Best Hair Straightener in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best hair straightener in India

Everyone wants to look just perfect with their hair, just like the perfect outfit of the day. Sometimes have you ever wondered how other people manage to get that perfectly straight hair every time? Did you not get jealous? If you feel so, then you are in need of having the suitable hair straightener for your hair to make them perfect just like you want. If you want to use a hair straightener, then you must consider that it damages your hair. And not only this electronic product does the damages, everything you use to style your hair does the same. If you carefully make the decision to select the best hair straightener in India.

Here we mentioned down the best hair straightener in India with their specification and brief buying guide. It’s not so easy to choose the best hair straightener, just because in the Indian market lots of companies are there. Everyday many brands are coming with the innovation and features to claim their product is the best. All the products that we are going to mention are tested and reviewed by the features they have.

Best Hair Straightener in India

Here is the list of top best hair straightener in India. We are mentioning these products to help you in selecting the best for you as per your needs.

1. Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener

This model, Philips HP8316/00 kerashine hair straightener, is the fantastic hair straightener in the market, which is provided by the well-known brand, i.e., Philips. You can trust this brand product because these brands provide the best quality and top quality products to the customers.

This electronic device has keratin-infused ceramic hair straightener glides, which helps in minimizing frizz and damage to your hair. The company has manufactured this model with the extra-wide plates that specially designed for thick and long hair. It gives the shine and smoothens the hair. If you have the delicate hair strands, then you must not have to use a hair straightener for a long time with high heat pressure, that might provide the damage to your hair.


  • The device has the keratin-infused ceramic hair straightener glides.
  • This one is the best available hair straightener in the market for long and thick hair.
  • It is flexible in use and can be used by both men and women.

2. Philips BHS673/00 Mid End Straightener

If you ask any hair expert, then he suggests you use Philips products only if you want to use them. This brand is undoubtedly one of the most chosen and recommended by the experts, and one of the most popular hair straightener brands available in the Indian market. The product has the quality that satisfies the consumers and gives the best to consumers.

This hair straightener has SplitStop technology. The people who have split ends hair, and then it helps you to get rid of that problem. This device not only helps you to get straight hair but also get the solution for your split ends hair problem. The company manufactures this model with a UniTemp sensor, which gives you the surety of minimal heat exposure to the hair. It comes with the eleven different professional temperature settings, which helps to use it on any hair for straightening.


  • This device also comes with a Keratin-infused ceramic plate.
  • The company launches it with eleven different professional temperature settings.
  • It has the ability to repair the split ended hairs with the splits top technology.
  • Philips BHS673/00 mid-end straightener comes with a unitemp sensor, which avoids heat exposure to hair.

3. Panasonic EH-HW19P Hair Straightener

If you choose this product, then you do not get disappointed with your decision. This model comes with a matt black finish, which everyone gets attracted to. This model is an excellent pick for those who are looking for the perfect combination of looks and performance. It comes with the temperature adjustment as per your need as per your hair. The product reaches its maximum Temperature around 200 degrees in very little time. The product size is compact and is very easy to handle and use. The company provides two years of manufacturer’s warranty along with that it is available in very affordable price. It ensures that your hair does not affect very much.


  • The brand is well known to everyone as it provides electronic products for a very long time.
  • The company provides the compact size of the product in the market.
  • It comes along with the 2-year manufacturing warranty.

4. Havells HS4512 Hair Straightener

Havells is the most top-rated brand in the Indian market that is providing electronic products for a very long time. The brand comes with this model and has given the tough fight to the rest of companies that manufacture hair straightener. The havells this product comes with the instant heating features, just because of this feature, the user can use it quickly as the machine takes no time to reach the required Temperature. This feature makes the product to be here in fourth place in the list of best hair straightener in India.

It does not affect whether you have thin hair or thick hair, this product makes them in that way just like you want to look your hair.


  • It comes with instant heating features.
  • The brand is well known to everyone and provides the best quality of products to the customers.
  • This product comes along with the two years of product manufacturing warranty.

5. Remington S2002 Hair Straightener

It is the best hair straightener with all in one feature for your solution. This product comes along with amazing features, along with great looks. Remington S2002 not only straighten your hair but also minimizes the damage caused to your hair. After using this hair straightener, you not only get the straight and shiny hair, but it adds a charming look to your personality.

The bodyweight of the product is very light and compact, which makes it operate smoothly. The company produces this hair straightener in the matte black finish that is quite an attractive look. It comes with the temperature regulator that helps to adjust the heat temperature. The straightener has the slim plates that help in straightening the hair within sections, which makes the hair look stunning and flawless.


  • It comes with the led beep feature that turns on when the Temperature reaches the set temperature.
  • The company makes this product lightweight and compact in size.
  • The device has a two-year manufacturing warranty.

 6. Nova NHS 860Temeprature Control Hair Straightener

This company is famous for making the low budget products with all features in the device. Not every brand is able to do this in such a budget. This product of nova is one of those products that has 4 different temperature adjusting settings. There are four different temperature levels, 160, 180, 200, and 220 degree Celsius that you can adjust as per your hair type and need. It has wider plates, and that is coated with ceramic coating, which helps to straighten your hair and gives a shiny look to them. You don’t have to wait for a long time to use straightener as it has quick heating power. It has the ability to do the job in just 30 seconds and turn off automatically when the plates get heated as per set Temperature. This automatic turning off feature of this model manages not to give damage to your hair. The device comes along with the 1.8 m long swivel cord, which helps you to use it very easily and can use it in any direction.


  • The device comes in a low budget, which can be affordable by everyone that is thinking of having the hair straightener.
  • It has a good quality of ceramic coated plates.
  • Turns off automatically when it overheated as pre-set Temperature.

7. Syska Superglam HS6810 Hair Straightener

We all have heard about the Syska LED Lights and tubes, except that we rarely heard about that syska manufacture the products for the personal care of both men and women. They launched their first hair straightener in the year 2016 and became very popular among the young generation.

The syska superglam HS6810 hair straightener comes with the cute glossy pink color, which looks quite good. Its body structure is made so stylish that even boys don’t think about its color. Just buy the product as it has the top-notch looks. The company has used the PTC heater in this hair straightener, this heater acts uniformly and distributes the heat of equal amount on each plate. It is because if you use this hair straightener then you feel the look on one application.


  • Turns off automatically when plates are overheated.
  • It has the safe heat resistant plates that cool down faster.
  • The company manufactures it with stylish glossy looks and with push up lock system.
  • The device comes with a two-year manufacturing warranty.

8. Havells HS4151 Electric Hair Straightener

Havells HS4151 electric hair straightener is the eighth-best hair straightener in India. It is a trustworthy brand in the Indian market. The company never fails to impress its customers through innovations and features. Syska gives attractive looks to its product that attract the customers most.

This product by the syska comes with an elegant and quite simple look. The shiny outer surface of the product has an eye-catchy look. You get the LED digital lights that indicate the temperature settings. Along with this, it has the heat temperature adjusting controller by which you can adjust the Temperature as per your hair need. You get the heat temperature setting to set between the range of 155 to 230-degree celsius.


  • You can use this hair straightener for both long as well as short hair.
  • It has LED display lights for showing Temperature.
  • The company designed this model with attractive and elegant looks.
  • Your hair gets minimum damage by using this product.

9. Vega Flair Hair Straightener – VHSH-01

This brand is providing the product for personal care for a very long time. The people love this brand because it provides a cheap product with the latest features. It is a local Indian brand. It has 100% solid ceramic plates for healthier and glossy hair. This product takes 2 minutes to heat up to a maximum 210-degree celsius. The straightener delivers excellent performance with the help of 25 watts of power. The device straightens the dries hair also.


  • The device comes in dual voltage 110-240V power.
  • It can also straighten the dry hair.
  • Makes your hair shiny and straight.
  • The company launched this product in the affordable price.

10. Philips Selfie Straightener HP8302/00

If you are looking for a masterpiece in hair straightener that can give you satisfaction like a salon, then this piece has all those features. This masterpiece product manufactured by Philips and launched in the Indian market for filling the requirements of the customers. This is affordable for those who are looking for the best one with all features. Professional use this hair straightener and impress them with its job.

This product is not only fixed with its job, i.e., straightening the hair but also prevents that it could not damage the hair. The product comes along with the ceramic coated plates with the digital display of the temperature level. This feature of the digital display makes the hair straightening and styling thing very easy and convenient to use. You can easily adjust the temperature level and use it according to the style that you want to give to your hair. It has the silk pro care technology that prevents your hair from the damage.


  • This hair straightener is suitable for long thick hair.
  • It gives you the salon finish style after the use.
  • The technology that is used in it reduces the heat exposure.

Buying Guide

The best hair straightener does more job then just straightening the hair. It comes with features like adds shine and prevents the damage of hair that is caused by heat exposure. The best quality hair straightener lasts for many years. Your invest of money gives you the revenue in the form of its durability. In the market, many companies manufacture this product. You get confused when it comes to buying it, and you find a lot of the brands in the market. So you don’t get confused. That’s why we have mentioned the list of best hair straightener in the Indian market with its features.

What Are the Types of Hair Straighteners Available in the Market?

In the market, many varieties of hair straighter are available. Some of them are simple in looks and features, while others are modern and have good design and features.

The types of hair straighteners are as follows:

Clamp Flat Irons: this type of hair straightener is a traditional straightener available in the market. These works, like the two iron appliances, clap together and straighten the hair. These are simple to use and modified as per the users’ needs.

Ionic Hair Straightener: The recent most popular appliances use this ionic technology to straighten the hair. This takes help from the water and the electric to straighten your hair. This straightener ads shine and remove the curliness of your hair.

Straightening Brush: If you find using a hair straightener with the rod, you can use this modern and new invention by the companies the straightening brush. The feature of a straightening brush is not only straightening the hair only but also remove the tangles from them. This straightening brush is available in affordable prices, and nobody faces problems in the way of using it.

How to Select the Best Hair Straighteners for Yourself?

Here are some of the things you should consider before buying the hair straightener for yourself or anyone else.

The type of hair: The majority of the time, the decision to buy a hair straightener depends on the type of hair you have. On every type of hair, you can not use the same hair straightener. Therefore before buying the hair straightener, you should better know what type of hair you have.

  • Thin hair: The thin hair is lightweight and easily get damaged when you use hair straightener with high heat exposure. Thus, choose a hair straightener, which has multiple heat temperature settings. For example, ceramic hair straighteners
  • Thick hair: The thick hair needs high Temperature to straighten as they are already stiff. Make a good decision before buying the hair straightener, which has a minimum of 200-degree celsius of heating power. For example, titanium coated hair straighteners.
  • Chemically treated hair: These types of hair always need extra care as they are already weak and get damaged easily. Professionals always advise you to not use a hair straightener on them as they are now more sensitive. But then also if you want to use, look for the hair straightener that comes with the low-temperature settings. Never use the straightener with more the 230-degree celsius.
  • Curly hair: these hair are the most challenging type of hair and take a long time to straighten the hair as well as the good quality of hair straightener. Invest your money to have the hair straightener that has the wider plates, that makes your job done efficiently.

Plate Type According to Your Hair: Juts to have a better satisfaction level after buying the hair straighter, then you must know the plate material used in the hair straightener is made up of. There are various types of material plates used in the hair straightener.

  • Solid Ceramic: This type of hair straightener can distribute the heat equally to all plates. And from start to end, it works on the same heat temperature.
  • Ceramic Coated Plate: these hair straighteners heat up instantly when plugging in the electric socket. It reduces the damage as they are excellent heat conductors who perform well and reduce the friction between the plates.
  • Ceramic and Teflon Coated Straightener: the people who have curly and frizzy hair it is best for them. It prevents snagging when the straightener used for straightening the hair.
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Plates: the straightener that has these plates must also have the ionic and infrared technology which maintain the health of the hair while you use the straightener.
  • Ceramic Diamond Plates: if you want to get the work done in one stroke, then these plates help you out in getting it done. It also prevents the heating problem on some pots and ensures that your hair not get damaged and burnt due to overheating.
  • Titanium Plates: heat up much faster and evenly. This is the best metal that should use in straightening the hair. These types of plates are used in straightening the curly and frizzy hair.

Width of the plates: if you want your work done faster, they must go for the hair straightener that has wider plates. The perfect width of plates should as:

  • 2 inch or more: long width of plates are best for straightening the long and thick hair.
  • 1 ½ inch: this width or plates are best for curly and frizzy hair.
  • 1″ inch: if you love to have an experiment that you do with your hair with different hairstyles- just like curls, have some waves and perms.
  • Mini plates: Use mini plates for the people who have very short or thin hair. Then these are best for them.

Adjustable Temperature: for making a decision about Temperature, then you must consider on which type of hair you are going to use. Buy a hair straightener that has the temperature settings.

  • Thin hair – if you have thin hair and then use the Temperature below 180 degrees celsius.
  • Medium hair – if you have not much thin but also not much thick hair the use the Temperature between 180-190 degrees celsius.
  • Thick hair – for the thick hair if you have then adjusted the Temperature between 190-210 degrees celsius.


Here we come to an end discussing the best hair straightener in India. We are not going to stop you if you want to use a hair straightener for getting a perfect look by straightening your hair. But if you want to use, then use the best quality of hair straightener. So, your hair does not get damaged. We recommend you to choose Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener as this model is the top best hair straightener in our list. It has the full ceramic plates, straighten your hair as well as it reduces the damages caused by the straightener to your hair. I hope we have mentioned everything that you are looking for, and that helps you in making the decision to buy the best hair straightener in India for you.

Best Night Cream in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best night cream in india

Many people are not aware of the fact that night is the best time to pamper your skin. Are you looking for the best night cream in India? Great! You are at the very right place. Skin is the largest organ of our body, and therefore, it plays a crucial role in our health. The skin is the first barrier against the external environment, regulating our body temperature, and protecting us from infections. So it is very important to do proper care of the skin.

Specifically, the skin on our face requires the most care. It is the most visible part of the body, the most exposed to external agents. Also, this is where the first signs of aging manifest themselves. Using a good night face cream is one of the foundations of facial care. If you want to know the reason, just keep reading. Highly recommended by skin care professionals, the night cream has several good points such as blemishes, reduced acne, improved skin firmness, and more. In this guide, we will be reviewing some excellent night creams and also briefly discuss the relevant and important queries related to it.

Before we begin to the subject please have a look here:

  • The skin of the face is exposed to multiple external agents. These factors can damage our skin from within, and so it requires good care.
  • The night face cream is specially formulated to meet all our skin needs. The needs of our skin are different in night and day. Therefore it is advisable to use a separate cream for the day, here we are going to discuss the night cream.
  • There are many different types of face cream. You must choose the one that best suits your skin type and the results you want.

Best Night Cream in India 2019

1. Forest Essentials Sandalwood and Saffron Night Cream

Super effective night cream by the renowned brand “Forest Essential,” which is known for its quality-conscious and result-oriented products. This night cream features essential nutrients that enhance and drops a glowing, radiant skin by night. Best suited for the people with dry and rough skin as it has oil nutrients that offer great hydrated content to your skin.

It gives in-depth moisture to the skin and rejuvenates it from within. With active ingredients like Saffron, Sandalwood, Kokum, and Anantmool, it delivers firmness, smoothness, and elasticity to your skin. 100% safe and certified by major health organizations like ISO and is free from harmful oxidants and chemicals which damage the skin by time. It holds the moisture and keeps the skin moisturized throughout the night by locking the hydrants within the skin.


  • It gives a radiant glow by dropping vital nutrients to the skin.
  • Protects the skin by free radicals and also repairs the skin.
  • Effectively boosts hydration level by delivering water contents and locking it within the skin.
  • It offers smooth glowing skin and evens skin tone.
  • A treasure for the people with dry rough skin as it moisturizes and restores the skin deeply.

2. The Body Shop Night Cream

With Vitamin E, this night cream offers protection from damage and free radicals released within the skin, which eventually prevents premature skin aging. The Body Shop has produced the maximum number of quality skin products in India and has captured a large number of satisfied consumers. Suitable for skin types that make it a more pervasive night cream that can be used by all.

This night cream also treats burned skin and clears the blemishes and dark spots within a few days. It is a perfect and effective night cream, but you can also use it in the day time as it has Vitamin E, which protects the skin from UVA & UVB rays, which may cause skin diseases. It might be a little expensive for Indian consumers, but if you are looking for results and cannot compromise with product quality, then this is the right buy for you.


  • All-pervasive, that means anyone can use it: No Specific Skin Type.
  • It prevents premature aging, which is an essential benefit of this cream.
  • Vitamin E protects the skin from harmful rays and free radicals.
  • Drops deep moisture to the skin and holds it to create firmness and smoothness.

3. WOW Anti Aging Night Creams

Great to save your skin from premature aging, this night cream by one of the top beauty brand “WOW” has covered all aspects of an anti-aging cream. A premium rejuvenating night cream designed to remove wrinkles and revive your skin. It moisturizes the skin by its unique formula of Aloe Leaf Juice and Shea Butter, which hydrates the skin. The Matrixyle Peptides act as a catalyst that increases the collagen levels to stimulate skin repair.

It minimizes wrinkles and reduces dullness and also removes fine lines. WOW is suitable for all skin types, and this makes it a universal product. This anti aging night cream repairs and revives skin from within and also hydrates the skin, which gives excellent nourishment. The Hyaluronic Acid holds the moisture within the skin, which results in filling up the wrinkles and removing the black spots. This night cream by WOW is perfect for you if you are looking for an effective anti-aging night cream.


  • It is formulated with Vitamin C & E, which protects the skin from harmful rays (UV) and free radicals and also drops pleasant nourishment to the skin.
  • Hydrates the skin by locking the moisture within the skin.
  • Perfect anti-aging cream for every type of skin with Aloe Leaf Juice and Shea Butter.

4. Kama Ayurveda Night Cream

People often search for a fully organic product with no harmful chemicals, which can damage the skin in the long run. Kama Ayurveda is perfect for those people as it is safe and based on an organic Ayurveda formula. It has powerful organic ingredients like Aloe Vera and Mulaithi that offers great combat against skin germs and bacterias. Formulated with rich saffron, it brightens the skin and drops an even tone to the skin.

Kama Ayurveda has Manjistha, another powerful organic ingredient that treats the uneven skin and also fights skin allergies and acne. Manjistha is also consumed as a powdered form, which improves the blood circulation of the body. An excellent night cream that promises to deliver a natural and radiant glowing skin that makes it more appealing and trustworthy. If you are looking for an organic solution for night treatment, then this product is for you.


  • It lightens and brightens the skin throughout the night.
  • An Ayurvedic solution which prevents premature skin aging by minimizing the fine lines and wrinkles.
  • This night cream repairs pigmentation and revives the skin.
  • 97% Organic, which is a great thing and ensures safety from harmful chemicals

5. VLCC Snigdha Night Cream

Skin Whitening Night Cream by VLCC which reduces dark and black spots from the skin and face dullness that gives clear glowing skin. Being an Indian brand VLCC has covered all the needs of Indian consumers. They offered a genuine and quality product within a very low budget, and that is the reason as it is subjected to Amazon’s choice. Easy to apply and absorbed by the skin in a few minutes.

Snigdha Night Cream by VLCC offers to lighten skin tone and bright white skin. It is suitable for all skin types, which makes it pervasive in nature and more appealing and eye-catching and repairs the skin by promoting cell renewal and filling up the pigmentation. VLCC has designed and formulated, especially for Indian consumers, which makes it target specific and trustworthy products. A must buy if you are looking for more features and quality in less value.


  • Consumer-oriented as it asks for a brilliantly low price.
  • It reduces black and dark spots on the skin.
  • Snigdha drops an amazing and glowing look to your face.
  • It kills skin germs by stimulating cell renewal.

6. L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Night Cream

The quality conscious beauty brand L’Oreal has brought up a different night cream that covers all the ground of a perfect night cream. Stated as an overnight solution to prevent premature skin aging and restore the skin cells for a radiant glow. It is formulated with PRO-XYLANE +

LHA, which eventually stimulates skin regeneration, refines the skin and fills up the hollow pores.

Revitalift Laser by L’Oreal Paris is 100% safe as it is tested by Dermatologists and is suitable for all types of skin, making it a more pervasive product. Although it shows the result overnight, it should be used daily for perfectly clean and glowing skin. It is non-greasy or oily, which makes it different from the other creams, which cause irritation to the skin. When used, it drops a very thin layer of a cream mask which reduces all aging symptoms and also prevents premature skin aging.


  • A new formula integrated with a mask texture for shocking results.
  • It is not oily and non-greasy, which makes it different from the irritating creams.
  • A great change in the skin within a month of daily use.
  • This night cream also hydrates the skin and moisturizes it from within.

7. Plum Green Tea Renewed Clarity Night Gel

We have already told “how quality-oriented is Plum beauty brand” in our previous articles. And again, Plum has brought an effective night gel, especially for people with oily skin. The Argan oil formula makes it hydrate the skin through the night and offers a moisturized skin in the morning. It is filled with Green Tea extracts to help fight the blemishes and spots on the skin. This Gel is totally safe as it is certified by PETA and is cruelty-free.

It has no harmful ingredients, and also the 1% product sale is sent for environment betterment. Simple to use, this Plum night gel has licorice extracts that prevent the skin from acne and also dark-black spots or scars. It has the perfect amount of moisture considering the oily type of skin, and it removes dullness without leaving any greasiness or oil on the face. It activates the energy on your skin and makes you feel fresh with a glowing and radiant look.


  • Non-comedogenic ingredients secure your skin safety and save your skin from getting pimples and white/blackheads.
  • Natural Tea extracts help to reduce and prevent the causing of acnes.
  • Argan oil and Licorice helps the skin to stay hydrated and remove the dark or black spots from the skin.
  • 100% safe as it is PETA verified, which makes it a worth buying option.

8. O3+ Night Repair Cream

O3+ is a new beauty brand that has rapidly gain success by producing and delivering quality beauty products. It has natural ingredients in it, which makes it a useful and result-oriented product. This cream by O3+ has Almond Oil, which is enriched with Vitamin E that protects the skin from harmful rays and also free radicals released by the skin within. Vitamin E also prevents the skin from premature skin aging.

O3+ has Hyaluronic Acid, which increases the skin moisture level and also protects the skin from environment stresses. The Shea Butter in it retains the moisture to the deepest level of the skin and also locks the moisture within the skin for better hydration. Simple to use night cream offers firmer and whitened skin with the grace of nourishment to the skin. It prevents aging and repairs the skin by constant cell generation. Considering all the measures, it is the best night cream in India.


  • It restores the smoothness and firmness of the skin.
  • Prevents premature skin aging by natural ingredients.
  • This night cream enhances the skin overnight and drops a radiant glow to the skin.

So these were some effective night cream for you to choose from. Let us have a broader look to it by discussing all the relevant stuff in the Buying Guide section below.

Buying Guide

It is important that before purchasing any face cream you know the main aspects of the product. We’ve included below the most relevant aspects of nighttime cream so you can learn about them. In addition, we answered the most frequently asked questions from users.

A night face cream is a cosmetic product designed to provide the necessary care to our skin during the time when it is more effective, i.e., the night. As already mentioned, the skin of our face requires special and regular care. For this reason, the cosmetic and dermatological industry has developed specific products for facial care for use in-night. Although it may seem very small, our skin does not have the same needs during the day and at night. During the day, the skin is exposed to multiple external agents that can alter and damage it. In contrast, at night, the environment is totally different. So for good, the day and the night creams should also be different.

Why should one use a night face cream?

The skin on our face is permanently exposed to the environment. Clothes may cover and protect the skin of much of our body, but the face is always uncovered. For this reason, this is the area of ​​skin most helpless to the action of different factors in the external environment. Throughout the day, we get affected by harmful rays, and the day cream may help you, but they do not regenerate dead cells and so the night cream comes into the action. The night is the safest time of a day, and so the night cream, which is specialized to regenerate cells and drop a charming glow to your face, works perfectly.

Benefits of a night cream

Opposite to what many people say, night cream does not only moisturizes the skin but also performs several more things, which includes full facial skincare. The night cream moisturizes your skin deeply, without creating any irritation. It revives and nourishes the tissues, dropping a more relaxed and healthier skin.

Night cream moisturizes the skin deeply and retains or holds the hydrated content within the skin with no grease at all. It restores and regenerates the skin cells for new healthy, and glowing skin. The night cream offers anti-aging properties which tend to prevent premature skin aging without creating any whiteheads or pimples on the skin. Moreover, some of the creams are integrated with Manjistha, which works as a catalyst to increase facial blood circulation.

Some night creams also act to combat skin blemishes or other skin spots or scars. They also protect us from the harmful effects of solar radiation and can counteract the damage caused by air pollution.

A compact list of the benefits gained by using a night cream:

  1. Deep Hydration
  2. Prevents Wrinkles
  3. Gives complete skin nutrients
  4. Prevents and treats blemishes
  5. Vitamin E protects from sun
  6. Reduce Acne formation
  7. Drops a shiny and healthy appearance to the skin
  8. Prevents premature skin aging

How Does a Night Cream work?

It’s hard to understand the beneficial effects of a product right without knowing how it works. The key to the mechanism of action of a night cream lies in its ingredients and formula. So the different types of night creams work differently, as an anti-aging cream will work to remove fine lines and wrinkles. On the other hand, cream with Vitamin E will protect the skin from harmful UVA rays of the sun and also the free radicals released within the body. And that is how a night cream works that is different work performed by a different formula.

Can I use the same cream for day and night?

Current beauty routines advise using a day and a night cream. Many people wonder if it wouldn’t be worth using two products, and that is wrong. Day and night creams are totally different products. They have been formulated for different purposes, taking into account the needs of our skin.

The daytime face cream protects us from the external agents our skin faces by the environment. Solar radiation, free radicals, and air pollution are examples of this. On the other hand, the role of a night cream for face cream is to repair and regenerate the skin. The latter encourages cell renewal and repair of the damage suffered during the day. Although, some products offer both safety and regeneration, and that is the only exception to use a single cream for both times.

How to apply a night cream?

It is extremely easy and simple to apply night face cream. Before applying it make sure to clean your face properly and then start by distributing the product over 5 points: on the forehead, cheekbones, nose, and chin. This way you will cover the whole face equally. Now spread the cream with your fingertips in gentle circular motions and gently massage it.

Things to consider before buying a night cream

When buying a night cream, it is important that you evaluate some aspects. The following are the most relevant factors you should consider before purchasing the cosmetic. That way you can make the right decision by choosing the product that best suits your needs. Here are some factors you should give a sure thought:

  • Skin type
  • Functions
  • Quality
  • Price

Have a brief look at the factors mentioned above

Skin Type

Each person has unique skin with specific characteristics. Some people have drier skin; others have oily skin. This question is essential when choosing your face cream. Each skin type has specific needs that the cream of your choice should meet. For example, dry skin will need a face cream with higher hydration power. On the other hand, a cream that includes oil regulators will be beneficial to oily skin. So first, think about the type of skin you have. Based on this, you should choose the most suitable night face cream for you.


As we have said, nighttime face creams do not have a single function. In addition to regenerating our skin, they can provide many other beneficial properties. This will depend on the composition of each product. Therefore, we must consider what the main function we want to get with our face cream. For example, we may be interested in purchasing a cream with anti-aging properties. Another option would be to look for a product that does not irritate your skin if your skin is more sensitive. The market offers a wide range of night creams with different functions and properties. We must choose according to our facial needs.


As with any cosmetic product, we should always look for quality. A night cream is a product intended for daily use. Also, they are applied on a delicate and exposed surface that is the face. Therefore, it is essential that we make sure that our face cream is of good quality. Remember that hypersensitivity reactions, skin irritation, peeling may occur with low-quality products. To avoid this, always choose quality creams from popular and genuine brands.


Price is also a factor to discuss as we got so many competitors and so it makes it difficult for a person to choose and judge its product. Never go for super cheap products and also don’t buy an overpriced product. Check reviews and ratings online before making an ultimate decision.

Where to buy a night cream?

You can easily find a variety of night creams in a good local cosmetic store but as always I would recommend you, to shop online via Amazon and save your trip to the store. The above-mentioned products are available on


The facial skin is a sensitive part of our body that requires special attention. It is exposed day after day to numerous external aggressions that can damage it, and the repair of the damage is necessary, and that is why we brought this article “Best Night Cream in India” to help you find your preferred night cream more conveniently. I hope that you are satisfied with this brief article and has no more queries, but if you have any thought on it, then please make a comment below, and we will be back to it in no time.

Best Face Moisturizer in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best face moisturizer in india

It doesn’t count your age or skin; everyone should use a face moisturizer. This is because a lack of hydration accelerates premature aging, rotten the skin, and makes it more sensitive to external invaders. When it comes to skin hydration, you also need to clear some things. Today we will discuss the best face moisturizer in India and also a brief buying guide for you to understand and choose the best face moisturizer.

It is a formula designed to help protect facial skin, which is more sensitive and delicate than other regions. In general, moisturizer improves hydration and skin protection, but may also have other functions, such as lightening blemishes or anti-aging. With so many options and formulas, it is normal to feel a little lost about which product best suits your needs. It is very confusing when it comes to choosing a good face moisturizer, and so we bring you this in-depth buying guide to understand a little more about face cream to ensure healthier skin.

Something important before you proceed to the main subject

  • If you suffering from any skin allergies or irritations, see a dermatologist so he can suggest the best face cream for you.
  • Always refer to the way of the use of the product in the package or package pamphlet for the best effect.
  • Sun effects your skin the most so always make sure the product is photosensitive and check if you need to use a sunscreen together.

Best Face Moisturizer in India 2019

1. Olay Total Effects 7 in 1

Olay has produced some of the most effective and premium facial creams. It has come up with a new formula and created this “Total Effects 7in 1.” It is designed especially to fight the 7 signs of skin aging. This moisturizer by Olay is ultra-light in weight, which saves you from the skin irritation. A moisturizer with SPF15 which drops a radiant and a younger look to your face.

It is packed with 7 fighting agents which:

  1. Smooths Texture
  2. Reduces Face Wrinkles
  3. Evens Skin Tone
  4. Drops Glow
  5. Restores Firmness
  6. Refines the open skin pores
  7. Perfectly Moisturises Skin

It is most preferred by ladies who work a lot and have to go out often. Being a non-greasy moisturizer it will not block the skin pores. The SPF15 formula protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays and acts as an anti-aging moisturizer. Also, stated as a pervasive product which means it is suitable for all kinds of skins. It a perfect moisturizer with all the necessary features, available at a decently low price.


  • It is tagged as a featherweight moisturizer, which offers a super-light moisturizer experience.
  • The vitamin complex of B3 and Pro-Vitamin B5 that rejuvenates the skin.
  • SPF15 protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays and fights signs of skin aging.
  • It is a special gift which offers you a younger and beautiful look.

2. The Face Shop Chia Seed (Hydrating Cream)

It is rated as the best face moisturizer in India by many decent consumers who never compromise with the product quality and effect. This hydrating moisturizer by Face Shop contains Chia seed, which is a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants which kill the dead germs, which cause acne and blemishes. Also, it is very light and transparent, with 0 percent of oil and cottonseed, which controls excessive sebum. It is non-greasy and does not contain any oily ingredients, and this property is preferred by many of the consumers.

It is getting an immense amount of love by the people having dry, rough, and sensitive skin. Like other products of the same segments, it is not sticky at all, which makes it unique and worth buying. Acts as a refreshment for the skin with a light texture that makes it an eco-friendly product. If you have oily skin, then please prefer not to buy this one and move to the next mentioned products.


  • A treasure for people with sensitive and dry skin.
  • Easy to apply and Non-greasy which makes it unique and preferred by many.
  • Hydrates the skin with high intensity but light texture.
  • Drops a glowing and gorgeous look on your face.

3. NIVEA Soft Light Moisturiser

The best light moisturizer that is available in this cheap budget. Nivea has always produced products that are customer-oriented, and the sole purpose is to serve its consumers. Considering the vast Indian consumers, they launched this budget and effective moisturizer. With vitamin E and beautiful odor, this Nivea moisturizer is subjected to Amazon’s choice, which makes it a worth buying option.

It offers smooth, supple, and healthy skin with great odor. The super absorbing formula drops a light and fresh facial experience in a minute. It has Jojoba oil anti-inflammatory property, which is best for oily and greasy skin. This moisturizer is available in 3 cheerful and wow flavors, which makes it more appealing and attractive by the consumers.


  • Features 3 different flavors, Berry Blossom, Cherry Pink, and Tropical Fruit, which gives it an attractive appearance.
  • Suitable with all types of skin and so you don’t need to worry about the skin type.
  • Non-greasy and super light texture offers an amazing and unique face cream experience.
  • It protects the skin from dangerous rays and also the free radicals released by the anti-oxidants.

4. The Body Shop Moisturizer

The most preferred brand by ladies who never compromise product quality at all. Suitable for all skin types, Body Shop’s Moisturizer has a combination of six essential oils specially chosen to promote the vitality of your skin. It can be used even by those who have oily skin, dermatitis, or allergies to synthetic products.

The Body Shop has always served quality-oriented products and intends to satisfy its consumer base to the fullest, and with this moisturizer, they delivered the quality what they always promised. Consists of Vitamin E, it protects your skin from getting damaged by UV rays and free radicals, also nourishes the skin. It also prevents the skin from premature aging, which is a unique and helpful function of this moisturizer. It is a complete moisturizer by the Body shop and also a worth buying option for you.


  • Quality conscious and trustworthy product by Body Shop.
  • Vitamin E protects your skin from free radicals released within and the harmful UV rays.
  • It hydrates and nourishes the skin from within.
  • It also helps in fighting the significant signs of premature aging.

5. Neutrogena HydroBoost Water Gel

Before I begin with the specs and details of this moisturizing gel, I would like to know that this is one of the most preferred products by result conscious consumers, and also, it is tagged as Amazon’s choice, which makes it a genuine, effective and trustworthy product. It is pretty intense and that the only reason for getting so much hype and loved by consumers. This is not just to moisturize or hydrate your skin but also water the facial skin component for an excellent experience.

Hydroboost water gel by Neutrogena has an extremely light-weighted texture, which is absorbed in seconds and also saves you from all the annoying irritation and oiliness offered by other moisturizers. It holds the moisture within your skin and hydrates the skin content. It is 100% safe as tested by Dermatologists and also is a non-comedogenic product. So worthy that it has won 34 Beauty Awards Globally. 

It has very strong ingredients that deliver immense hydration to the skin. Briefly mention below:

  • Glycerin: We all know the power of Glycerin and here it repairs skin damage by holding the water within the skin.
  • Olive Extract Formula: This olive extract creates a layer over your skin and prevents moisture loss.
  • Condensed Hyaluronic Acid: It continuously pumps and holds the moisture for about 2 days.


  • A globally recognized product that is a big thing for all its consumers.
  • Bring a natural glow to your skin by turning it into a healthier organ.
  • Oil-free, Alcohol-free and a Non-Comedogenic moisturizer.
  • Hydrates the skin within by increasing the water content of the skin.

6. Pond’s Super Light Gel Moisturiser

A gel moisturizer by Pond’s, which is perfect in all aspects and even matches the budget consumers’ requirements. It is made up of a formula that dropped it as a lightweight moisturizer. This Product is released recently in 2019 and is doing pretty well for all its consumers. Pond’s Super light gel moisturiser is non-greasy and oil-free with a quick-absorbing formula. Pond’s also offered pleasant odor to it, which enhances the overall moisture with a sweet loving fragrance.

It can also be used by people with oily skin as its texture is ultra-light and oil-free. It is simple to use and contains Vitamin E, which protects you from UV rays and free radicals. Suitable for all skin types, this Pond’s moisturizer provides deep hydration and also locks that moisture for a day or two. Taking everything into consideration, I subject this product as a perfect and worth buying option.


  • It has a delightful odor that is unique in moisturizers.
  • Considering Indian consumers, it comes with a reasonable price.
  • Vitamin E protects the skin and delivers nourishment and freshness to the skin.
  • It is simple to use, even under makeup.

7. Plum E Luminence Deep Moisturizing

An amazon’s choice product that is doing pretty amazing for all types of skin. Plum E moisturizer is perfect for you. If you’re looking for a moisturizing face cream that still has a good exfoliating effect, it is activated through a gentle massage, and it also aids in the absorption of the cream through the skin in seconds. It had Vitamin E as an extract that protects the skin from various things like free radicals and UVA-B rays.

Adding on, it also serves as a refreshment and nourishes the skin from within. Jojoba oil contains a moisturizing property, which is ultra-healing for the skin. It 100% safe as it is certified by PETA. It is not suitable for oily and acne-prone skin. With 12 special botanical nutrients that tend to eliminate and remove the dead, dry skin.


  • It has an effective formula made up of Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, and Kokum Butter.
  • Plum E Moisturizer hydrates and locks the moisturizer for about a day.
  • 100% Vegan, trustworthy, and verified product by PETA.
  • They serve 1% of their sales to NGOs and organizations working to make our planet a healthy place.

So these were worth buying options if you are looking for an effective face moisturizer.

Face Moisturizer Buying Guide

Face moisturizers are formulas designed to help protect facial skin, which is more sensitive and delicate than other regions. In general, face cream promotes hydration and skin protection, but may also have other functions, such as exfoliating, lightening blemishes or anti-aging.

Today, with increasingly advanced technology, it is possible to find creams developed to meet the needs of each skin type or even designed to aid in specific dermatological treatments.

There is also a growing market for natural-based creams for people with allergies or irritations.

Let us discuss moisturizers or face creams in brief.

Types of face moisturizers:

Facial creams often have specific functions. Among the main formulas and benefits are moisturizers, exfoliating, and anti-aging effects. Below I have mentioned the two main types of face creams.

Moisturizing: These creams are developed for all skin types and usually work on the innermost layers of the skin. They are generally among the most reasonable care creams on the market.

Exfoliating: These face moisturizing creams have a more mechanical effect as they help remove dead cells, promoting skin renewal.

Anti-Aging: These creams help soften expression lines and marks. It also prevents premature aging.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Face Moisturizers

Many people don’t take proper care and think they can get any moisturizer on their face, but it doesn’t really work well. Facial skin is a lot more sensitive and therefore requires special care. This is the most significant advantage of moisturizer, taking care of the face skin as it deserves.

Also, some types of cream, as we mentioned above, have specific goals like brightening or glowing skin, preventing premature aging and hydrating the skin. Another advantage is that there are facial creams for every pocket, need, and taste. Besides being super easy to apply, they come up with excellent results.

On the other side, we can point out that some creams, even if specific to the face, can cause allergic reactions, so be aware of the composition and always consult before buying anything. Another disadvantage is that it requires discipline to take daily care. Many people buy, use a few times and leave the forgotten product in the cupboard. And finally, even though there are some quite affordable face moisturizers but the best ones are still quite expensive.

Things to Consider Before Buying…

Maintaining a facial skin care routine is very important and should be combined as a daily habit. However, you have to choose carefully which moisturizer is right for you and how it will react with other products. Making the right choice is as important as knowing your skin well and the effects you are seeking.

Therefore, I have separated some buying guidelines below that you should consider when choosing a new product.

  • Active principles
  • Fragrance
  • Desired Results
  • Combination

Let us carefully examine each of these points and enjoy all the benefits that facial moisturizer can offer.

Active Principles

Most importantly, when choosing a face moisturizer, one should analyze its formula, its composition carefully. Many creams include vitamins such as Vitamin B, C, or E, for example. Other recipes have elastin or collagen, which help maintain the elasticity of the skin. Remember that some facial creams have acids in their composition, which can exfoliate or promote cell renewal. In such cases, you need to be aware of possible interactions with other face products. For people with more sensitive skin, there is also a growing market for natural products made from essential oils and natural extracts. If you have questions about the formula as they can be quite difficult, consult your doctor or any dermatologist to make sure you get the desired effects without harming your health.


For a pleasant feeling of freshness of the skin and drop an elegant fragrance, many facial creams have mild fragrances that make the application much more pleasant and leave a feeling of well-being for a longer time. The most common fragrances are those of aloe vera or flowers, such as roses. In these cases, you only need to be careful and check for allergy risks, as some odors can cause irritation to the skin. There are also creams that do not have fragrances, ideal for those who have allergies or get sick quickly after all the smell can remain on your skin throughout the day.

Desired Results

The variety of facial creams available on the market is wide, because of their features. Many are specially developed for people who have dry, oily, or very sensitive skin. The moisturizers are ideal for keeping the always soft and healthy skin and are highly recommended for use after bath, as many soaps remove the natural oils of the face. Similarly, if you use makeup after using a makeup product, applying a moisturizer helps to restore the skin. Some have effects that can last up to 24 hours. For more intense dead tissue removal and deep cleansing treatments, you can use a face cream with exfoliating properties, with micro-crystals that applied in combination with a gentle massage, help to make your skin always healthy.

And if you’re worried about age signs or looking to soften fine lines, anti-aging creams have unique properties that help maintain skin elasticity. As you can see, the type of cream you choose will depend much on the desired result, and what treatment is being performed by you on your skin.


Ladies often use a combination of creams in order to get a perfect look, and it is normal to use more than one type of cream. In such cases, it is important to be very careful about how they react to avoid risks to your health. For example, if you are treating with a cream that has acid in its composition, using another cream that has the same active ingredient can cause allergies, irritation, and even more serious skin problems. Always take care when using a face product other than a moisturizer.

These were some crucial points to consider before making an ultimate purchase for the face moisturizer cream.

How Much Does a Face Moisturizer Costs?

The price of facial creams varies according to their functions and composition. Moisturizing creams can be found in a range of INR 200 to INR 6000. Special Anti-aging moisturizing creams can cost a little more expensive, from INR 1100 to INR 8000. All products mentioned in this article cost between Rs.200 to  Rs.1500.

Where Can I Buy a Moisturizer?

You can find face creams at any cosmetics store. Today it is also possible to find some cream options even in big supermarkets like Big Bazaar. On the internet, you can find it at the cosmetic e-commerce store Nykaa and for a vast variety, you should always go for Amazon, also the products shown in this review can be found easily on


This was everything I could cover about the best face moisturizer in India. I have covered everything on face creams or face moisturizers. With precautions and products, I also stated the criteria or things to consider before choosing a face moisturizer for yourself. Adding to it, I have also covered the cost of the moisturizer and place from where you can get yourself a moisturizer. I don’t think that anything is left, and this article should be your last stop concerning face moisturizers, but in case you are still not satisfied, then please make a comment below with your query, and I will certainly return to it with a positive reply.

Best Castor Oil in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best castor oil in india

Castor oil is a type of oil extracted from the castor seeds or beans. The castor bean or castor oil plant is a species of perennial flowering plants in the spurge family. This oil can have a dark to light yellow color. And it usually has a nutty fragrance to it. Castor oil is rich in vitamin E alongside Omega 3 fatty acids. This oil helps with dry, crusty skin and dry hair. The Castor oil can also be used to enhance the natural beauty of skin, hair, and nails. This oil extracted through the cold pressing method, and it is vegetable oil. We are here discussing the “Best Castor Oil In India.” So we have personally tested some of the best castor oil and giving the review regarding them.

This oil helps in the dilution of other essential oils, making it a carrier oil. Carrier oils are very high in purity because of the cold pressing method of extraction so that castor oil can mix with almond oil, lavender oil, olive oil, and many more.

Best Castor Oil in India

1. Aroma Magic Castor Oil

Aroma magic is one of the best brands in India and manufactured by Blossom Kochhar Beauty Product Pvt Ltd.

It is vegetable oil with powerful therapeutic properties, derived from the beans of the castor plant. When combined with essential oils, this is ideal for massages. For a long time, this oil has been used for the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of the skin. It is effective in giving you relief from pain from arthritis and rheumatism. Use it in your head & scalp massage to give your hair a shimmering shine. It is a perfect natural skin tonic to keep your skin delicate, supple, and lovely.


  • Available in the market in affordable prices.
  • There is no kind of restriction in using it in any specific skin, suits all skin types.
  • The company produces this product in two sizes, 100ml for rupees 115 and 200ml for 195 rupees.
  • It can easily recognize by its color, i.e., light brown.
  • Both men and women can use this.

2. Rey Naturals Castor Oil

100% cold-squeezed castor oil by Rey Naturals is one of the most flexible carriers or base oils utilized in skin and hair care. Castor oil is exceptionally successful in hydrating dry, lifts the less skin making it glow with a reestablished health and making skin smooth and delicate.

Rey Naturals Castor Oil Packed with hair growing advantages, and this castor oil is the wonder oil you need to regrow hair and lavish eyelashes! Extracted by farmers in India, this castor oil is one of the earth’s most versatile healing gifts. Unrefined and cold-squeezed, it is not only packed with antioxidants, although it also holds all of its nutrients and vitamins in the process.


  • The company provide this castor oil in quantity of 200ml
  • It is for all hair types, great for the skin and hair.
  • Rich in vitamins and fatty-acids, castor oil promotes better hair growth and helps nourish and hydrate the skin.
  • 100 percent natural.
  • Both men and women use it.
  • Available in the market at the costs of Rs. 300 but on amazon Rs. 199

3. Khadi Pure Ayurvedic Castor Oil

Khadi Pure Herbal Ayurvedic Castor Hair Oil has countless benefits. This castor oil is the product of the Dabur company, and the company is well known for its natural and ayurvedic products producer in the market. This castor oil removes hard makeup, hydrate skin, and bring shine on your face. It helps in making skin younger by the day and replenishes nutrients. It helps in boosting your nails and cuticles healthy. Helps in making eyebrows dense and dramatic eyelashes.


  • The company charges Rs. 300 for 210 ml bottle
  • Key ingredients – seed pod and castor oil
  • Used by both men and women.

4. Soulflower Castor Oil

Soulflower promises quality in every drop and provides the best & authentic pure, organic products infused with life-changing wellness benefits suitable for a healthy, stress-free lifestyle. This Coldpressed Indian Castor Rosemary Hair Nourishment Oil, a bottle of nature’s pure essence, is cold-pressed from the fatty portions of natural organic Castor Seeds and Rosemary Herb without using added heat which helps to keep fragile oil nutrients unprocessed. it is rich in ricinoleic acid, Vitamin A, E, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and nutrients. Traditionally known for its therapeutic hair and scalp care applications, Castor Rosemary Hair Nourishment Oil moisturizes hair, gives total nourishment to your dry and damaged hair, and restores frizzy hair, split ends.


  • 100 percent vegetarian purity.
  • This brand’s castor oil is mainly suitable for winters.
  • Readily available on online platforms.
  • Available for both men and women.
  • Hexane free.
  • 225ml of oil available at Rs 227.

5. Nature’s Absolute Cold Pressed Castor Oil

If you are in need and searching for a castor oil from a superb brand, at that point, you should try Nature’s Absolutes Cold Pressed Castor Carrier Oil. This castor oil is exceptionally viable in its moisturizing properties. It helps in the stimulation of proper hair growth and hair thickening. Not just only your hair, it can also be applied to your dry skin. The castor oil is produced using high-quality ingredients and has been extracted using a cold-pressing technique. This technique guarantees that the oil stays free of harmful chemicals and adulterants.


  • Everyone can easily afford this product.
  • The brand mainly focuses on its high quality and purity of the product.
  • Can be used for hair and skin
  • We can apply it eyebrows as well as for good packaging
  • Easily available in online shopping portals.
  • Available in Rs 152 for 200ml of castor oil.

6. Pure & Sure Organic Castor Oil

This brand is not as popular as the rest of the brands in the market, but honestly speaking, their products are 100 percent genuine. The brand uses the high quality of castor seeds to extract the castor oil. The company has its organic farms where they produce the castor seed by using the good quality of pesticides and chemicals. This process of refining the seeds maintains the quality and purity of the seeds, which afterward extracted in the form of castor oil. It is the best quality of castor oil for hair and skin.

This oil can also use for cooking edible items or to use it for health treatment. Since it is the pure cold-pressed castor oil, to sustain the purity of the oil, the company provides oil in the small glass bottle, which is easy to carry while traveling.


  • Available in the market at a very affordable price: rupees 108 for 250 ml and rupees 173 for 500ml oil.
  • This is good for the body massage of babies.
  • The company is not well known in the market, so the oil is available in the market but available in all online portals.
  • It can be used for both hair as well as for skin issues.
  • Hexane-free.

7. Wishcare Premium Cold Pressed Castor Oil for Hair and Skin

The company uses the premium quality of castor seeds for making this castor oil, and this oil is suitable for the fast growth of the hairs. The oil extracted from the standard procedure. This brand is the Indian brand, which makes the hexane-free castor oil, which is pure and good to use. Wishcare premium cold-pressed castor oil is not just best for the hair and skin issues, but also available in affordable price. Apply this castor oil on your eyelashes and see the good effect of it. Your eyelashes become shiny and beautiful.

If you are looking for oil, which can help you to grow your hair fast, then mix some ginger oil in with this castor oil and massage your scalp in the night before going to sleep. Ginger is known as the natural treatment for hair growth, and it is highly effective.


  • This castor oil is the best oil to use for baby massage.
  • It initiated as the best castor oil in India for hair growth.
  • Reduces the acne scars and stretch marks, makes skin clear and gives a glow to the skin.
  • The company provides castor oil in a bottle with a flip flop cap, which makes it easy to use.
  • Makes the hair shinier, and enhances the growth of your hair.
  • The company charges rupees 198 for 200ml of castor oil.

8. Hilldews Castor Oil

The company produces this castor oil is multipurpose oil, which you can use for your hair as well as skin betterment. It is an Indian product that has been extracted by high rich quality seeds. Hilldews castor oil is known as the safe oil to be used on the skin as it is unbleached and undefined. It has an additional feature that it also works as a moisturizing cream for people who have dry skin. This oil can remove the tiredness of your body when you massage your body before bathing. The oil extracted from the traditional method, which is why it is pure and safe to use.


  • High-quality seeds are taken to extract this premium product.
  • This oil is unrefined and unbleached.
  • Makes your eyelashes darker.
  • It is an excellent product for hair growth and thickness.
  • This castor oil comes with a flip cap and sprays pump pipe, which makes it easy to use.
  • Hilldews can also be used for the cure of wrinkles.
  • Available in the market with a price tag of rupees 199 for 200ml.

9. Morpheme Remedies Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil

If you are looking for castor oil which can you use for hair, skin, and face, then here it is, Greenberry organic castor oil. The oil is driven from a cold-pressed method and is chemical-free. It is 100 percent pure and ayurvedic castor oil. If you are looking for a body massage oil, then you can buy this oil. Taking massage at night before going to sleep gives you a high level of relaxation and makes your body moisturized. Even men can use this oil to make their hair thick and minimize bald patches. The oil contains the omega 6 fatty acids, which helps in restoring the moisture of your skin. In the Indian market, this is the best castor oil in India available, which does not have paraben and sulfate acids.


  • Ideally available for all skin and hair types.
  • This castor oil is free from colorants and silicones.
  • Castor oil is paraben and sulfate-free.
  • It can also be used in place of other essential oils.
  • A little bit expensive as compared to other castor oil available in the market, but the quality of this oil is worth it.
  • The company sells this product at price tag of rupees 179 for 120ml,

10. Mesmara Cold Pressed Castor Carrier Oil

Handpicked castor seeds are used to make the mesmara cold-pressed castor oil. To maintain the purity and quality of the castor oil, the company made it by hexane-free extraction method. The company makes this castor oil available in the market in flip-flap cap, which makes it easy to use. If you have curly dry hair, want them to tame down and decrease the fizz, then apply this castor oil to hair. This oil gives the shiny look and strong root to your hair after giving massages to hair three times in a week. Mesmara cold-pressed castor oil makes your hair smooth and strong than before. The brand gives 100 percent surety of this natural castor oil for the use, and boots the hair growth.


  • The brand provides castor oil, which is rich in ricinoleic acid. This acid is a fatty acid that is helpful in the thickness of hair.
  • It helps in minimizing the patchy lines on the head.
  • Not only rich in ricinoleic acid but also having 9 other fatty acids too.
  • The brand provides 100 percent purity and natural product.
  • The company charges rupees 210 for 200ml of oil.

These are some of the best castor oil in India, and we have researched and used personally by our teammates.

Castor Oil Buying Guide

We have mentioned above some of the best castor oil’s. The list, as mentioned above, of the best castor oil in India that helps you in deciding to buy the best castor oil for you. If you are still confused, then read it again carefully. As we have mentioned, the best castor oil, their advantages and the price in which you can purchase it.

Before deciding to buy a castor, you should know which one is fulfilling your needs as per your investment. You should know about some of the factors that you shall look before buying the castor oil.

Benefits of Castor Oil

This oil enhances your natural beauty in many ways. It can be used on your skin, hair, nails, and eyelashes. This oil promotes hair growth and makes it thick and durable. It helps with preventing split ends and overall strengthen and smoothen the hair. It repairs damaged hair because of its omega fatty acid. Using it overnight can be even more beneficial, it stops the hair fall and helps to fight with dandruff. This oil also helps in the growth of new hair and nourishes the scalp.

Using it on the skin is also helpful. It helps with minimizing wrinkles and aging spots. When castor oil applied to the skin, it makes the skin more smooth, younger, and more beautiful. It lessens the pigmentation and hydrates skin.

It can also apply to eyebrows and eyelashes, which makes them thicker and darker. Thick eyelashes make the eyes look more attractive and lively. Pregnant women can even start using this oil from the 4th month of pregnancy because it’ll help in reducing the stretch marks. This is why castor oil is a very rich and useful oil.

Use of Castor Oil for Hair and Skin

The uses of castor are many, but we here mention some of the significant benefits which you are looking for.

  • Castor oil helps you to get rid of waterproof makeup easily.
  • Mix castor oil with the onion juice and apply it on the scalp for regrowing your hair.
  • Makes your eyelashes thick on regular applying the castor oil on them.
  • Castor oil can also work as a moisturizer on your skin.
  • Applying castor oil on your skin makes the skin glow and moisturized.
  • It can also use for oil cleansing.
  • The castor oil gives you relief from dark circles and puffiness on your face.
  • If you want to get relief from your stretch marks, you can apply this to them and see the effective result.
  • Having a body massage for castor oil in winters give you rid of the dry skin.
  • Castor oil helps in removing dandruff faster.
  • If you mix the castor oil with lemon juice and apply it on your hair, you get shiny and healthy hair.
  • Mixing it with coconut oil and applying the mixture on hair make your hair stands and thick.

From Where To Buy Castor Oil

If you are looking for buying the castor oil then we recommend you to buy it from the following location:

  • Pharmacies or organic stores.
  • Online portals (Flipkart, Amazon).

Only Buy Castor Oil That is Having These Things in It.

When you are looking for the best and high quality of castor oil, then make sure you should buy castor oil, which is having the following terms or labels.

  • Cold-Pressed: Always buy the castor oil that is extracted by the cold-pressed method. We are not saying that the other type, which is expeller-pressed castor oil, is bad. But the cold-pressed castor oil is the best one. Cold-pressed castor oil has been extracted by the best-handpicked castor plant seeds, which is pure and extracted without using any chemicals.
  • Hexane-Free: we have already mentioned before many times that castor oil is hexane-free. Hexane, as defined by Merriam-Webster, “any of several isomeric volatile liquid alkanes C6H14 found in petroleum.” It is a solvent that are commonly used in the extraction process of some oils.
  • USDA Certified Organic: It is the certificate label that is given to the castor oil by the USDA organization. This means the good quality of castor plants extracts this castor oil. There are no harmful chemicals or pesticides are mixed in the extraction process.

How Often You Consume The Castor Oil

Personally, We suggest aroma magic castor oil for the usage. It is the best castor oil in India, we have personally used this castor oil. Castor oil should be consumed as per your need and for what basis you are consuming castor oil.

If you are using it for hair growth or any hair problem, use castor oil once or twice a week. Using it for acne or marks on the face, then consume it three times in a week. Use it daily for the body massage if you are an adult, and if you are using it for body massage of the baby, then use it twice a week.


Buying castor oil is not an investment on a daily basis, you can use castor oil wisely, and it can last long for months. You get the benefits for the value you have invested. We have mentioned the best castor oil in India in the above list for you. That you should not get confused in making a decision in buying the castor oil, which is best for you in the amount of money you want to invest. I hope you get the best brand product as per your need. But there is any issue or problem that you are facing regarding the content, then drop your comment below. And we surely give the best possible answer to your problem

Best Exercise Cycle in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best exercise cycle in india

You may have heard of exercise cycles, but you have not been aware of their importance in achieving good physical results. For some people, the cycle is just a vehicle to travel or to perform specific exercises in the gym. And there are many people unknown with term training or exercise cycles. In this particular article, we will discuss the best exercise cycle in India and also provide a brief buying guide for you to understand the importance of an exercise cycle with all the gains of using it and other relevant information too.

These exercise cycles or cardiovascular exercise machines, also known as “cardio machines.” They are made to exercise all the muscles of the body simultaneously. It is a good option and a great alternative to exercise in a gentle way, as exercise with these cycles is not so difficult. With this machine, you can achieve all your health goals. Gyms cardio rooms usually have different types of exercise cycles for slightly different exercises, but all these cycles are subcategorized into Cardiovascular Exercise Machines.

Few important points to read before we begin:

  • There are two models of exercise cycles, which include both professional and domestic. Households are usually smaller because they are meant to be folded or stored.
  • One of the most important things is the weight the machine can handle; usually, it is between 100 and 130 kg. If you have more than that, always choose a superior model. If you weigh 110 kg, it is good to select a cycle that can hold at least 120 kg.
  • Wheel position is an essential factor while getting an exercise cycle home. The rear wheel offers a smoother and more comfortable movement. If you are already experienced and want a more significant challenge, the front wheel requires more strength and provides a more tough exercise.

We will briefly talk about related and relevant queries in the buying guide section. Before that, let’s have a look at some of the best exercise cycles in India.

Best Exercise Cycle in India 2019

1. Fitkit Fk600 Steel Airbike

Fitkit is one of the leading brands in India when we talk about premium fitness gear. FK600 is a full packed exercise cycle that includes premium quality with a budget value that is planned, especially for Indian consumers. Its unique wheel design (with a weight of 3kg) helps to improve your workout efficiency by making the air as the resistance. With an expansive digital display that projects Tracks time, speed, distance covered, and calories burned.

This FK600 is a Hybrid Bike that means you have move handlebars while performing the pedals that means more workout (upper & lower), which lets you burn more calories in lesser time. It is entirely user-friendly as it offers a fully adjustable seat and a comfortable saddle. This cycle also has a smart scan mode on the digital meter, which lets you keep track of the exercise and workout progress.


  • Compact in size, which means you can easily bring it home and workout.
  • The hybrid set lets you burn more calories as you have to move handlebars and paddle together.
  • Foot lock pedals for the better pedaling experience.
  • The digital display shows calories burned; the distance covered, speed, and time.
  • It has a height-adjustable seat that offers complete comfort and a better workout experience.

2. Powermax Fitness Bx-110sx

This exercise cycle offers a complete cardio workout and also helps you to free your space occupied by big and expensive cardio machines, which won’t even get you the desired results. Pwermax Fitness is a brand that is preferred by many gym outlets. My local personal gym also owns Powermax Fitness machines as they are comfortable and more durable than other brands. BX-110SX is a worth buying option as being a foldable exercise bike; it offers compact and easy storage.

With versatile seat adjustments, you or anyone can luxuriously workout for hours without any hassles, and you can rest by leaning back on the cushion they dropped for user-comfort. This fitness cycle can carry up to 110kg of weight and that is a critical point to consider before purchasing an exercise cycle. No matter how bad you are at cycling, the strong grip pedals won’t let you slip. It has 8 different levels of manual resistance, and it allows you to adjust your workout yourself and also features all the necessary data like hand pulse, time, speed, and calories burned on a digital screen.


  • 4kg flywheels offer excellent and real workout experience.
  • Manual resistance levels allow adjusting resistance according to your choice.
  • Powermax offers 1 year manufactured warranty from the date of purchase.

3. Welcare Wc1588 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Finally, a premium product that drives you to a full amazing workout experience. WC1588 by Welcare is a perfect exercise cycle for people who really want to improve their cardio experience. This recumbent bike offers 8 levels of magnetic resistance, which allows you to adjust your resistance according to your choice. The flywheel with a two-way rotation weighs 5kg drives a smooth workout experience. With solid grips, your hands feel firmer when exercising — ideal for people up to 110kg.

Unique features like Floor Level Adjustable Bush and Seat Adjustable Settings change your exercise experience to the fullest. Not just amazing features, this beast also has a large digital LCD display that projects speed, time, scan, distance, ODO, and calories burned (You can also change and adjust the settings to watch your preferred data first.) Welcare also proposed an amazing feature, “Hand Pulse Monitor,” which tracks your pulse rate and displays the precise data on the digital screen.


  • Hand Pulse Sensor is a unique feature that is rarely found in exercise cycles.
  • Adjustable resistance allows you to change the resistance settings according to yo0ur choice.
  • Broad digital tracking panel displays necessary data like speed, time, distance, and calories.
  • A premium designed structure which looks perfect in your home or office too!

4. Cockatoo Imported Air Bike

A budget exercise cycle designed for specially Indian consumers who are always tight on budget but at the same time want quality service. This exercise cycle has dual-action handlebars which make you burn more calories in less time ( as it includes both upper and lower body workout.) One can easily adjust the resistance or tension manually with a smooth turn of a knob. This training cycle has covered all the competing grounds and so also dropped digital display, which projects track data like time, speed, distance, and even calories.

It is packed with a cycle and a free shaker bottle. This is an ideal cycle for home use as it is super compact and does not occupy much space like other models. With the standard size and attractive structure, this cycle also provides you with ease in the workout and bring you desired results. Being a budget and a reliable product, this is loved by most of the Indian consumers.


  • Simple and easy cushion seat adjustment makes it more comfortable for the users.
  • Dual-action handlebars allow you to burn more calories in less time.
  • Compact design and steady constructions make it perfect for home use.

5. Proline Fitness 335l

Proline Fitness is producing quality exercise machines for years now and has captured a considerable amount of consumers all over the world by delivering quality and product satisfaction. 335L Recumbent Bike covers all the aspects of a complete exercise cycle. It has a digital display monitor that projects time, speed, distance, and calories burnt, which helps to stay motivated while training.

This also offers a resistant knob, which allows you to take control of the intensity of your workout and adjust the tension. Proline Fitness 335L also offers Hand Grip Sensor that enables you to track your heart rate and pulse rate. The brush floor adjustment makes it easy for one to adjust the machine. People with a weight of 110kg and below can use it. Considering all the features of this exercise machine, I subject it as one of the best exercise cycles in India.


  • Premium bold and compact design, which makes it an excellent machine for home use.
  • A product by a genuine and trustworthy brand “Proline,” which makes it a more reliable product.
  • Hand Grip Sensor allows you to track your heart rate by efficiently placing your palm pm the handle.

6. Lifeline Exercise Air Bike with Back Seat

This portable exercise cycle by Lifeline is another worth buying option for you online. It has a comfortable steel frame structure that smoothly balances your body and workout. Also, it features an electronic meter display, which shows the run distance, time, speed, and calories burnt. The manual resistance knob helps to change and adjust the workout tension as per your requirement. It is packed with a bag, sweat belt, yoga mat, and tummy trimmer, which is a lot at the value asked.

This model also has a back seat for user comfort, and an adjustable seat and handle position makes it a user-friendly exercise cycle. People have received their desired results just by working out half an hour a day, which is easy to devote, right? Regular workout boosts your immunity and drives a lean, slim body. Handlebars and paddling together help you to work out better and burn more calories.


  • You get Yoga Mat, Tummy Trimmer, Sweat Belt, and a Bag absolutely free with this particular Lifeline exercise cycle.
  • Super user-friendly as it offers a cushion back seat and also advanced joint versatility.
  • Easy Installation through manual, which means you don’t spend any expense on professional Installation.

7. Monex Ideer Exercise Bike (Black/Red 09032)

Rated as the best exercise cycle online and is loved by a vast majority of consumers. iDeer training cycle by Monex features heavy bold steel structure with a multi-function LCD digital screen that projects all the data like time, distance, speed, calories burnt and also heart rate. With premium bold outlook it also has a compact and easy to store-in-home size. The max weight it can handle is 127kg and that is pretty enough until you are a super cute panda.

The flywheel has a strong weight of about 10kg which ensures powerful resistance and delivers an amazing workout experience. It is integrated with a hand impulse sensor which monitors your heart rate accurately and serves you the precise data on the LCD monitor. It is easy to install/assemble and you don’t need any professional supervision. Also, for easy shifts, this bike also has small movable wheels that are unique and helpful at the same time.


  • Smooth and noiseless spin wheel, delivers a quality workout experience.
  • Fully adjustable with heart rate monitoring sensor.
  • Premium design and appealing look motivate you to work out with more intensity.

These were some of the best exercise cycles in India chosen by us, especially for you.

Below here is a brief buying guide for a better perspective and understanding.

Exercise Cycle Buying Guide

The exercise bike is used by everyone who works out and is completely healthy to devote an hour a day to it. With this machine, you can achieve all your health goal and you can achieve all your health goals comfortably.

best exercise cycle in india

What makes is different from other gym machines?

Exercise cycles, also called ellipticals, enable cardiovascular exercises based on elliptical movements. Hence even its name comes from his elliptical or oval movements. This action is similar to that of a traditional bicycle, but works for much more muscle groups, and makes the leg joints do not receive such an aggressive impact.

A training or exercise bike is ideal if you are starting in the fitness world. If you are an experienced sportsman, the device will help you reduce pain and injury from constant and intense workout impact. With an exercise cycle, you will exercise the upper and lower both.

Advantages & Disadvantages

One of the sole purpose or can say the ultimate advantage of the exercise cycle is it burn calories and favors fat loss at a very excellent speed. Moreover, it also increases the metabolic rate of the body, which eventually heat up the body temperature. Winding-up with another perk of this cycle is that in the long run, it increases the body stamina and gives you strength.

The only disadvantage I got is the little high price, but that is also worthy of what it features, and another thing is that it does not work for most of the lower parts that well.

What types of elliptical or exercise cycles are there?

There are different types of elliptical or exercise cycles. Each type has different characteristics. These differences change the way we perform the exercise and also the different training we can do. Below are the most commonly used types:

  • Front-wheel drive: The wheel of these ellipticals is at the front of the frame. The movement it provides is smoother than other types. It offers the widest track of all. This is important for those seeking more demanding training.
  • Rear-wheel drive: In this variation, the wheel is at the back, which provides more inertia. This results in a more ergonomic, smooth and comfortable stride. This type has a smaller amount of moving parts, so it requires less maintenance. They are very effective models for gym and homes.
  • Center-wheel drive: These ellipticals are smaller than the others. The structure is more solid as it has the mechanism in the center. It is what offers a more natural position to a person’s body.

There are several more types of exercise cycles but they are not that effective and rarely found in India.

How much space do you need to occupy an exercise cycle?

Measurements depend on model and machine type. It is not the same thing to finish the exercise and be able to leave the machine where it is or have to store it. It is not uncommon for household ellipticals to be smaller than professionals. We suggest that you take into account the transportation facilities for every machine. For example, if the wheels and handles are foldable.

In general, the usual measurements of a cycle is stated below:

  • Length: 180/200 cm
  • Width: 50/60 cm
  • Height: 160 cm

Although these numbers may vary according to your machine type and so we recommend to confirm your occupying space before making a purchase. Also, you should think about who will use it. A tall person will not use a model like a short one. You must take into account the length of the stride.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Exercise Cycle

Buying an elliptical is an investment. If we are not experts in the fitness world, we may not know what features to look for in these machines. Therefore, we have prepared the section below, where you will find all the information about the most important features of an elliptical trainer.

  • Inertia wheel
  • Resistance
  • The Strap
  • Stride Width

Inertia wheel

It is one of the most important thing to consider while buying an exercise cycle. It determines the type of machine and indicates its smoothness. The inertia wheel is the modern version of the traditional bicycle belt. This wheel (disc) always goes faster than the pedal, which indicates its smoothness. The faster the wheel, the smoother the pedal and the effortless workout. The resistance of the elliptical is determined by its wheel. The greater the weight, the greater the resistance. Always choose a lightweight inertia wheel for the best experience.


The resistance of an exercise cycle is its main feature. This is what sets them apart from treadmills and other cardiovascular exercise machines. Resistance makes exercise more or less difficult. Good endurance is essential for training. Now all models are integrated with a knob or a tool to adjust the resistance according to your choice. And that’s why it is an essential factor while choosing an exercise cycle.

There are two types of Resistance or Tension:

  • Mechanic Resistance: A simple mechanism that unlocks by turning the center knob. It is also known as Manual Resistance.
  • Motorized or Digital Resistance: It enables you to change the resistant on the digital screen.

The Strap

The transmission belt is responsible for connecting the inactivity wheel to the pedals. It has an important role: the better the belt, the longer and smoother the pedaling and workout will be. Before choosing, think about how you will exercise. If you are going to train every day, choose a model with a higher quality belt. It is very important that you take into account how many times you will train in the week. If you are going to wear it occasionally, you will not need to have such a strong strap. But if you want to train hard, you need a machine with a stronger belt.

Stride Width

Stride length directly influences pedal smoothness. The longer the length, the more beneficial it will be the machine for your health. The length usually ranges from 7 inches on the simplest models to 21 on the most professional(Used in Gyms) Some have a 26-inch stride, especially for taller users. Pedals usually mark the distance of the stride. In addition, they are responsible for supporting the continuous movement of the exercise cycle. You need to find a device that is comfortable and relaxing. The pedals can adjust to different resistances and move back and forth.

So these were some important factors to check before buying an exercise cycle or elliptical.

What is the Cost & Where to Buy an Exercise Cycle?

The price of ellipticals varies greatly depending on their qualities and extras. The material and the brand also influence the final cost of each model. Each manufacturer makes the devices according to their criteria and applies the prices they believe are fair. You can get a good exercise cycle within INR10000 and there are models that even cost lakhs and are for professional use (GYM)

You can buy this at any sports or gym accessory shop. I would suggest buying this machine online from Amazon, as it serves verified and genuine products. Also, saves your visit and transportation cost.


Whether you want to stay fit or lose extra weight, you can go for a folding model. They are ideal for home use and can be as good as professional ones. Today, we got to know about the best exercise cycle in India and a big picture of exercise cycles. I hope this article has served and satisfied all your queries to the fullest. Please mention below if you have any doubts regarding this subject and we will be answering it with relevant information.