are suffering from spine pain, for them, these are the best options.
  •   Those who are suffering from shoulder pain can also get comfort by sleeping in these mattresses
  • One of the best features of the memory foam mattresses is the fact that they help to maintain the proper body temperature

As far as spinal alignment is concerned, memory foam mattresses are the best options
The foam contains polyurethane which makes the mattress free from dirt and helps to prevent allergy


  • If you are looking for proper support, in that case, then these mattresses are not the best options. These mattresses are way too soft to provide the proper support
  • If you are in the habit of tossing and turning around while you are sleeping, then these mattresses are not the best option for you
  • This mattress can cause sweating and those who are sensitive to high temperature can find it to be quite uncomfortable
  • Different types of chemicals are used in the process of manufacturing these mattresses, which can create a certain degree of discomfort for the users. However, the smell disappears after a couple of days

Foam Mattresses:

These are the most popular types of mattresses to be used in India. Here the foam is used instead of coir. This makes the mattresses soft and offers optimum level of comfort. These mattresses have the tendency of sagging towards the ends. These mattresses are considered to be the best option for those who are suffering from back pain. Besides, what makes these mattresses so special is the fact that they do not exhibit motion transfers and they last for a long period of time which can extend up to 8 years


  •  These mattresses are considered to be the most durable ones to be available in the market
  •  Those who are suffering from hip and back pain, for them, these mattresses are the best sleeping option
  •  They do not cause any sort of disturbance or discomfort when your partner is tossing and moving around in the bed
  •  These are the perfect options in cold temperatures as the foam helps to maintain the body heat and offers a great level of comfort


  • These mattresses are expensive compared to the coir and spring mattresses
  •  As far as foam mattresses are concerned, they are sensitive to heat. It can make you sweat if you are sensitive to high temperature
  •  The body tends to sink in the mattress while you toss and move around in your sleep

Rebonded Foam Mattresses:

In these types of mattresses, scrap foam and reclaimed foam are glued together using a particular amount of pressure. These mattresses are the perfect alternative to the coir ones. However, these are considered to be better options than the coir mattresses because of their cushioning advantage, energy absorption, and compressibility.


  •  These mattresses offer better refreshment and sleep
  •  Those who are suffering from shoulder pain and are side sleepers, for them, this is the best option. It offers the proper support which helps to keep the spine and shoulder in proper shape
  •  These mattresses are devoid of any springs; however, they offer the same level of bounciness
  •  These are the least expensive among all the foam mattresses that are available in the market
  •  Recycled materials are used for stuffing the mattress. This makes it an eco-friendly option


  • There are different types of chemicals that are used in these mattresses which might cause inflammation. Toxic emissions can also be released by these mattresses, which makes them not the perfect option for children
  •  When it comes to rebounded mattresses, then one should go for the CertiPUR-US certified ones. However, these mattresses are not available in India and need to be imported
  •  These are quite expensive options

Latex Mattresses:

In these mattresses, latex is being used instead of foam. Apart from latex, these mattresses also contain poly-foams and different other types of materials. These mattresses come with a wide range of different level of firmness which suits people with different types of sleeping habits. There are 2 different varieties of latex foam that is available in the market, which is the Talalay latex and Dunlop latex. When it comes to Dunlop Latex, they are bottom heavy and are mainly used for the purpose of supporting the cores; on the other hand, the Talalay latex is a perfect mixture of frothy and light foam. These mattresses can last over a period of 8 years


  •  When it comes to body contouring, the latex mattresses are the perfect options. These mattresses are known for offering excellent pressure point relief. The mattresses made of Talalay latex are said to be ideal for those who are suffering from neck and back pain
  •  These mattresses offer a higher level of bounciness because of the fact that they have a high rubber content and has foam grid
  •  These mattresses offer relaxed and comfortable sleeping surfaces that do not retain heat
  •  These mattresses usually come with hypoallergenic foam which prevents the formation of mildews, molds, and dust. It keeps these mattresses free from all kinds of contaminations.
  • The life span of these mattresses are quite long
  •  The fact that these mattresses are made of natural materials, make them eco-friendly
  •  These mattresses are known for having the feature of motion isolation. Even if your partner is moving and tossing around the bed, it will not cause any kind of disturbances at all


  •  During the process of manufacturing of these mattresses, harmful organic compounds are being emitted. It comes with a strong smell of rubber, which, however, disappears within a couple of days
  •  There are few stores where you can find these mattresses and test their quality. Most of them are available online
  •  These mattresses are considered to be the most expensive one out the different types of mattresses that are available in the market.

Airbed Mattresses:

These mattresses have gained popularity over the last couple of years. These are basically inflatable beds which are being primarily used for accommodating guests. These mattresses can be folded and stored in the cupboard. They are quite light and offer the optimum level of comfort. People, who frequently go camping, use these mattresses and camping beds. The air inside the mattress can be adjusted for accommodating bodies of different sizes and shapes. These mattresses come with health benefits. These mattresses can also be used as a water toy.


  •  These are flexible mattresses and you can increase and decrease the firmness and softness by controlling the air inside it
  •  Those who side sleepers and those who suffer from lower back pain can find these mattresses to be very useful
  •  These mattresses are devoid of sagging and can be inflated with more air whenever it is required
  •  These mattresses are comfortable as heat from the body is not being absorbed by these mattresses
  •  These mattresses are odorless as they are made of PVC materials
  •  What makes them so special is the fact that these mattresses are portable


  •  One of the major disadvantages of these mattresses is the fact that they are prone to leaks and punctures. However, they can be repaired
  •  One side of these mattresses are flocked and in some cases, both the sides are flocked
  •  The air pumps that are used in these mattresses can be quite noisy

What type of Sleeper are you?

When it comes to selecting the right type of mattress, it the way you sleep that comes as a determining factor. Your style of sleeping can affect the decision of buying the right kind of mattress.

People have different ways of sleeping. There are people who prefer to sleep on their backs and stomach, while others side sleepers.

When it comes to pregnant women, they have a specific posture that they need to maintain while sleeping. Similarly, those with a heavy body weight have a different way of sleeping. All these factors should be taken into consideration while buying a mattress

Side Sleepers:

Those who side sleepers, they should opt for the mattresses which range from medium firm to soft. Using a soft mattress can help to relieve pressure from the back area and neck. It also plays an important role when it comes to adjusting the contours of the body. While sleeping on the side, proper alignment of back, neck, and spine is required. The mattress should support the body in all these measures.

Those who side sleepers, they should avoid using spring and water mattresses. The spring mattresses offer less support to the lumbar area whereas when it comes to the waterbeds, they do not evenly distribute the weight of the body throughout the mattresses

Stomach Sleepers:

During the day, the maximum weight is being carried by the middle section of the body. More pressure is being accumulated in this region as you sleep on your stomach. Therefore, if you are a stomach sleeper, you need to ensure that you have opted for a mattress that offers proper support and don’t give you a backache.

It is important to make sure that the mattress has proper firmness because when you are sleeping on your stomach, the gaps between your body and the mattress is very little. There are stomach sleepers who prefer to use soft mattresses. They can opt for mattresses that are made of advanced foam.

Sleeping During Pregnancy:

Left side is the ideal sleeping position for pregnant women. This is also known as the SOS or sleeping on the side position. The reason why sleeping on the left side is useful is because it helps to improve the blood circulation in the body. Besides, if you have an excessive amount of body weight, it will make sure that not too much pressure is being exerted on your liver.

There are 2 sleeping positions that pregnant women need to avoid; they are, lying in the stomach and on the back. Besides, pregnant women should also make sure that they don’t sleep of extremely soft or firm mattresses. When it comes to pregnant women, the memory foam or the foam mattresses would just be the perfect option for them.

They need to make sure of using a thick pillow so that pain the neck can be prevented. They should also have a pillow by their side so that they can rest their feet on them.

For Heavy people:

When it comes to mattresses, those who weigh more than 75 kg are considered to be heavy. For these people, a thick cushion would just be the perfect option. Usually, people choose mattresses which are in between 8 to 10 inches in terms of thickness

For heavy individuals, it is important to select a thickness between 10 to 12 inches. This is due to the fact that more pressure is being exerted by those who are heavy as opposed to lighter individuals.

When it comes to heavy people, they emit more heat from their bodies. Therefore, it needs to be made sure a breathable mattress is being used by them. Compared to a spring mattress a foam mattress tends to accumulate more heat. It is due to the fact that the scope for air circulation in the foam mattresses is very less.

For the heavy individuals, it is important to go for the mattresses which are strong and durable. Latex mattresses would just be the perfect option for them.

For Back Pain:

No matter what your profession might be. Whether you are the CEO of a company, a student or a homemaker; if you use a bad mattress, it can affect you big time. One of the deadliest side effects of using a bad mattress is having back pain. Back pain can cause extreme difficulties.

Not only back pain, if you use the wrong type of mattress you might also experience other kinds of complications, like shoulder pain along with neck pain. There are a couple of signs that you need to look for that would help you decide if it is time to change your mattress.

  • The Firmness: If you sleep on an uneven surface, then it can result in continuous pain. Over a period of time, any mattress will go out of shape and the surface won’t remain as smooth and plain as you want it to be. The moment the mattress loses its firmness, it’s a sign that it needs to be changed
  • Tired waking up: After having a good night’s sleep, you are supposed to feel fresh and energetic. However, if you feel tired and fatigued, in that case, it is a sign that there are some issues with your mattress and it needs to be changed
  • Difficulty in Sleeping: Do you wake up frequently in the middle of your sleep? Find it even more difficult to go back to sleep? In that case, it can be your mattress that’s causing all the problems. Such uneasiness can be caused by a sagged mattress.
  • Allergy: Did you know that millions of dust mites can settle on your mattress? These particles, along with sweat, oil and the dead cells from the body can result in allergies. These allergic reactions can lead to continuous itching and coughing
  • Turning and Tossing Around: If you keep on turning and tossing around while you are at sleep, then it is an indication that your mattress is not in the best of shapes. It is also a sign that you need to change your mattress as soon as possible.

What types of Mattresses can offer you Relief Back Pain and other kinds of Discomforts

The mattress that you have chosen should be firm enough so that proper support can be offered to your lower back. At the same time, you need to make sure that it is soft enough to support the contours of your body. Therefore, it is very important to have a perfect combination

If you are sleeping on your back or stomach, you would require a firmer mattress.

On the other hand, if you are a side sleeper, in that case, a softer mattress would be the perfect choice for you

Those who are suffering from back pain, they should opt for the orthopedic mattresses that are available in the market, like memory foam mattress, foam mattress, and latex mattress

How To Clean Your Mattress

Before you start to clean your mattress, it is very important for you to make sure that you have stripped the bed entirely and your linens are being washed properly. At first, you need to clean the pads of the mattress before you get on with the sheets and then finally proceed to the bed sheet. You should be using hot water when it comes to cleaning the linens as it can help to kill the dust mites easily and quickly

Here are some of the ways in which you can clean your mattress

Use a Vacuum Cleaner:

Using a vacuum cleaner to clean your mattress is one of the easiest and efficient ways. With the help of a vacuum cleaner, you will be able to reach out to every section of the mattress and all the debris and dust particles will be sucked in by the machine. The process of cleaning mattresses using a vacuum cleaner can be quite fast


It is important to use disinfectants in order to make sure that all the harmful germs are driven away. Baking soda can be an excellent option. All that you need to do is to sprinkle baking soda on your mattress and then use a scrub brush to rub it

Remove the Stains:

There can be different types of stains on your mattress. They can be from sweat, body fluid and different other sources. It would be easier to clean them when the stains are fresh. However, you can use strong detergents to wash them away


At the conclusion, it needs to be mentioned that there are plenty of different options that are available in the market as far as mattresses are concerned. You need to select the best one that suits your requirements. At the same time, it is also very important to take good care of the mattress.

We have provided a full fledged guide of best mattress in India covering all the main Pros and Cons. If you still have any question, you can comment below and someone from our team will connect with you in the next 24 hours.