Best Cooking Oil in India – Review and Buying Guide

best cooking oil in india

The oil used in food preparation can make a big difference in the final outcome of a meal, whether it is the taste or the nutrients the dish will offer. Choosing the right is really not an easy task. The options on supermarket shelves are many and the rumors and myths about them too. Today, we will learn about the best cooking oil in India and also the other necessary measures to keep in mind before making an oil purchase.

Choosing one of all is perplexing and a difficult task for everyone, It is necessary to analyze the profile of each oil. Observing the type of fat in its composition, knowing for what purpose it will be used, if it can resist higher temperatures, and still consider the rest of the diet. This brief article is especially for you if you are also confused in choosing the best among a wide variety of brands and products.

Have a look here, before you read further:

  • You should avoid those high in saturated fat that, when consumed in excess, harms the health of the heart
  •  It is important to consider the “smoke point” of each and temperature limit that the food can withstand.

Best Cooking Oil in India 2019

1. Patanjali Roasted Coconut Oil

Patanjali is an Indian brand that mainly focusses on manufacturing quality food products. Being an Indian, I also prefer Patanjali and refuse to buy products from any international brand. This Coconut Oil by Patanjali is loved by millions of Indian consumers, and its fragrance has played a vital role in this getting a massive success.

It has introduced a new type of oil that is roasted and has antioxidants to increase your good cholesterol, which lowers the risk of heart disease and keeps you healthy. Patanjali has promised to deliver the coconut oil in its purest form, which makes it a reliable and healthy oil to buy right now.


  • It has a comparatively low price compared to other brands.
  • Patanjali has promised the coconut oil in its purest form.
  • Increases good cholesterol and lowers the risk of heart diseases and keeps you healthy.

2. JIVO Canola Cold Pressed Oil

Canola is the result of a modification of rapeseed, a mustard family vegetable that is rich in omega 3. So this Canola Oil by JIVO is perfect for all types of cooking and tastes wonderful too. This brand is the largest seller of Canola Oil and is loved by millions as it makes your food light and healthy. It is amazing for deep frying as the smoking point of this JIVO oil is very high (up to 242C)

This Canola Cold Pressed Oil has a good relationship between omega 3 and 6 and lower saturated fat content. It is one of the most preferred oils by Indians as it is absorbed less by the food, and that is why it doesn’t make the food weighty. In addition, it does not change the change of the delicacies it is used in. A must-buy product if you are looking for a healthy oil for your cooking.


  • Made with extracted seeds from Australia and is 100% Organic.
  • JIVO Canola Oil does not change the taste of your food.
  • It makes the food light and healthy.
  • Excellent for you, if you fry often and also a great source of Omega 3.

3. Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil

Fortune is already a choice of millions of housewives or cooks, and it is still producing and improving its oil. This Rice Bran Health Oil is physically refined with the special goodness of Gamma Oryzanol. It keeps you healthy by balancing the cholesterol level (Increasing the good and eliminating the bad cholesterol). It is a premium oil that is rich in several Vitamins like A D & E, which helps in many ways like reducing free radicals & harmful oxidants.

Rice Bran Oil also improves your skin tone and fights the agents of skin aging. It has some very positive genuine reviews which stimulate me to recommend this for your family and good health. In addition, it also improves the HDL and LDL ratio, which results in a healthier heart. It also cleans the blood vessels by precisely balancing the PUFA & MUFA ratio. Pervasive oil, as the ingredients used to prepare this product, is purely vegetarian, and so anyone can consume it.


  • It works to lower down the bad cholesterol and keep you healthy.
  • Balances and improves HDL & LDL ration for a healthy heart.
  • All-Pervasive which means anyone can consume it as it is purely vegetarian.

4. Long Live Extra Light Olive Oil

When it comes to composition, it’s the best on the list. This Long Live Extra Light Olive Oil is rich in monounsaturated fat and low in saturated, which favors the control of cholesterol and keeps you healthy. In addition, it has polyphenols, which are important antioxidants — superbly light oil, which does not weigh your food. If you are going to roast or fry your food, then you must know that this particular oil is perfect for that.

It is an international brand which makes it a more genuine and trustworthy buying option. It helps in lowering the bad cholesterol level as it has zero in it. The smoking point of this olive oil is comparatively higher than the other brands, which is great for faster and healthy cooking. One can make it a primary cooking oil as it does not changes the flavor or taste of your food, which is an important aspect.


  • The zero cholesterol level oil, and it also helps in lowering the bad cholesterol.
  • It has a High Smoking Point for faster and healthier cooking.
  • A light olive oil that does not weigh your food.
  • It also does not changes the flavor or taste of the food.

5. Saffola Active, Pro Weight Watchers Edible Oil

So it is an integration of refined rice bran, and soya bean in the proportion of 80%-20%, and this mixture ends up with brilliantly healthy oil. As already told about the dual integration, which also gives you a combines taste of two essential oils. The Saffola Active also has the advantages of LOSORB and antioxidants that help in less absorption of oil by your food and keeps a check on your health and heart.

It also has some very important Vitamins like A & D, which improves your bone structure and also helps against night blindness (Improves Vision). This particular oil by Saffola has received a tremendous amount of love and positive reviews and which makes it more reliable and trustworthy oil. No doubt you can make it as your primary oil and use it daily in your cooking.


  • The Dual Seed Technology lets you experience a combined taste of two different oils.
  • It makes your food light by not absorbing much in the food.
  • Fight against night blindness and strengthen your bones.

6. Sundrop Oil, Lite

With Onega 6, this Sundrop Oil Jar has essential Vitamins and has also passed the RDA requirement. A reliable oil that is also a great source of Omega 6, which is an extremely essential fatty acid and also needed by our body to perform several physiological functions. Economically perfect for the Indian consumer as they always prefer cheap and best products.

This oil has Vitamin E in it, which is very important for our body as it helps in improving eye vision, brightens the skin tone and prevents premature aging, and also the most important it helps to prevent heart diseases. Easy and simple to digest and does not weighs the food (Light) and keep your body fit and healthy. No consumer complaints and nothing negative in this oil make it a more genuine and worthy option.


  • It is an excellent source of Vitamin E, which helps to prevent premature aging and heart diseases.
  • Controls your cholesterol level and creates a balance.
  • Also, a good source of Omega 6 is needed to function in many physiological activities.

7. Fortune Soyabean Oil

This Fortune Soybean Oil is cost-effective as it is cheap and has a favorable composition. In addition, it has a higher smoke point, which makes it a good choice for cooking at higher temperatures. It is extremely light and does not get absorbed by the food, making it digest easily. It is enriched with Vitamins like A & E, which helps in strengthening bone, preventing heart diseases, and also improving vision.

Fortune is one of the best oil brands, and one can undoubtedly purchase any of its products, but for your sake, choose according to your needs. It has no odor, and it also does not change the taste of your food. It balances the cholesterol level and keeps your heart healthy. A must-buy product if you are looking for an oil to use it daily and as a primary cooking oil.


  • It contains omega three, which is an essential fatty acid for your body.
  • This Soyabean oil prevents heart diseases and keeps your cholesterol balanced.
  • Also, it is light and is not absorbed by your food.
  • Consumer-oriented as it comes at an affordable price.
  • Odorless and does not change the taste of your aroma.

8. Saffola Gold, Pro Healthy Lifestyle

Another combination of oil by Saffola called Saffola Gold, which has 80% refined rice bran and 20% of imported safflower oil. Enriched with essential Vitamins, it also delivers a combines taste of two oils(Dual-oil Technology) The fatty acids provides and maintains a balance of MUFA & PUFA, as advised by our ICMR. It is light and doesn’t absorb by the food (35% lesser absorption by fried food)

Vitamin E and natural anti-oxidant help to reduce the free radicals (released within the body) and prevents critical heart diseases. It also has Vitamin A & D, which strengthens your bone and improves eye vision. With combines benefits of 2 oils, it also helps to maintain and balance the cholesterol level of the body and therefore keeping you healthy.


  • It is dropping the benefits of 2 oils in one, which is appealing for the consumers.
  • Natural anti-oxidants help to reduce free radicals, which are toxic to the body.
  • It is light and is not absorbed by the food easily.

Buying Guide

Cooking oil is an essential fat used in cooking while baking, frying and other food preparation. We have already discussed some of the best cooking oils in India. Now we will briefly discuss the different types of oils and also their advantages and other relevant things.

There are many types of cooking oil, let us have a look at some of them:

  1. Coconut
  2. Canola
  3. Sunflower
  4. Olive
  5. Palm
  6. Soy or Soya Bean

Coconut: Very rich in saturated fat, coconut oil has become darling in the fitness world. This is because it is easily converted into energy, aiding in the burning of fat when consumed before exercise. Coconut oil has good heat tolerance, which makes it a good option for food preparation. It has a smoking point of 200C, which is good enough to prepare your food.

Coconut increases the HDL, which increases the good cholesterol level. this oil is also a potential source of energy and aid and so consumed by gym freaks and athletes.

Canola: Canola oil can be considered as the best cooking if we evaluate the composition and smoke point, which is comparatively high than the other 230C. Canola belongs to a mustard family vegetable that is rich in omega 3 but contains erucic acid, which is toxic. But its nutritional profile is considered important because it has a good relationship between omega 3 and 6 and low saturated fat.

Sunflower: It has a high amount of omega 6, but no omega 3 and is great for your health but we will recommend you not make it as your primary cooking oil as it does not have very great ingredient composition and also has a low smoking point of 183C. It is good for using it twice a week but not suitable to use it at a high temperature for a long time.

Olive: When it comes to composition, Olive be the best on the list. Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fat and low in saturated, which favors the control of cholesterol. Also, it still has polyphenols, which are important antioxidants. Precisely because it is so healthy and has a very low smoke point, caution should be exercised when using it for faster heating like grilling.

Palm: Rarely used as most of its composition is saturated fat – and this is its weakest as well as its strongest point. The palm reaches high temperatures without losing the composition and flavor characteristics, which makes it a good option to make any frying and grilling. But it should not be consumed in excess as it may affect your heart.

Soy or Soya Bean: It is preferred by Indian consumers as it is very cost-effective and affordable even by a person with an average salary. It has a higher smoke point (250C), which makes it a good choice for cooking at higher temperatures. Its composition favors the use in high temperature for longer and is the most suitable for any fried foods.

So these were some different types of oil and you should keep changing the oils to get all types of minerals as one oil is not enough to fulfill our body needs.

Is It True that Some Cooking Oils Prevent Heart and Other Diseases?

Some oils help prevent heart diseases as they have an antioxidant effect that protects the body against the action of free radicals, responsible for the premature aging of healthy cells and disease development. The oils with monounsaturated fats help to prevent heart diseases by cleaning the blood vessels and also balance the cholesterol level to keep you healthy and fit.

Purchasing Criteria or Things to Consider before Buying Cooking Oil

Cooking oil very essential and important for our health and so we should not rush and choose any oil. So I have listed and explained a few factors to give a thought on before you buy any oil.

Benefits: Different oils have different health benefits, some are good for heart and some may clean your blood vessels and others may prevent premature aging or work to enhance the skin. So you need to choose your cooking oil according to the benefit you want.

I recommend you to keep switching the oils, so as to receive all the needed minerals and nutrients offered by different oils.

Usage: It is very important for you to know that what are you going to use the oil for. Different types of oils have different compositions like the smoking point. The higher the smoking point of the oil the more variety of cooking can be done through it. So before making the purchase checkout the usage and the smoking point of the specific oil.

Taste: We have already learned about different types of oil and if you are buying a very good quality of oil then you can sense the fragrance of its type/flavor.

Price: It is also a critical factor to engage or influence your purchase. The price of any cooking oil will directly depend upon the brand to which it belongs and the quality it serves. I would like you to buy a good quality of cooking oil as it influences your health.

We just passed some small terms to consider before making an ultimate purchase for the cooking oil.

How Much Does a Good Oil Cost?

These oils are available at an affordable price but differ in price according to their ingredient composition, quantity, and brand. You can easily get a liter of good cooking oil at a price of INR100 – INR200, the difference is influenced by the brand and the oil composition.

I must remind that you should keep changing the type of oils in a certain interval and so your body can have all type of nutrients and minerals.

Where to Buy?

Cooking oils are easily available in general local stores or you can buy it from any supermarket like Big Bazaar. You can also buy it online from Big Basket or Amazon and so you don’t need to visit any store to shop. I will recommend you to choose Amazon Pantry for faster delivery and verified products and also the above-mentioned products are taken from Amazon to make it easier for you to choose from the best of all and save you from searching hassles.


Cooking oils are a critical thing as it affects our health and we should be very careful while choosing the right cooking oil, I would like you to choose from the above-mentioned oils as they are analyzed and verified by us. Today, we learned about different types of cooking oils and also went through the best cooking oil in India to make your purchase easier. I would again remind you to change the nature of oils within a certain amount of period to get all the types of minerals offered by different cooking oils. We also discussed some other relevant information and stated the final purchasing criteria for you to be with no more confusion or doubt. But if you have still anything to ask about, then please make a comment below so that I can help you with it and solve your query.

Best Otg Oven in India – Reviews and Buying Guide

best otg oven in india

An OTG Oven is an indispensable appliance for those who love to make different types of dishes. Whether you want to toast or you wish to grill, this oven lets you bake a variety of recipes. OTG is the acronym for Oven Toast and Grill, meaning that a product that does all these things in one place. Today, I am going to share the best otg oven in India with you people and a lot more relevant discussion to make you purchase the right product.

These new otg ovens are a trend in homes today, as they make the environment look better and drop a professional look to your kitchen. These ovens have become increasingly popular because they are practical to install and handle, without the user having to deal with unsafe elements such as a fire. So without wasting any time lets move on to our main thread.

Before we begin with the main thread, have a look in here:

  • One of the main advantages of an otg oven is that it is easy to install and use, only by plugging the equipment into a power outlet that can start using it.
  • By integrating all the functions of toast and griller, it became a space-friendly kitchen appliance, which is now a must-buy product too.
  • Some features should be carefully evaluated before purchasing an electric oven, and they are detailed at the end of this article.

Best OTG Oven in India 2019

1. Morphy Richards 24 RSS

This OTG oven has a capacity of 24 liters and is perfect for a family of 5-6 people. Morphy Richards is an international brand that is known for producing quality electric kitchen appliances. This otg over has everything that means you can bake, toast, and grill in it firmly and have your superbly delicious food and enjoy. Although Morphy Richards is a trustworthy and genuine brand, this product has a 2-year warranty, which makes it more reliable.

This otg oven includes a toaster grill with a baking tray so you can perform different cooking at once place. It also has a grill rod set, a wire rack, and also a stainless tong for safety cooking. With a fully stainless steel body, it also offers a removable crumb tray to clean and remove left chicken pieces on board. The cooking timer lets you cook precisely and ready up your favorite food in comparatively less time. I personally subject it as the best otg oven in India, and you can undoubtedly buy it.


  • Multi-functional Oven which lets you bake, toast and grill in one place.
  • Stainless Steel Body improves the heat circulation which eventually increases the speed of the cooking.
  • Compact in size and light in weight makes it more space-friendly and easy to store.

2. Bajaj Majesty 4500 TMCSS

Another brilliant and worth buying option as an OTG Oven by Bajaj. This particular brand has served us for years with quality and satisfaction. The Majesty 4500 TMCSS has a capacity of 45 liters, which indicates that it can serve a family of 8 people easily without any problem. It also belongs to the OTG sector, which means it can bake, toast, and grill in one place without any lag or issue. According to the value they ask, it is an amazing product to grab before the stock gets sold.

With a toaster grill and cooking tray, it also offers a Barbeque Rack and Skewer Rods for enhancing your cooking experience. The cooking timer feature lets you cook accurate and according to your commands, which bring out a worth eating food. It is nicely packed to save it from damages (During the transportation and delivery). Bajaj has always promised quality, and by introducing Majesty 4500 TMCSS, it has again completed its promise.


  • Great quality OTG in an affordable and economical price.
  • Easy to install and use, which means no professional person is needed to install it.
  • Trustworthy and genuine as it is introduced and manufactured by Bajaj and has a 1-year warranty

3. Prestige POTG 19 PCR

A 19 liters Oven Toaster Griller (OTG) by one of the most popular brands in kitchen appliances “Prestige.” It is specially designed for a small family of 2 to 3 people. Like all the other OTGs, it also can bake, toast, and grill. Along with a compact oven unit, it also has a toaster grill (Absolutely Free) The unique and helpful feature of this unit is that it has a Robust Cool Handle on top and which is always cool, so as to keep your hand safe from the usual heating rod which can burn your skin.

Prestige is solely known for producing quality kitchen appliances and has a great reputation amongst the consumers.  It also has a crumb tray for simple and easy cooking and cleaning, as it is removable. A good product if you are looking for an OTG oven and have a small family.


  • Consumes less electricity and save your power expenses.
  • Faster heating which is only possible because of inner stainless steel.
  • Smooth glass doors to keep an eye on your delicious food.

4. Panasonic NB-H3200S

We have reviewed so many products by Panasonic in our previous posts and you must be now aware of its quality-consciousness. NB-H3200S by Panasonic is an OTG oven that offers bake, toast and grill and many other things in one place. It is so loved by the consumers that it is now tagged as Amazon’s Choice product which makes it reliable and a genuine piece.

This brilliant unit has a capacity of 32 liters (preferable for 6 people) With the compact and bold oven unit it also offers Enamel baking tray, toaster grill, crumb rack, and a holding rack. In addition, it also has a recipe booklet and operating instructions for first-time oven buyers. It is one of my personal favorite brands but I am not biasing at all. The one-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase makes it a reliable and trustworthy product.


  • Enough capacity to serve a family of 6 people.
  • Superior build quality as per thousands of genuine buyers,
  • The light inside to let you see your food being cooked and have a check on it.

 5. American Micronic-AMI-OTG-36LDx

A unit by an international brand American Micronic Instruments which has received an immense amount of love from its consumers. An Oven Toaster Griller (OTG) which has a capacity of 36 liters and can serve up to 6-8 people. It has a motorized Rotisserie & Convection fan, which is pretty unique and rare in Ovens. The dual temperature knobs with a double thermostat which enable you to cook more precisely and accurately.

Unlike ordinary OTGs, it has a tough double glass door for more safety and saving up power. The stainless steel body makes it cook faster and makes it rust-free. It has a baking tray, crumb tray, rotisserie tong, and rod set with a wire rack and toast griller. This product has a warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase, but if you but it through Amazon, then you will be eligible for the 2nd year warranty for absolutely free.


  • It has six heating elements for long life working; others burn out in 4 years.
  • Motorized Rotisserie enables hassle-free and safe cooking.
  •  If you but it right now then you get a 2-year warranty for free which remarkable.

6. Morphy Richards 52 RCSS

Another quality OTG oven by Morphy Richards but is a pro version of what we mentioned before. It has a capacity of 52 liters, which is perfect for a joint family. It has tongs specially designed to drag out the baking tray and rack (WHEN HOT). Being an OTG Oven, it can bake, toast, and grill in once without any additional tools. With a stainless body, it offers speed cooking without dropping any rust to the inner plates.

The new heat convectional feature stores the heat generated and circulates the heat precisely according to the temperature. It also offers kabab set for kabab lovers for absolutely free. This multi-function is valued at a little expensive price, but it worth every single rupee you spent. Illuminated chamber lets you keep an eye on your keep while its in process.


  • Functions like grill, toast, bake, defrost, and much more enhance your cooking experience.
  • Premium Body design with a mirror finish door that makes it more attractive.
  • Rust-free and stainless steel makes it heat and cooks faster.

7. Bajaj Majesty 1603 T 16-Litre

Portraying another OTG Oven by Bajaj, which is specially designed for a small family of 3-4 people. It has power coated and steel body for faster and convenient cooking. It has a cooking timer with auto shut off, which offers a great user experience. Being an OTG variant, it bakes, toasts, and also grill in one place without any other tool or machines. It includes a toaster grill, baking tray. Grill rack and also a removable crumb tray.

It has 1200 Watts powerful motor, but at the same time, it saves the power consumption with its latest technology. Stainless steel provides faster cooking and saves the body from rust (Rust-proof). With a one year warranty by Bajaj makes it a reliable and trustworthy product. If you are newly married then this product is a must-buy for you.


  • It consumes less power as compared with other OTG ovens.
  • A small unit and so it offers a faster cooking experience.
  • Rust-proof and stainless steel body makes it a perfect buy for a small family.

These were some of the best OTG ovens you can choose without any doubt. Let us have a brief view of OTG ovens and relevant information for those who are buying it.

Buying Guide

OTG Ovens have become increasingly popular because they are practical to install and handle, without the user having to deal with unsafe elements such as a fire. If you want to know more about the OTG oven accurately, you are in the right place. This article will address its advantages and disadvantages, as well as highlighting essential criteria for purchasing the best OTG Oven in India.

What is an OTG Oven and what are its advantages?

The OTG Oven is just another normal Oven, but it has some cool features integrated in it. Like, one can perform baking, grilling, and toasting by just one unit that is an OTG Oven. In addition, temperature control in OTG Ovens is much more precise as they have sensors that allow temperatures to be adjusted to suit each dish you wish to make.

Cleaning is also easier as many of them have a self-cleaning system, which makes life easier for the user. Even those without this technology are often easy to clean as they offer removable trays. Many of them also have excellent energy efficiency, which means that they can operate with power and activity using very little electricity. Another advantage that makes OTG ovens stand out over other normal ovens is safety as OTG oven offers more safety as they have a big load of different functions (Bake, Grill, and Toast)

Moving to the disadvantages, we can mention the power outages, which are common in most of the Indian cities and can cause a breakdown in the electric oven. In addition, you will need more time to pre-bake an OTG oven. Newer and more expensive models can heat up faster to make life easier for users.

Self-Cleaning vs Manual Cleaning Oven?

OTG ovens can be cleaned manually or by a self-cleaning system that is already present in many appliances. One of the items that should always be clean in a kitchen is the oven; in this way, the durability of the unit is not compromised, besides ensuring the hygiene of the food you consume. Among the self-cleaning ovens, there are the stainless steel models, which have a special coating that, when reaching a high temperature, oxidizes the surface of the equipment.

The manual units also offer removable trays which makes it really easier for one to clean. Manual cleaning ovens do not offer this ease of cleaning, as normal cleaning will be required using chemicals and a damp cloth. One of the advantages of a self-cleaning oven is the ease and time savings it provides to users. Regarding the disadvantages, they use more energy as they have to reach high temperatures and can leave a burning odor and smoke in your home.

Manual cleaning ovens are safer as they do not have to reach high temperatures and offer longer durability as some parts of self-cleaning ovens can be damaged by excessive heat. The disadvantages of manual cleaning ovens are the time spent and the use of cleaning chemicals that can cause skin and health damage.

Purchase Criteria or Things to Consider before buying an OTG Oven

OTG Oven is a perfect way to eliminate those gadgets which it can perform alone. One should consider all the things before buying an oven as it is an expensive buy.

Below are certain characteristics of an electric oven that are very important to give a thought before buying an otg oven

  • Capacity
  • Motorized Rotisserie
  • Timer
  • Lighting
  • Command Lock
  • Other functions

Let us discuss these terms, in brief, to understand it better and make it easier for you to choose the right OTG Oven

Capacity: The capacity of an electric oven is measured in liters, and the higher the liter, the greater the capacity of the oven. If you have a large family or joint family and cook daily, a larger capacity electric oven is best. This is an important point to consider before buying an otg oven, so you don’t end up buying smaller equipment than you need. In addition to capacity, it is also important to pay attention to the shelves available in the oven, as this helps to increase the number of dishes that can be placed inside the oven.

Motorized Rotisserie: This feature allows you to roast chicken and meat pieces slowly and evenly so that they are tastier. Thus the chicken can be the same as the bakery. This will make its skin look golden and crisp whenever you use this function. This is also great for saving users’ work, as they don’t have to keep changing position pieces all the time. Just put it on the rod and wait for the right time it will be perfect.

Timer: The timer function is present in many appliances and allows you to set the time the food will be in the oven. This function also often ends up with an audible alert to indicate when to remove the dish from the oven. Often you can also choose the cooking start time, so you can, for example, schedule it to start heating the food just before you get home so that it is ready when you arrive. The timer can also have an automatic shutdown so that the electric oven does not work beyond the stipulated time. This is useful when you want to do other activities, and you may end up forgetting about food. The cooking timer is a must feature and you should check wheater the OTG Oven you’re buying has it or not.

Lighting: One of the essential things to check before buying an OTG oven is the internal lighting, which must be present so that you can check the food without having to open the electric oven door and lose temperature. Having an internal light is even more important for using the OTG oven at night, and not having to use your phone’s flashlight to check the state of the food.

Command or Child Lock: This feature is rare but very useful for the safety of the equipment as once activated, it will not allow anyone to turn the oven on or off. For people who live in places that have children, this prevents them from handling the equipment; after all, this can be a danger to them. People who live in places with many people can also benefit from this as it prevents someone else from changing the temperatures of their recipe.

Other Benefits of OTG Oven

Among other functions of an OTG Oven below are some other perks of it.

  • Baking: This is present on all models and occurs when the upper and lower resistors are triggered, allowing heat to be uniform inside the electric oven.
  • Grilling: Superior resistance is triggered and is excellent for dishes that need high surface temperature.
  • Defrosting: When this function is activated, the fan is activated, so that the food defrosts as quickly as possible.

So we just passed some of the very essential functions of an OTG Oven.

At what price should I buy an otg oven?

Usually, the price of an OTG Oven is higher than the normal single baking oven, besides the fact that it usually does not need to be installed by a technician. The initial price of an otg oven may vary from INR3000 to INR12000. In addition, the power consumption of the unit also influences the price in the long run. So carefully check the specification of your product before making the ultimate purchase.

Where to buy?

If you are looking for an otg oven, there are many options for places where you can buy these appliances like an electrical appliance store or any local departmental store. You can also buy this equipment online through websites such as Amazon and Flipkart. The above-mentioned products are verified and also available on Amazon. The benefit of buying from these sites is that you do not have to leave home to purchase your otg oven. There is the option to buy from sites like OLX and Quickr as well, where new and used products are marketed.


So we have passed through a big brief guide where we discussed and learned about the best otg oven in India. We posted some of the best otg oven units with an un-bias review so that you can get a perfect and genuine product. The buying guide consists of advantages and disadvantages with all the factors to consider before buying an otg oven. We also shared the other relevant information about an otg oven. I hope this piece satisfied all your queries but if not then, please make a comment below and we will be back to you in no time.

Best Vegetable Chopper in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best vegetable chopper in india

Chopping vegetables is one of the most vital components of cooking. While some people enjoy doing it in the traditional manner with a knife, some people see it as a hassled chore. Not everyone can handle a knife with ease, and some may end up with cuts. To subdue your stress and make cooking easier for you. We have compiled a list of the best vegetable chopper in India. That will help you to choose a vegetable chopper which will be perfect for you and will make you relish cooking. Don’t make chopping a struggle, get it done easily with a hassle-free vegetable chopper. And get even slices, dices, and chops of whichever vegetable you want to add in your tasty recipe. Why should you go to expensive restaurants when you can prepare delicious cuisines with symmetrical chops at home?

Best vegetable chopper in India

1. Philips Viva HR2505/00 500 Watt Chopper

Philips electric chopper occupied first place in the list of top best vegetable chopper in India, Just because of the sharp and efficient stainless steel blades cuts the fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients in just a few seconds. This vegetable chopper of Philips comes with the chop drop technology, which uses the Three stainless steel blades to chop the vegetables or fruits like a pro. It has 1.1 liters of a jar, which helps to store more amount of chopped vegetables and fruits at the same time. There is a button in the top of a chopper, which you have to press when you want to use the chopper. You can adjust the speed of the blades as per your needs.

This vegetable chopper comes with the 500-watt motor, which helps it to chopped the vegetables or any food items fine without any delay in time. This Philips Viva HR2505/00 500 model is primarily known for the vegetable chopper at one go. It comes with the affordable price of rupees five thousand, and you can get it at a discounted price at any online shopping portal.


  • The most important benefits are that it comes at an affordable price.
  • It comes with a jar storage capacity of 1.1 liters.
  • The company provides two years of manufacturing warranty.
  • The automatic speed selector mode is also in this model.

2. HomePuff H14 Vegetable Chopper

This vegetable chopper makes chopping, mincing, slicing a breeze. It has stainless steel blades and is designed for safe and fast chopping alongside comfortable soft-grip lid, easy pull cord, and large handle for easy leverage. Home puff vegetable chooper is made of unbreakable food-grade plastic and gives even chops because of its conical design. This chopper is a very vibrant and fresh product to own. It’s overall body, which consists of blades, bowl, storage lid, can easily be cleaned and are top-rack dishwasher safe. Components disassemble easily for cleaning and can be put back together safely.

You can chop all the ingredients at once because it has the capacity and power to hold large quantities, and your job will finish before you’d know. No electricity is required to use it. It comes for Rs. 1299 but you can buy it at a discounted price at amazon with a 1-year warranty.


  • The body structure has an attractive design.
  • It is the manual handle based vegetable chopper.
  • It has four modes of chopping vegetables.
  • The company has launched this model with one year of the warranty period.

 3. Ganesh 14 in one Quick Dicer Chopper

This product is multipurpose, and there is nothing this product can’t do when it comes to chopping vegetables. It is very easy to use and comes with a plastic 1500 MI container. It contains various blades for cubes of different sizes.

This chopper comes with ten different inserts, 2 in 1 peeler, and a safety holder. It provides 12 different styles of dicing, mincing, cutting, grating, and slicing. Because of its stainless steel sharp blades, this product has become one of the most convenient choppers. It can be easily cleaned in less time with minimum effort. This vegetable chopper doesn’t need electricity to run, and comes at a price of Rs. 449 thus, this chopper is  very affordable.


  • There is no electricity required in this vegetable chopper.
  • It comes with a compact, ergonomic design.
  • The containers of this vegetable chopper can also be used as the storage jars in the kitchen.
  • The body structure of this vegetable chopper made up of unbreakable plastic material.

4. Floraware Plastic Multi-Fruit and Vegetable Cutter

This vegetable and fruit cutter is a durable product with stainless steel blades, which does its job perfectly. There are Eleven pieces, which are made of plastic. This cutter is dishwasher safe and is very easy to use. There is no hassle or mess while using it in your kitchen, and ingredients transfer instantly from cutting surface into the bowl below. No electricity is required to use it. It costs around Rs. 999 but can found at discounted prices at online stores like Amazon and Flipkart.


  • It is cheap vegetable chopper available in the market.
  • The blades of this model made up of stainless steel, which means no rust will take place, and the life of the vegetable chopper is long.
  • Quite good and easy to use to chop the vegetables or fruits.

5. Wonderchef Turbo Dual-Speed Food Processor

This wonder chef chopper lets you chop food effortlessly and comes with different gears. The higher you switch gear, the faster you’ll get the results. You can use it in a variety of chopping works even for crushing ice, and the work will be done in no time. There is a pusher attachment, which prevents spillage of food constituents. It also pushes them conveniently into the jar and has stainless steel blades, slicer-dicer disks, which are used to cut vegetables into thick slices and a whipper, which is used to whip and beat eggs conveniently.

Wonderchef turb dual-speed food processor is very compact, so it does not take much space to store, and its non-slippery body makes it very comfortable to use. This food processor is dishwasher safe and does not require electricity to use. Its price is Rs. 2000 but can purchase at a discounted price at online shops.


  • It comes with the dual-speed manual technology in the market.
  • The wonder chef vegetable chopper has sharp stainless steel blades, which helps in cutting the vegetables quickly in less time.
  • The company launches it with the dual gear settings.

 6. Skyfish Good Quality 12 in 1 Vegetable And Fruit Slicer

This all in one dicer, chopper, and grater comes with a 1500 ml container featuring various blades for cutting even cubes of different sizes. No matter in any shape, you need ingredients serving with this multi slicer. You can create tiny cubes, sticks, strips in no time, eight quarters, or thin slices. Thanks to the additional attachment and accessories, you can also be quickly and easily slicing and peeling sanitarily for storage, keeping dirty bristles covered.

With this amazing space saving kit, you can carry all your tools at your fingertips. It has a plastic body and does not require electricity to use. It comes in the range of Rs.999 and Rs.599 with a discount.


  • It comes in the market with 12 multifunctioning vegetable chopper.
  • This chopper has the asssssssssdded container base for the storage capacity.
  • in this chopper, the high quality of stainless steel is used to make the blades.
  • It has a unique press function, which helps in chopping the heard vegetable to be chopped easily in less time.

7. Borosil Chef Delite 300-watt Electric Vegetable Chopper

No more tears and smelly hands while chopping onions now because borosil electric vegetable chopper will do it for you. It gets rid of the pain and preparation so you can enjoy actual cooking.

Borosil chef delite 300-watt is an electric vegetable chopper. That requires 220-240 voltage watts power to run and consume 300 watts. It has an inbuilt thermal auto cut off for motor safety and a motor mount switch for extra security. Borosil chef delite comes with a two year warranty period and a capacity of 0.6L.  Package consists of a chopper, chopping container, blade set, and a rubber lid. Its price is Rs. 1,990.


  • The motor power of this vegetable chopper is quite good.
  • There is no medium speed adjustment. So, the vegetables take less time in chopped up.
  • It comes in the market with two years of the warranty period.

 8. Insala Joy Mini 250-Watt Chopper

Insala joy mini chopper is an easy, portable solution that takes all of the hard work out of food prep. This compact and powerful device allows you to precisely chop and prepare ingredients in a matter of seconds. Complete with stainless steel blades and blending power pod for the safe, quick, and simple chopping of ingredients.

You can work with it not only in the kitchen but anywhere with the least amount of space you can get because of its compact design. It takes 220 – 240 V of power supply and consumes 250 W and has an ABS body and stainless steel blades. It comes with a warranty of 1 year and costs Rs.1695.


  • It comes with an effective motor of power 250 watts.
  • The jars are made of hard plastic, which is not easily breakable.
  • The company has used the stainless steel blades in this vegetable chopper.
  • There are two years of the warranty period.

 9. Novel Plastic Vegetable And Fruit Chopper

It has 11 blades, one peeler, and a slicer and chopper. Easy Vegetable & The multi-utility chopper set has everything you need for cutting, dicing, grating, and slicing. Chop onions, zucchini, peppers, celery, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, and fruits. Then watch as the ingredients transfer instantly from the cutting surface into the bowl below. There’s no hassle and no mess!

Removable top part with self-cleaning function. Fresh keeping lid for container 1,500 ml Easy and Useful For Every Meal. Professional and Consistent Results Every Time. Saves You Time and Money. Safe for kids tool. Safe To Use – Your Fingers Never Touch The Blades. Easy Clean-Up – Dishwasher Safe. Food Stays Cleaner – Less Handling.

It is the fastest, safest, and easiest way to chop or dice fruits and vegetables. The Premium Dicer Slicer is Molded using hand-selected high-quality ABS plastic for a lightweight feel. They are fitter with top quality stainless steel sturdy blades for the sharpest and quickest slice and chop.

Rich accessories cut prep time in half! Very easy to use, and make work of canning and preserving food super fast. Each item rinsed clean and is ready for another use. Stainless steel blades are for easy chopping. The sharp pyramid-shaped cutting blade is for efficient and smooth cutting. It costs Rs. 899.


  • It comes with a 6 in 1 manual functioning mode.
  • The hard plastic is used to make the body, which enhances the durability of the vegetable chopper.
  • The package includes the five sets of blades and one filler with it.

10. Orpat Express 250-Watt Chopper

Orpat company is well known for the manufacturing of the calculators and wall clocks. It has also made a great invention in electronic products. One of the electronic products is orpat express 250-watt chopper. The company comes in the market and makes the products more fashionable and cheap so that the customers easily attract towards it. But not only design the company has worked on the functioning of the product also, which attract the customers most.

It has a powerful motor that does not make the noise while the chopper is in use. It comes with a huge transparent jar that stores the chopped vegetables. The chopper has the anti-slip base, which makes the chopper hold the place and work effectively and efficiently. The motor of electricity power 250 watts is used in this model, which makes this product in the list of the best vegetable chopper in India.


  • It comes with one press button power mode.
  • The chopper has the 700 ml of large container jar, which helps to store a large number of vegetables chopped at the same time
  • The company provides two years of manufacturing warranty.
  • The blades of these products made up of stainless steel that helps the chopper to chop the vegetables more effectively.

11. Morphy Richards Vivo 200-Watt Electric Chopper (Cream Red)

The brand Morphy Richards needs no introduction for its high quality and outstanding product design. The brand launches this model in the Indian market with a price tag of twenty-five hundred. The Morphy Richards Vivo 200 model has the 200 watts of a powerful motor. There is a speed adjustable button is given to adjust the speed of the motor. This model looks like a small water bottle, which takes less space in the kitchen and easy to set up for the user. It includes the jar with a capacity of 500ml, which can use in a daily basis for the chopping of vegetables. It has an additional feature of whisker, which helps the users to make smoothies and milkshakes for themselves.

The additional feature of the whisking feature has the attachment of whisker, which can be easily attached and detached very easily. Just one touch of a button, make the vegetable chopper power up and starts the performances, and chop the vegetables. If you want to increase the speed, you can turn on the speed mode of the vegetable chopper. Which enhances the speed and make the vegetables works fast and chops the vegetable very fast and easily. This mode is called the turbo mode in this model, and this turbo mode will not much heat your vegetable chopper.


  • This product comes with the two-speed mode, one is normal mode, and another one is turbo mode.
  • It has an additional feature of whisker attached in this product, which helps you to make smoothies and milkshakes.
  • The product comes with the capacity of the jar 500 ml.
  • It comes along with the two-year manufacturing warranty.

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Vegetable Chopper…

Best Vegetable Chopper in India

Manual or Electric

Before proceeding with your purchase, you should always take into consideration the type of chopper you want. Whether manual or electric, both works perfectly but has a difference in the price range. People suffering from joint pain or any other pain should consider buying an electric vegetable chopper because it doesn’t need manual work of putting hand pressure.

Dishwasher Safe

You should always know whether your chopper is dishwasher safe or not. Choppers with dishwasher safe bowl and blades are much easier to clean and doesn’t require the dismantling of the whole chopper.


The quantity your vegetable chopper can hold also plays a vital role in its effectiveness. The more veggies you can chop at once, the better. It might depend on the amount of food you prepare at one time. Choose a vegetable chopper according to your limit.

Fundamental Model or Multipurpose Model

A few models have essential features to slash vegetables. But some models give other supplementary details and extravagances for the item. You can decide if you want the simple models or the multipurpose models which can blend and beat eggs.

BPA-free Materials

A substance named BPA or Bisphenol-An is utilized to thicken the plastics and to mold them. As per ponders, BPA induces social issues, influence prostate, and cerebrum health. This BPA is the reason why individuals are concerned and hoping to stay off from BPA-based items, especially those utilized as a part of your kitchen. Choose items that are “BPA-Free” authoritatively declared by the maker. At any rate, pick choppers that utilization sans BPA plastics in areas where food is regulated.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Does Vegetable Chopper is Useful?

Chopping up the vegetables and fruits is the most time-taking and challenging task, which has to perform in the kitchen. Vegetable chopper makes these tasks of chopping vegetables more comfortable and simpler. It is a product that is useful as well as a more durable product in the kitchen. This product can be bought in less money and work for many years.

Can a Vegetable Chopper Be Used as a Blender?

Might be, a vegetable chopper is easy to use product which used for chopping up the vegetables. A blender is a product that uses for juice out of the fruits. So a vegetable chopper cannot be used in place of a blender. Some of the electrical choppers now are being used as the puree maker. But their performance is not so consistent as compared to a blender.

Difference Between Chopper and Food Processor?

A food chopper is a small product that is capable of chopping up the vegetables or fruits, dicing, or mincing 1-5 cup of food. On the other side, the food processor is larger as compared to the vegetables in size, and it uses for chopping and grinding up the grain. In the Indian market, there is a certain food processor that also kneads the dough, which is not at all possible to do in the vegetable chopper.

How Are a Vegetable Grater and a Vegetable Chopper Different?

A vegetable grater gates the vegetable. It cuts down the vegetable in slices which are not chunks and are very thin. Vegetable grater does not have steel blades. They can entirely be made up of plastics and do not have the storing capacity. But the vegetable chopper chops the vegetables into pieces and has the storage capacity, and has the steel blades which helps the chopper to chop up the vegetables.


A Vegetable chopper is a fabulous gadget that every homemaker or cook wants to have on their side in the kitchen. These vegetable choppers are remarkable helping hands and can play out various roles, for example, cutting and chopping up the vegetables or fruits. In the above article, we have mentioned the top ten vegetable choppers in the market. We have done the research and find out these manual and electric vegetable choppers for you all. The reviews mentioned above of the product will help out in deciding to choose out the best vegetable chopper in India for you.

Best Gas Stove In India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The gas stoves are the backbone of the kitchen. If the gas stove is not there in the kitchen, then the kitchen is empty without it. As we all know that Cooking is an art. we need the best tools in the kitchen to ensure that we can prepare the best dishes for our family. The gas stoves are the most important part of the kitchen, so everyone wishes to have the best gas stove of India in their kitchen.

So, if you are thinking of to purchase the gas stove for your home, then you must go through this article. We have researched a lot, and with our personal experiences, we are going to let you know about the Best Gas Stove In India.

Best Gas Stove In India 2019

1.  Prestige Marvel Glass Top Gas Stove

If you are thinking about switching or upgrading your gas stove, then there is no best option than have this Prestige Marvel glass top gas stove. As per our research, this model of prestige is the best gas stove in India. It is leading on the Top Nine Best gas Stove in India’s list not only because all the customers love it, but due to its quality and durability.

Prestige, we all are familiar with this brand. Since 1982, the brand is satisfying the customer of the Indian market by the quality of its product. After launching this product in the market, they proved that they had worked on the innovation. They launched this product as it has four burners. And the glass top of the gas stove makes it’s more elegant from the other in looks as well as in performance. Prestige marvel glass top has the quality as well as looks that makes your kitchen looks more beautiful than before.


  • This model of prestige has four burners that help you to prepare more dishes in less time.
  • It comes along with the two years of warranty.
  • This gas stove of prestige has great pan support for Tandoor cooking.
  • The top of the gas stove is made up of glass, and its body is made up of stainless steel.

2.  Pigeon Ultra Glass, SS Manual Gas Stove

When we are talking about the kitchen appliances, then how can we forget the brand pigeon? Then your search for the best gas stove in India ends here with the Pigeon Ultra Glass SS Manual gas stove. This model of pigeon ultra glass comes with four burners and works on manual ignition mode. This model is available in the black color of the stainless steel body, which makes it more attractive in the kitchen. The body is made up of stainless steel and a glass panel on the top, which makes it more elegant and durable for years of usage. The knob in this product is used of superior quality, which works smoothly and comfortable grip enabling operations.

All the four edges have anti-skid rubber feet at the bottom of the stoves, which helps it to stable at its place.


  • This model of pigeon comes with four burners with efficient thermal efficiency, which makes it one of the best gas stoves in India.
  • The body of this gas stove is made up of stainless steel, and the top of the stove is of the hard glass material.
  • The company gives the two years of the warranty period on this model.

3.  Glen CT1043GTAL 4 Burner Gas Stove

This Glen CT1043GTAL 4 burner gas stove is a perfect deal at affordable prices and efficient quality; because of its quality, this glen four-burner stove makes its position at the third place in the list of top Nine best gas stoves in India. This model has got the certification by the ISI, for being the top-notch quality product.

This model comes with a high flame burner. It has four brass burners that help you to cook the dishes at the same time. It Minimises the consumption of fuel and stops the wastage of fuels. The last feature on our list but not least, this gas stove comes with 360-degree or rotating nozzles, and the temperature of the flames can be adjustable while burners in use.


  • This model comes along with the finish of the stainless steel body, which looks the stove more attractive.
  • It has got the certification of a high and good quality product that has been tested by the ISI.
  • Glen CT1043 GTLA comes with 4mm thick extra pan support.

4.  Prestige Marvel Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

There are many brands available that made the different shapes and styles of the stoves. Prestige is the only brand that will give you its variants in all the categories or shapes. This model of prestige stands on the fourth place on the list of the top nine best gas stoves in India. Because of its unique features and the excellent body shapes that make it different from other similar products available in the market.

This product has both features, which are efficiency and effectively performing of the tasks. People are obliged to fall in love with this product as it has three burners that are unique in the market and makes people more attracted to itself. This model has many more features, but we will not mention all of them here, but the most important that you all will love to know is that the hands can easily clean it.


  • This model has a spill-proof design, which comes just because of its sturdy glass material.
  • This Gas Stove has the ergonomically designed knobs for the ease to use.
  • It also comes along with a warranty of two years.

5.  Sunflame Classic 3B Burner Gas Stove

Sunflame is the new brand that comes in the Indian market for the competition and has given a tough fight to its competitors. Though made its name to the list of top nine best gas stove in India with its this model sunflame classic 3B burner gas stove. This model of sunflame brand is one of the best three-burner gas stoves available in India as compared with the other three-burner gas stoves. It comes along with a manual mode of ignition, and high efficiency and effective three burners.

All the new models of gas stoves are mainly made up of stainless steel and have a glass top on it, which makes it looks more suitable than others. Also, increase the durability of the gas stove and adds plus points in the looks of your kitchen.


  • It has the three highly efficient and effective brass burners
  • The model comes with the toughened glass cooktop
  • The body is made up by the Stainless steel
  • Brushed matt finish, which adds the extra points in its beauty.
  • The company provides two years of manufacturing warranty on this model.

6.  Elica Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

If you are looking for the best three-burner gas stoves, then your search will stop here. As we have mentioned, this gas stove Elica Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove which has three burners and is available in the market in the category of price under 5000. The structure of this gas stove is designed so well that it doesn’t affect its working capability power. It has an extra feature which is that it comes with the European gas valves. This model has the manual mode of ignition and heavy brass three burners. The maintenance of this product is quite good because it is easy to clean with the hands. Great deal with the value of your money if you are looking to buy this product.


  • The product has the burners made up of brass material.
  • The body of this product made of stainless steel and hard sturdy glass material, which makes the life of the product is quite long.
  • There are two years of warranty for this product that has been given by the company.

7.  Butterfly Smart Glass 2-burner Gas Stove

For the couples and people who live alone or have small usage kitchen, for them, it is the best gas stoves provided by the butterfly smart glass 2-burner gas stoves. It might be not much convenient, but as per the price of this product, it is the best in that range of gas stoves. The brand is well known to all of us, so it is quite an excellent product that provides the best utility of this product.

This butterfly smart glass 2-burners gas stove comes along with the 2-burners which are correctly placed. Those 2-brass burners are best because of the high thermal efficiency and efficient levels. The holes in the burners were perfectly made, and they help in the optimum level of fuel use.


  • The gas stove top made of sturdy glass that is not only heat resistant but also durable.
  • This model comes with one year of the warranty period.

8.  Cello Prima Gas Stove 2-burner Glass Top

Cello is the old brand that made the product of the kitchen appliance. The quality of the products is quite good. The stove comes with two burners capable of providing the ideal environment to enable quick cooking. The distribution of holes on the brass burners is perfect for delivering optimum performance.

Its power coated body is a heat retardant. Therefore it will not reflect the heat when you stand nearby it.

This cello gas stove comes with the bigger legs that help you in cleaning the surface afterward easily. The shape and size of this model are such that it occupies the optimum space in your kitchen.


  • It has the bigger legs that help is cleaning the surface after the cooking.
  • There is an excellent feature, i.e., pan support, which ensures the perfect balancing of over the burners and prevents accidents

9.  Eveready TGC2B Glass Cooktop 2 Burner Gas Stove

The people know about this brand because the brand delivers safety to its customers who are using its models. This brand came in the market to make its brand image, so this company tries to give many features in its models that are in the market, which will help the brand to build its brand image in the Indian market. The primary function of this two-burner gas stove of Eveready is that it has a compact size that can be adjustable in the small kitchen also and not occupies much space to operate. The two burners that are there on the gas stoves have a sufficient amount of space between each other that both will not disturb the user to operate them at the same time.

The second feature that this model has the shape and premium quality of finishing, that the customer will fall in love with it in one look. If we are talking about the premium quality of design, then that is because its cooktop, which was made of toughened glass material, will add on the points on its design. It also has the 360 rotation features, which helps the customer to use this model without having any difficulty.

The two gas burners are that much effective that the flame equally distributed among them and consumes less usage of the fuel. This model, the Eveready TGC2B Glass Cooktop 2 Burner Gas Stove, consumes less amount of fuel and helps in not wasting the fuels as compared to the other gas stoves available in the market.


  • Eveready TGC2B Glass Cooktop 2 Burner Gas Stove is the best gas stoves for the customers who are having a small kitchen in the house.
  • The model has the feature of a 360-degree rotation inlet feature.
  • The maintenance and cleaning of this gas stove are very easy.
  • Eveready TGC2B Glass Cooktop 2 Burner Gas Stove consumes the less amount of the fuel in use.

Features That You Must Look for in the Gas Stove…

We have tried to mention all the best gas stoves in India, in the above list. Now here we are going to tell you about the things that you should consider before buying the gas stove, whether you are purchasing it from the market by yourself by any online portal.

Best Gas Stove In India

The Number of Burners:

In the Indian market, the gas stoves are available with the maximum four number of burners in it and a minimum one burner. Rarely it happens that someone buys the single burner gas stoves. Those are manufactured only for people who live alone. The couples or there are four people in the family then people choose to go with the deal of two burners gas stoves. So the family which is big and has more work of the gas stove and want to spend less time in cooking the dishes then they go for the three burners or four-burner gas stoves.

Type of Ignition:

There are two types of ignition modes in the gas stoves available in the Indian market, i.e., manual ignition mode and the automatic ignition mode. The difference between both the modes of ignition is just that, in the manual mode of ignition, we have to use the matchsticks to lighten up the gas stove. Moreover, in the automatic ignition mode, we have to push the knob and rotate it to get the spark that makes the burner lighten up. So the gas stoves that are having the automatic ignition mode are the safest and best as compared to the manual mode of ignition.


Initially, in the early time, the material that is used to make the gas stoves is stainless steel, brass, or aluminum. However, in today’s era of modification and technologies, the companies are manufacturing the gas stoves with the shatterproof tops, brass burners, sturdy thick glass, and gives a matt finish to look more attractive.

ISI Certification:

If the gas stove has the ISI certification, then it gives the assurance to the customers about the safety and security of the gas stoves. The certification is given to the gas stoves after the gas stoves material, build quality, and the ISI is testing all the things.

Space Required:

When you are looking to buy the gas stoves, then we must have to look at how much space is occupied by the gas stove in our kitchen. Because the kitchens are modified and are becoming compact day by day. There is less space in the kitchens as compared to earlier kitchens. So we are required to buy the gas stove that can be easily adjusted in your kitchen and can efficiently operate.


Selecting a gas stove that is a brand also is an important feature. Because branded gas stoves have the quality and have the ISI certification. In the market, there are many brands available. It depends on you which brand you select. Every brand has some uniqueness and price differences. We have already mentioned the list of top nine best gas stoves in India and significant brands covered in that list.

People Might Also Get Confused in Lpg and Png Gas Stoves:

LPG stands for liquefied petroleum gas, whereas PNG stands for piped natural gas. Both gases are quite known to everyone, but still, we want to mention here that both the gases used for cooking in the gas stoves. The only difference between both gases is just that LPG used for less pressure, and PNG used for high-pressure cooking.


Gas stoves are an important part of our kitchen. We daily use gas stoves to cook anything. Gas stoves make cooking easy as compared to the old method of cooking. And modern gas stoves make cooking easy and simple. And take less time to prepare the dishes.

Investing in a gas stove that fulfills the requirement of your house is very important. So we have mentioned the list of top nine best gas stove in India, that might give you the guidance to you which is the best gas stove in India is best for you. You have to focus on specific facts before making a deal that is best for you or your family. Does it have the number of burners that you require in your kitchen?

Whether it is having the quality as well as durability or not. As per us, Prestige Marvel Glass Top Gas Stove is the best gas stove in India. And having all the features that you are looking for in the gas stove that you want to buy. It is the gas stove that can be affordable by everyone, but if you have less space in the kitchen, then it is big for your kitchen. We hope that we must have helped you out in making a decision. For any suggestions or any essential facts that we miss to mention, then we must tell us by commenting.

Best Food Processor in India 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Nothing is better than having a partner in the kitchen to help you and make your work easy. So what’s better than having the “best food Processor in India” by your side, in your kitchen. The food processor is an essential part of the kitchen as compared to the early times.

A food processor helps out homemakers and people who live alone and want to cook food in a short time. A food processor helps in cutting down the vegetables in pieces (chopping), slicing, mixing, and juicing. It makes food preparation more comfortable and in less time. It is also termed as all in one that does everything mix, grind, beat, and mince.

Choosing the food processor in India is more complicated than selecting the best outfit for the party for yourself. So we have reviewed the top eight best food processors in India for you. To help you in deciding to select what is best for you in the amount that you want to invest.

Best Food Processor In India 2019

1. Inalsa Food Processor Maxie Premia 800 Watt

This product is leading in this list because the Inalsa manufactures this product that is fulfilling all the needs and desires of the people. Inalsa company has launched this model inalsa Maxie Premia 800 watt in the market and is one of the best food processors in India in 2019. Because it has become one of the most wanted products from Inalsa in the Indian market, and that is why it is at the top of this list. Many customers have shown their interest in this product and not get disappointed by this is termed as the most powerful food processor with a useful body type because it has the motor of 800 watts and the body is made up of hard material. The motor is made up of stainless steel that can easily enable you to work on hard food processing.

Inalsa Maxie premia food processor includes other features like atta kneader, a chopper, disc blades, and egg whisker. It comes along with the two-liter of the blender jar, one-liter grinding jar and 400 ml of the jar for chutney or anything that you want to use it.

These are made up of strong material that is durable and unbreakable. This food processor has a great body design shape with high glossy UV paint, which makes it looks more attractive than others.


  • This product comes along with the five years of motor warranty and two years of product warranty.
  • The company gives a centrifugal and a citrus juicer along with the food processor.
  • The stainless steel blades and the material that has been used to kame jars makes it more durable and effective.

2. Philips Daily Collection HR7629 Food Processor

Philips is the most famous brand in the market, known as an electric appliances provider in the market. They provide various range of products in the Indian market, from kitchen appliances to grooming products. When we talk about to choose some electrical appliances, then we must speak about Philips. So why do we forget to take a look at this product which is manufactured by the Philip company, Philips daily collection HR7629 food processor? This model is placed in the second position in the list of the top 9 best food processor in India. It is the most effective food processor under the price tag of 5000 rupees.

This product is in second place on the list because it has a larger feeding tube as compared to the other similar product in its niche. It is quite a compact model manufactured by the Philip brand, so it takes less space in the kitchen to use it.

Philips’s daily collection HR7629 food processor is the model that can be helpful in regular use for chopping, cutting, grinding, juicing, etc. we can entirely rely on this product for our daily purposes. It has the 650-watt motor, which is lesser in comparison to other brand models available in the market, but it has many other useful features to be your choice if you are looking for a food processor.


  • This product comes with the bigger bowl and has a lagger space tube as compared to other models.
  • The power-chop technology of this model is what makes it unique from others which helps to perform it smoothly and more quickly.
  • Compact in size
  • It comes along with a one year warranty period.

3. Preethi Zodiac MG218 750-watt Mixer Grinder

Preethi is the brand that is famous across India and abroad for the manufacturing of food processors and mixer grinders. This brand has over 10 millions of trusted customers, and this company does not have any warehouses for manufacturing ayn other production shells. All the work has been done in the house only. In short terms, it is an In house Brand.

Preethi zodiac MG218 750-watt mixer grinder in not only the food processor, But It is also a mixer grinder more than being a food processor. This product is purchased by those who mostly use mixer grinders. They prefer it most to grab it.

However, it is here at the third place in this list of eight top food processor in India because it has the VEGA W5 Hybrid Motor 750 watt of motor and stainless steel blades with these blades and motor this food processor work more effectively and gives the top quality result.

This food processor box includes a 2.1 L big Master Chef Jar for food processing, 1 Liter wet grinding jar, 1.5 Liter juicer, 0.5 Liter bowl for making chutney and a 1.5 Liter damp grinding jar. This wet grinding jar is the only jar that has been provided by this brand. No other brand offers you this wet jar.


  • This food processor comes with two years of product warranty and along with that five-year motor warranty.
  • The jars made up of transparent plastic and blades are made up of stainless steel. They are durable also.
  • Makes some noise but finishes the work in less time compared to other products available in the Indian market

4. Inalsa Fiesta 650-watt Food Processor

Inalsa is the most famous brand in the Indian market but taking over the rest brands so quickly that they are available in the market for so long. That’s why this is in fourth place in the eight top best food processor list. This model of inalsa can take care of you in the kitchen means it can do all the things except the cooking. Helps in chopping the vegetables, grinding herbs and spices, kneading the dough and extras.

This food processor consumes only 650 watts of electric power and works on a low voltage of 220-240 volts. The 650-watt motor is made up of stainless steel, and the s type blades are also made up of stainless steel that helps the processor to chop things finer and quickly. Along with all this, inalsa fiesta 650-watt food processor is supplied with a one and a half liters of the blender jar and one liter of a dry grinder jar that can be used for many different purposes.


  • Insala manufactures this model so that all customers can afford this food processor.
  • The Anti-Skid bottom feet will prevent the processor from slipping away when it has been used for many hours.
  • It comes with two years of product warranty and five years of motor warranty.

5. Bajaj FX 11 600 watt Food Factory Food Processor

Bajaj is the most trustable brand in the Indian market, due to the product durability that has been manufactured by the bajaj company. This brand is the oldest in the field of food processor and kitchen appliances. If you are looking for sustainability, durability, as well as productive work performance, then there is no other brand that can fulfill all your these demands. And, at an affordable price range only. This brand has an excellent customer relationship management system.

The Bajaj FX11 600W Food Processor can ensure that the brand reputation and customer trust will not affect negatively. It is a combination of three things that are of high durability, performance, and strength.

The food processor has 600 watts of power motor which might not have been that effective, but its stainless steel blades make it work and give the best performance in the kitchen. This food processor is best to use for small and less use which will not put much pressure on the motor.


  • This model comes at an affordable price with durability.
  • It consumes less space in the kitchen and gives more valuable output.
  • It comes with an attached jar for making chutneys, and other less grinding purposes.
  • Bajaj FX11 600W Food Processor has six main blades to choose from for the use – Dry Grinding Blade, Detachable Blades, Chutney Blade, Chopping Blade, Slicing Blade, and other blades for kneading, shredding, cutting French Fries, etc.

6. Singer FP-57 600-Watt Food Processor

Singer brand just had made a debut in the market of India in electrical appliances. And in a short period, this company has proved that this brand is not going to leave it quickly. I

It has given fierce competition to the other brands in the market and has made up to this list in the sixth place of the top eight best food processors in India. This brand is entirely new in the market and delivered exceptional products like Singer FP-57 600-Watt Food Processor in the market.

Singer FP-57 comes with the 14 different types of attachments which help in cooking different recipes. It has 600 watts power motor; along with this there are two jars one for chopping, grinding, juicing, etc. and another one in the side for the chutney making that is an essential part of the food in every family. We know that this brand is new in the market, but still, it has been considered as the best food processor in India under the price of 5000 rupees.


  • Singer FP-57 comes with the fourteen different attachments that help you in fourteen different in cooking food.
  • The jars of this model are built so strong that is not easily broken.
  • This product offers you a two-year warranty on the product and five years warranty on the motor.
  • The company has given a citrus juicer and centrifugal juicer, making it a perfect choice for juice lovers.

7. Wonderchef Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor

Till now, we have mentioned all the electric food processors, but this one is the manual food processors that are making its place in the top eight best food processors in India. Let us have a look at this food processor. Wonder-chef turbo dual-speed processor is manufactured by the wonder chef company which is already best in the making best quality of utensils and people loved that and made this brand the top five brands in India for the kitchen utensils.

Wonerchef turbo dual-speed food processor is the manual food processor that works on two gears systems, one is for power mode, and the other one is for speed. It is a non-electric food processor and compact in size which fits in just a little space in your kitchen.

This food processor comes along with all the safety features that you have expected with your food processors. The base of this product is sturdy, which is not going to slip, along with that interlocking panels that help you in taking out with that the juice will not flow outside the jar.


  • The excellent design of this wonder chef turbo dual-speed food processor ensures to provide a great experience. With this manual food processor chopping, meat and vegetables are easy.
  • This manual food processor also makes Ice crushing easy and simple.
  • This food processor comes along with a unique mixing and crushing eggs, helps in making yogurt and ice creams.

8. Prestige All Rounder 600 watts Food Processor

Prestige is the most famous brand in the kitchen appliances and comes on the top Five brands. However, in the food processors, the prestige brand lacks to hold the top position, no matter if it is in the list of top eight best food processors in India due to having jars with less capacity. Prestige has made this food processor for those who need a small size of food processors.

Prestige company mainly has focused on those customers who are living alone or shifted to other cities for jobs and business away from their family.

This model of prestige comes along with three different jars, and with one juicer attachments. These jars have strong strength and durability to handle heavy pressure food processes. This product has a 600 watts of low electric power motor which can be controlled by the speed controller switch given in the system.


  • This product comes with five years of motor warranty and two years of product warranty.
  • It is less in the price that can be affordable by everyone.

What Should We Look When We Are Going to Purchase a Food Processor?

Many companies provide food processors with different models. To choose by looking at all of them. We made it easy for you to select the best food processor in the amount you want to invest in the food processor. Above we have mentioned the top eight best food processors in India with their advantages. To make a choice we must look at some features that we want in our food processor, down here, we are mentioning those points too.

Best Food Processor in India

Electric Power of Motor

The choice that you are going to make should be able to handle all types of a food operation, for example, like cutting the carrot in delicate pieces, kneading the dough and so on.

Heavy power motor can perform the tasks easily and are long-lasting in terms of durability. And if we are talking about the best food processors, then it must have the minimum 650 watts of the powerful motor in it.

Affordable in Budget

The choice that you are going to make should be friendly with your pocket too. There should be no compromisation between the quality and the price range of the product. It should be best and fulfill all your needs in the amount you want to invest in.

Jars Capacity

The capacity of the jars is the other important factor that everyone should look on while making a deal. It should have a sufficient amount of capacity that can be useful to you whether your family is small or having a joint family.

Weight and Size

The weight and size are not considered as the most crucial factor, but they are too valuable as other factors. Because in India, there is a massive range of products available in the market with different shapes and sizes.

The weight and size of the food processors will depend on the workload that should be put on.


Everyone will look at this factor weather we mention it or not. Because everyone will expect the after-sales service of the company.

Many companies give five years of warranty on motor and two years of warranty on products, whereas some companies are there who give two years of warranty on both the product and the motor. It is better to choose the food processor with the maximum number of years warranty provided by the company so that your money will not be wasted.

What Are the Types of Food Processors?

There are four types of food processors in the market. Here are the types of food processors


This is the type of food processor that usually used for liquid, or soft is the type of food processor, and mostly it comes along with the food processor, and for some time we have to pay extra to get it along with the food processor. The usage of blender is limited as there are only two types of food one is soft like mangoes and other like cutting the other fruits.

Hand Operated

These types of food processors are generally used for chopping fruits and vegetables because these the hand-operated and easy to operate and much easier to wash up.

Mini Food Processors

These are nothing but just the compact size of the actual food processors. These food processors tales less space in the kitchen and most useful for the people who live alone or shifted to the new cities for jobs or study.these are cheaper as compared to the full-sized food processors

Full-Sized Food Processors

These are the food processors for what everyone is looking for the helping partner in the kitchen in making the food more efficiently and faster. These food processors have the highest rates as compared to the mini food processor.


It is an important part that you should be investing which is more effective and efficient to take the workload of your family and can be easily available in the market as per your investment.

It is the essential electrical appliances that help in saving up the money to be spent on the electricity bill, and this is challenging to select the best food processor in India. We have tried our best to give the knowledge and a list of the best food processor in India as per my own experience. You can buy just by clicking not carrying an extra effort to make a deal.