Best Car Perfume in India – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

best car perfume in india

If you own a car, then you must be indeed very fond of your darling and who does not want his car to be the best of all. It must be classified as not only your but friends and family too spend their time in it and you certainly don’t want your knowns to use foul words for your car. And to enhance their experience you need it to be well organized and attractive, for this, a good car perfume comes into play. We have done the in-depth research on car perfumes for you and came up with the best car perfume in India, also other relevant information regarding this subject.

In addition to this, it is known that the essence of a new vehicle does not last forever, and an accident can cause difficulties that ruin the environment; but do not worry, for this there are some car perfumes, which will help you eliminate those bad smells. Today, we will have a brief study on some of the best car perfume products and also a comprehensive buying guide to make it easier for you to purchase a good car scent.

Before we begin, have a look at these important points:

  • Car Perfumes are an indispensable product for your vehicle, so it is necessary to highlight the qualities that allow you to take full advantage of their qualities.
  • Currently, there are many presentations in the lines of perfumes for cars in India, so it is useful to have a better perspective of the variety of products of this range existing in the market.
  • Also, consider aroma as an important factor while choosing a car perfume. The sense of smell of each person is sensitive to a greater or lesser extent to various types of fragrance or might be suffering from allergies, so you must be aware of the properties, effects, or potency of the smell you plan to use for your vehicle.

Best Car Perfume in India 2019

1. My Shaldan Car Air Freshener

My Shaldan Car Air Freshener is another premium but affordable car perfume, which is also on top of the list of the best car perfume in India and has millions of fans. It is a car perfume that you will surely want to have in your vehicle if you are a lover of strong, intense, and lasting aromas. You not only can use it in your car but also can use it in your home or office and enjoy its fragrance.

My Shaldan has dropped many different and unique flavors for different tastes of people. With its pleasant smell, it reduces the tension and stress, which favors in a fresh and positive mood. One pack of this Shaldan Car will serve you regularly for 8 to 9 weeks with great odor. It is also listed as Amazon’s Choice, which makes it a more reliable and trustworthy car perfume to buy right away.

Hot Deal
My Shaldan Lemon Car Air Freshener (Yellow, 80 g)
  • Can be used both in car and home
  • Lasts up to 60 days


  • This car perfume can also be used in home and offices for positivity in the atmosphere.
  • It will certainly serve you up to 60 days with an elegant fragrance.
  • My Shaldan Car Air Freshener has been tagged as an Amazon Choice product, which makes it worthy of trying, also it has many different flavors to treat you with.

2. Involve® ONE Musk Organic Car Perfume

Involve One Musk Car perfume is most preferred by big vehicles like SUVs and stretches limousine as it has a strong fragrance and spreads quickly within the atmosphere. It may seem small and of very short duration, but this car perfume is one of the most sold car perfume on Amazon and is loved by millions of Indian consumers.

This premium car scent is spill-proof, which means no leakage and no moisture strains in your car. It is manufactured or produced in India and has a double tape which retains or stick the perfume on the dashboard strongly. Also, you can use it in your home or office to bring positivity to the atmosphere. So I would recommend grabbing this car perfume right away if you are looking for an intense car perfume at an affordable price.

Hot Deal
Involve Your Senses ONE Musk Organic Car Perfume,...
  • Strong fragrances that performs even in SUV's
  • No leakage/leak proof


  • It works in all types of cars and is specially designed for big cars like SUVs.
  • Involve One Musk car perfume compact and appealing design that looks perfect on the dashboard.
  • It is 100% leakproof, which means no need to worry about moisture strains.

3. Molecule Aroma V1 Combo

It is an innovative car perfume that enhances your car journey by its elegant and intense fragrance. Molecule Aroma V1 is compact and small in design and fits almost ever charger socket as it can bend up to 90 degrees. This car perfume device turns on automatically as the car starts and saves the elegant odor when no one is in the car.

This car perfume also has three fans to spread the aromatic odor everywhere in the space. Molecule Aroma V1 might look very techy and difficult to use, but on the contrary, it is super easy to use, and even a kid can change the refill just by twisting it twice. It might be a little expensive, but it is a must buy innovative car perfume which will certainly please everyone who sits in your car.

Hot Deal
Molecule Aroma V1 Combo: Twilight Blue Element...
  • BRING YOU AN EXCEPTIONAL RELAXING DRIVING JOURNEY: Molecule Aroma Offers The Finest And Healthiest Aromatic Experience Through It Breaking Through...
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR CAR: V1 Auto Turns On When Car Is On And Delivers The Scented Molecules Into Your Surrounding. Most Suitable For Smaller Space Like...


  • It is an innovative car perfume which changes our perspective of car perfumes.
  • One element (Refill) of Molecule Aroma V1 will surely serve you for more than 45 days.
  • Simple to operate and easy to change elements.

4. Godrej Aer twist, Car Air Freshener

Whenever someone discusses best car perfumes or freshener, the first name which strikes on everybody’s mind is Godrej Aer Twist. It is a good option if you prefer a product that lasts a long time and does not require change and refills in small intervals. You can also control the intensity with an easy and simple control mechanism, which makes it more appealing and allow you to save the fragrance for special people.

Ar twist car perfume by Godrej is spill-proof, which does not allow any stain or moisture in your vehicle. It will spread elegant fragrance in your car up to 60 days, and if you are a save, then it will undoubtedly serve you for more than two months. With so much positivity, this car perfume is loved by millions of Indian consumers because of its affordable and quality fragrance. It is also available in 7 other flavors, which are worth trying, so if you are looking for something premium, but in the budget, then this one is your shot.

No products found.


    • Godrej Aer twist has a beautiful and premium body design that looks perfect on any car’s dashboard.
    • It has a variety of flavors, which will certainly bring happiness to your nose.
    • Simple and easy to use with no technical hassles.

5. Ambi Pur Aqua Car Vent Air Freshener

One of the most popular car perfume as it has been serving Indian consumers for a long time. It is consumer-oriented as it offers simple controls to increase and decrease the intensity of the fragrance. It is loved by millions of people just because of its quality and affordable price.

This car perfume will provide a consistent fragrance that you can enjoy for about 45 to 50 days. Its compact and ergonomic design offers portability and lightweight which is preferred by many car owners. It also tagged as an Amazon Choice product which makes it more reliable and a worth buying option.

Hot Deal
Ambi Pur Aqua Car Air Freshener Starter Kit (7.5...
  • Easy to control
  • Intoxicating fragrance


  • Hassle-free and straightforward controls to increase and decrease the intensity.
  • It has a portable and compact design and also is lightweight, which is a top priority for some consumers.
  • Enjoy this car perfume that will serve you for more than 50 days.

6. Little Joe Car Perfume – Vanilla

This attractive and eye-catching car perfume will surely gain everyone’s attention who will board your car. People misjudge it as a chemically designed car perfume, but it is totally chemical-free, and so is ideal for asthma patients. Apart from its appealing design, this Little Joe Car Perfume is also leak and spill-proof, which makes it a worthy buying option.

It is made up of safe and non-toxic plastic, which is certified by the European standards. Little Joe is especially loved by kids as it amuses them the most, and you don’t need to worry about anything as it is 100% safe, so no problem if your kid handles it.

Hot Deal
Little Joe Car Perfume - Vanilla
  • Happy and Handsome Joe Made in Italy - Now in India
  • Amazingly Designed, Leak & Spill Proof, Easy to use


  • It is made up of non-hazardous and non-toxic plastic, which makes it 100% safe.
  • Little Joe has an amusing and attractive design, which appeals to check this Little Joe out.
  • It is available at an affordable price and is easy to use.

7. Areon Wish Gel Air Freshener for Car

Areon Wish Car Freshener is another affordable but effective car perfume for everyone, is gel-based, and so does not moisturizes the atmosphere. It offers a fresh and energizing fragrance, which positively changes your journey experience. This Gel car perfume has created millions of satisfied consumers in a few years, which makes it a more reliable and trustworthy option.

Areon Wish is a mixture of special scents and important oils, which is the reason it is so powerful and satisfying. It is long-lasting, and so you don’t need to worry about refilling your perfume every second week. Considering the features and competition, it is available at a reasonable price.

Hot Deal
AREON Car, Home Passion Gel Based Perfume...
  • Relax your mood
  • Cue for cleanliness


  • Areon Wish is a Gel-based car perfume that offers energizing fragrance.
  • It can be placed anywhere in the car on the dashboard or in cup holders.
  • This Car perfume offers blends of different oils and scents, which makes it unique and appealing.

These were some of the best-handpicked car perfumes you should buy right away.

Buying Guide

Now you must have an idea of what kind of car perfume you want but it is equally important to know aspects and certain questions that will influence your buying decision.

What type of car perfumes are available in the market?

We have already seen different types of car perfumes which were pretty enchanting and you must be still wanting to leave this article and directly purchase one but what’s the rush? Have a look at these different types of care perfumes.

Dashboard Perfume: These are the most common and popular car perfumes which have very intense and strong fragrance which gives an amazing sensational feeling but these might be not long-lasting and you have to buy extra refills to enjoy the enchanting odor.

Electric Car Perfume: We have also mentioned one electric car perfume which is pretty amazing. It is usually connected to the USB or to the charger socket. These have the technology to regulate the odor in the space and let everyone enjoy the fragrance of the perfume.

There are a few other car perfumes which include Hanging Car Perfumes and Sprays which does not work as effective as the ones I mentioned and so you should avoid buying those.

How Long Does a Car Perfume Last?

An important point that is necessary to know about this product is how much time will it serve. On average, a car perfume can last 30 to 60 days without changing the refill. It might vary by the intensity and quality of the car perfume and only some of the products require refills (others need a full replacement which is more expensive)

Something You Should Pay Attention to

There are two groups of flavors in the market, one is auto flavors with chemicals, and the other is Natural flavors. The auto flavors with chemicals have a fragrance, which is extraordinarily intense and stays for a very long duration. They are the best option if you want to abolish a smell completely; but, due to their chemicals, they can cause allergic reactions and nasal problems. Another group that is Natural and also has an intense aroma or fragrance, but it does not last for so long, and they only mask the bad smell and do not have any bad effects on you. So carefully check the composition of the car perfume before buying one as it might be bad if you just ordered without checking it properly.

Is There Any Risk of Using a Car Perfume?

It is a very important question that arises is whether there is any risk of using car perfume. Although the risks are insignificant, you should consider them, as some perfumes contain alcohol and are flammable, and some contact such as with cigarettes or lighters of the vehicle can generate fire. In addition, some with its strong and intense fragrance can cause dizziness, allergic reactions, so it is advisable to know what type of perfumes you can use and which you can not, and the composition of the perfume.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Car Perfume (Purchase Criteria)

It is difficult to choose a single product among so many variants and options in a vast country like India. So we did research and stated some important factors for you to consider and discuss before making the ultimate purchase.

  • Intensity
  • Fragrance
  • Mode
  • Other Effects

Let us have a comprehensive look at these important factors


The first point you should consider is what level of fragrance intensity you can consider pleasant and which is unacceptable or annoying you. It is very important for you to take the intensity into account before choosing a car perfume. If you are the one who prefers something soft and almost hidden, you can go for natural light flavors as its intensity is low; but it will keep the atmosphere fresh and will spread a pleasant smell. Or if you like strong and intense fragrance, then you should go for a product that promises intense and strong odor throughout the journey constantly.

Fragrance or Odor

You should also consider the type or flavor of the fragrance before going for one. If you are looking for a car fragrance with a more organic or natural fragrance, such as plants, spices or some similar element, then you should go with your preferred flavor type but if you do not want fruit flavors or natural flavors then you can surely buy a regular one which has artificial essence. So you should consider the type or flavor of the fragrance as an essential factor.


There are different modes of car perfume like some are automatic and don’t need manual guidance, but some others are needed to be controlled, which allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of the fragrance. The Manual perfume will last longer but will need regular actions every time, and in automatic one, you don’t need to use your hand as it is constantly on, and that is the reason why it gets over soon. So consider everything and choose the best one.

Other Effects

One should also check the additional effects that a car perfume can generate. You must verify its composition so that it does not generate an unfavorable reaction to the people suffering from some allergies or disease as depending on the components, and they can be harmful to you or anyone in your car.

So these were some important factors that will certainly and positively influence you to make a better purchase.

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How Much Does a Car Perfume Cost?

The cost of the car perfume may vary to certain factors like quantity, quality, and also the mode of the application. You can get a good car perfume at a price of INR 200 to INR 2000. If you are looking for an affordable one, then go for a manual one with a changeable refills option as the refills are cheaper than buying the whole new product.

Where to Buy?

You can get a perfect car perfume at any automobile local store but you can also buy it online at Droom, Amazon or Flipkart. Buying online will save your visit to the local store and let you have the product home delivered. Also, you can inspect the past reviews of the consumers and choose the right product. The above-mentioned products are listed from and are worth buying options for you.


Here is another mournful end of an article, we shared the best car perfume in India and also reviewed each one in detail. We also stated a comprehensive buying guide on car perfumes, which included various relevant and important sub-topics, which certainly improve your purchasing skills. I hope that you are much satisfied with this complete article and are not going to anywhere about your query. But in case I forgot to mention or clear any doubt, then please make a comment below, and I will certainly come back to you with the best possible answer.

Best Helmets in India 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

We know about the new rules in India, the challan rates are more than the average salary of any middle-class person. However, the helmets are not only for saving you from the challan, but it is also for your safety. While traveling on a bike, our safety is more important than anything, and for our safety, we need such types of helmets which meet every standard of the safety features. Therefore, we researched and added the best helmets in india for traveling on bikes on the roads.

We know that everyone rush to reach their destination, and it is most frequent with the bike riders. They are most likely to speed it up whenever they want to reach their destination shortly. However, the bitter truth of this century is nobody cares for the travelers on the roads. Our safety is in our hands only. That is the only reason that we need to concern more about ourself and not only because of the police but also for our protection. We need to wear and purchase the quality helmets and, the same list of best helmets in India we have added below.

Best Helmets in India

1. Vega Crux CRX-B-L Flip-up Helmet

Vega is one of the famous brands when it comes to the best helmets brands in India. It is not only made fantastically but also provide the most secure material on the helmet. It is best for the bike riders who want to have the fancy and yet stylish protective stuff on their head while travelling on the road. There is no surprise for us if the vega helmets are getting too much attention in the market. That is the only reason we have added it first in our list.

The best part about the Vega Crux is it easily fits in every head and offers excellent ventilation. However, In most of the helmets, it is difficult to breathe inside due to the visor which locks the air inside. Fortunately, with this model, this is not the case. You will be able to breathe correctly after wearing this helmet.

Do you know what I liked the most in this helmet? The automatic visor feature. Gone are the days where you need to manually flip up the vigour for getting air on the traffic. You can use the push-button given on this helmet for flipping up the visor.

Hot Deal
Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet (Black, L)
  • Leather finish touch; Due to varying shapes, heads that are apparently the same size when measured by a tape may not necessarily fit the same size...
  • Off-road look ; Shell: High Impact ABS Material Shell ; Aerodynamic Shape ; Visor: Scratch resistant & UV resistant. Visor in optical polycarbonate

However, if you feel crampy or tighten after wearing this helmet, so let me tell you it is with all of the helmets for a day or two in the starting and after that everything is fixed and comfortable. In the end, if you are looking for the best helmet and yet in affordable price, the Vega crux is for you.

2. Studds STS_PRL_BLK_L Professional Full Face Helmet

We know that most of the people in India don’t use the ISI marked helmets. You can be the one by investing a few more bucks on the top quality standard helmets of Studds. Studds is a well-known brand, and they are offering a varied range of secured and yet designed helmets to the people. It is one of the most popular bike helmets manufacturers in India.

Let me tell you something more about the outer area of this helmet. It is made up of the high impact grade engineering thermoplastic, which is pretty suitable and secured to save your head from all kinds of shocks and traumas. Moreover, the outer layer of this helmet is unpainted, and this is the best part of the helmet I liked the most. It means there will be no overall scratches on the outer area of the helmet.

This is not the end, to ensure that you are safe from any kind of accidents or road mashups the inner part of the helmet include EPS concussion padding with regulated density lined to strengthen and provide comfortability to the intimate area.

Studds Professional Helmet BK/BStrip(L)
  • Outer Shell injected from special high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic
  • Multiposition, articulating optically true injected polycarbonate visor duly silicon, hard coated for scratch resistance properties

Most of the times, people have skin issues with local helmets due to the dust and rough material used inside the helmet. However, this is not the case with this helmet. It provides you with a comfortable peace and security while travelling on the roads. If you ask me, then this would be the choice and investment for your head.

3. Vega Cliff CLF-LK-M Full Face Helmet

Let’s welcome the number one brand again on our list. Vega Cliff Full face helmet is another variant from one of the top helmet manufacturer in India. It is also one of the ISI approved helmets from Vega whenever the new variant comes from the brand, the people most likely to rush for the particular product. This helmet is a full-face helmet, and it does not have the option for the flips.

In the starting, you might feel uncomfortable while wearing this helmet, but it would be fixed after some days when the foam inside the helmet started losing and sooner it will fit perfectly in your head. You will love to know about the outer part of this helmet which is made up of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. The material which is usually hard to crack, and it means the proper safety for your head. Moreover, the outer area of the helmet is also scratch-resistant. This is to make sure that your helmet looks good.

Hot Deal
Vega Cliff CLF-LK-M Full Face Helmet (Black, M)
  • ISI approved helmet
  • New helmets may feel tight at first. This is normal and required to ensure safety. Foam requires around 10 days to adjust to rider's head shape

What I liked the most in this helmet is the visor part. It perfectly fits, and I’ve never seen such fittings in any of such helmets. The excellent fit design will make the helmet more comfortable and also the other best part is it is one of the lightest helmets, which is easy to carry as well. If the flipping helmets are not usually your choice and you do not want to spend more bucks, then Vega Cliff can be your choice.

4. Studds Marshall SUS_MOFH_BLKL Open Face Helmet

The other one in our list from the same most popular helmet manufacturer brand in India. This is same as the Vega helmet, and also it is ISI approved. It means it pretty equipped will all of the safety features and uniqueness that a helmet need. We know that all of the Studds brand helmets made up of robust high impact grade engineering thermoplastic, which is not usually easy to crack and also the shockproof material.

The best part of this helmet is the dynamic ventilation system which is installed on the inner area of the helmet to ensure the proper delivery of the air. It means you will not feel suffocated or cramp inside the helmet. You’ll love to know that the outer area of the helmet is also scratch-resistant. It means the helmet will look good even after the months of usage. This helmet possibly could be one of the best helmets in India under affordable price.

Studds Marshall SUS_MOFH_BLKL Open Face Helmet...
  • Outer Shell injected from special high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic
  • Optically true injected polycarbonate visor duly silicon hard coated for scratch resistance properties

Another feature of this helmet is the chinstrap mechanism lock. It means you won’t find it difficult to wear it off during any stop. You only need to click the button, and the lock will open. It is such an advanced technology used in the full-face helmet of Studds. Although according to the customer reviews, the helmet will be a little uncomfortable for a few days, it would be fixed once you get accustomed to it. This can be probably one of the best choices for the person who is looking for an ISI approved full-face helmet.

5.  Steelbird Helmet SBA-1 Free Live with Smoke Visor and Matt Finish

We have added some good quality and ISI approved helmets in our list. What about the helmet which passes not only the security test of ours but also the looks and design which is perfect for a sports bike rider. The last but not the least in our list of best helmets in India is Steelbird SBA-1.

You are really getting the cool and secured interior not only in the outside but the inside as well. This helmet is more comfortable than our expectation and meets every quality standard of ours. The material used in the outer area of the helmet is secured, and it is not easy to damage or crack the outer area part. The foam inside the inner area of the helmet makes yourself more comfortable.

Hot Deal
Steelbird SBA-1 Free Live Matt Black with Grey...
  • ISI approved helmet
  • Italian Design Replaceable & washable Interior

Steelbird SBA-1 probably one of the best choice for the people who are looking for secured and yet stylish helmets for their sports bikes and rides.

Best Helmets in India


We know that in the era, no one really does care on the roads or highway. This is why our safety is in our hands only. Helmets are essential as the clothes we wear. If you are riding a bike and not wearing a helmet on the roads, then I do think you are putting your life in danger.

However, it also depends upon the helmet you wear, and if you usually wear the local helmets, then I don’t think it’s matter. It is because the local helmets crack easily and that is the only reason we have added the list of best helmets in india to make sure of providing best helmets to the people of India. It is also to ensure the safety of them as well.

Best Mattress in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

These days, there are plenty of different options that are available to you when it comes to top quality mattresses. They will give you the comfort and pleasure that you are looking for at the end of a hard and backbreaking day. Get a tight sleep and feel refreshed the next morning to give it a go once again! In the following section, you will be offered a brief insight into some of the best mattress in India. It would help to narrow down your search and go for the one that suits your budget and taste.

In India, there are plenty of different brands available when it comes to mattresses. It can be quite confusing to select the best out of them, as there are so many different options available. At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you have the best quality material installed which would give you and your guests’ optimum comfort.

Best Mattress in India 2020

Here are the best mattress in India ranked, in order:

1. Wake-Fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

This is one of the best brands available in India as far as orthopedic mattresses are concerned. What makes Wake-Fit mattresses so special is the fact that they are available with a manufacturer warranty of 20 years! Memory foam of the best quality is used in the process of manufacturing these mattresses; as a result, they are ideal when it comes to providing support to your back. These are your best options if you are looking for a comfortable and deep sleep

Hot Deal
Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress, Queen...
  • Length (78 Inches), Width (60 Inches), Height (8 Inches)
  • Color : White , Mattress Feel : Medium Firm.
  • One of the best mattresses available in India which are made of memory foam
  • It comes with an excellent cover which is made of the top-notch quality of cotton fabric, which not only makes it look classy but at the same time gives it the protection it requires
  • The foam used in this mattress is of high density which makes them soft and comfortable
  • A 20-year manufacturing warranty is hard to find in Indian market!

2. Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop Mattress

If you are looking for one of the most comfortable mattresses in India, in that case, the Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop mattress would just be the perfect option for you. These mattresses are available with extra support at the edges which are meant for preventing shagging that might occur at the corners. These mattresses are available in Queen size and in terms of Indian standards the size is quite large

Hot Deal
Dreamzee Ortho-Care Memory Foam Mattress Soft...
  • Comfort Level - It has “ SOFT ” comfort level. Being Soft at the top and medium firm at the bottom. It’s a reversible mattress having “ Dual...
  • Cushioning Layer - Drift into deeper and peaceful sleep with this mattress as it cradles your body with a deluxe cushioning of 1” Cool Memory Foam...
  • These mattresses have top quality support features which are meant to help maintain proper posture of the body.
  • The memory foam is made of heat sensitive material which is an ideal option when it comes to taking care of the spine.
  • It comes with Visco memory foam, which is 2 inch in width, offers high level of comfort and mind blowing experience.
  • These mattresses come with a 5 years manufacturing warranty.
  • The Eurotop finish gives it a premium and classy look.

3. SleepyCat – Gel Memory Foam Mattress

These mattresses are available with cooling crystals that are meant to regulate the temperature of the body, which offers optimum level of comfort and gives a good night’s sleep. It also provides excellent support to the back which ensure that the proper posture is being maintained

Hot Deal
SleepyCat 6 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Queen Size...
  • Dimensions: Length (78 inches), Width (60 inches), Height (6 iniches). Bed size: Queen
  • Mattress comfort: Medium Firm ; Material: 1 inch Gel Memory Foam, 5 inch High Density Base Support Foam
  • These mattresses comes with a therapeutic layer which helps in the process of distributing the weight of the body evenly and helps you to get a comfortable sleep throughout the night
  • These mattresses come with high density foam which adds durability, structure and strength to the mattress.
  • The quality of the foam inside the mattresses is maintained by the breezy air cover which also provides excellent flow of air throughout the mattress.
  • Excellent quality of GSM knitted fabric is used to make the outer cover which offers additional flexibility and comfort. The cover, which is hand-crafted can easily be removed for the purpose of cleaning spots
  • This mattress comes in a box and no additional amount needs to be paid for delivery
  • The company donates 1 mattress for every 10 they sell
  • It is one of the best brands available in India when it comes to foam mattresses.

4. Sleepyhead 6-inch Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress

The Sleepyhead foam mattress is one of the best mattresses to have. It comes with layers of springy breathable foam and memory foam. This is a queen sized foam mattress and is ideal for the beds used in India. It offers the perfect amount of bounce and firmness which you need to have a good night’s sleep

Hot Deal
Sleepyhead 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam...
  • Primary Dimensions: Length (198.1 cm) , Width (152.4 cm) , Height (15.2 cm)
  • Primary Material: Foam
  •  You can buy this mattress online which will make a reduction in price of up to 60%
  •  The product is delivered in an excellent pack. All that you need to do is to unpack it as you do   it with a blanket
  •  One of the best features of this product is the fact that it comes with a free trial of 100 days
  •  The mattress offers optimum firmness which supports all types of bodies
  •  It offers perfect bounce and will not disturb your partner even when you are tossing around the bed
  •  It comes with 3 layers of substantial foam which provides the optimum level of density
  •  The washable outer cover that comes with this mattress, allows you to keep it dust free and clean

5. Wake-Fit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & Soft

This dual comfort mattress can be used from both sides. On the one side, it offers a firm mattress while on the other side; it comes with a soft surface. As a result, this dual comfort mattress can be used according to the requirement and with the changing conditions of the weather

Hot Deal
Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress - Hard & Soft, Queen...
  • Length (78 Inches), Width (60 Inches), Height (6 Inches)
  • Color : White , Mattress Feel : Medium Firm & Medium Soft on Different Sides
  •  The firmer side of this mattress can be used during the winters, while the semi-soft side can be used during other seasons
  •  High-density foam is being used in this mattress and they are of the best quality available.
  •  This product is dispatched from the factory directly
  •  This mattress comes with an mattress cover which is made of excellent quality quilted cotton fabric
  •  This mattress comes with a manufacturing warranty of 5 years and hence takes care of the manufacturing defects for a long time

6. Urban Ladder DreamLite Eurotop Bonnel Spring Mattress

In this mattress “inner stripping” technology is being used which provides it with the best-quality back support. When it comes to the comfort factor, this mattress has to be your number one choice as the quilting is made of top quality foam

Urban Ladder Dreamlite 8-ich King Size Bonnel...
  • Product Dimensions: Length (72 inches), Width (78 inches), Height (8 inches)
  • Primary Material: Foam, Subtype: Bonnel Spring, Subtype: Foam | Colour: White | Colour : White
  •  Bonnel spring construction mechanism is used in the process of manufacturing this mattress. It makes sure that the mattress is light and at the same time, the flow of air is enhanced
  •  This mattress comes with anti-corrosive springs which ensures a longer life span
  •  The top layer of this mattress is made of super soft and high-quality foam which offers additional comfort. You can spend hours together sleeping in the same position without having to toss around.
  •  The foam casing and additional spring support prevents rolling and shagging
  •  If you are suffering from spine pain, then this mattress would just be the perfect option for you
  •  It comes with a 5 years manufacturing warranty which covers all kinds of manufacturing defects

7. Kurl-On Dream Sleep 6-Inch Queen Size Spring Mattress

Since 1962, Kurl-On has been the largest selling mattress company in India. It is a name to be reckoned with. This is a queen sized spring mattress with a size of 6 inches. This mattress is available in wide range of different types of colors. It is ideal when it comes to providing best support to your back and spine.

If you are looking for a perfect blend of softness and firmness, then this mattress would just be the best option for you. Over the years, it has proven to be as one of the best double bed mattresses to be available in India

Kurl-on Dream Sleep 6-inch Queen Size Spring...
  • Product Dimensions: Length (72 inches), Width (60 inches), Height (6 inches)
  • Primary Material: Spring
  •  It comes with high-tensile Bonnel springs which are strong and durable and can withstand heavy loads
  •  The springs come with a Thermo bond encasing which prevents them from damaging the layers of the mattress
  •  The thick PU foam of the mattress ensures that you get maximum area to sleep on and at the same time offers you a highly comfortable sleep
  •  This mattress is designed with Kurlopedic technology which makes the mattress a ideal choice as it offers optimum alignment to the spine and also offers comfort to other parts of the body
  •  This mattress remains devoid of dust mites, bed bugs and microbes all the time
  •  This mattress comes with a 5 year manufacturing warranty and 1 year of replacement warranty

8. Nilkamal Value+ 4-inch Single Size Foam Mattress

Nilkamal is another well known brand of mattress in India. These mattresses are being manufactured after conducting a thorough research on the sleeping habits and the weather condition that prevail in this part of the world.

Nilkamal is the first company in India to use Height and Weight Chart which allows the buyers to select the best firmness for them. There are 4 different types of firmness these mattresses are available in India

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@home By Nilkamal Value+ 4-inch Single Size Foam...
  • Product Dimensions: Length (78 inches), Width (36 inches), Height (4 inches)
  • Primary Material: Evlon/Lux Foam
  •  It comes with intelligent sleep technology which ensures that you get the best comfort
  •  Lux/Elvon Foam is being used by the company for manufacturing these mattresses
  •  These mattresses are available with an warranty period of 2 years
  •  This multi-layered mattress offers optimum comfort

9. Coirfit Beetle 4-Inch Single Size Coir Mattress

When it comes to the Coir mattresses, they are known for their firmness. These mattresses are available with a perfect blend of active bond material and PU foam. This mattress comes with an ergonomic design and offers the perfect balance in terms of weight

  •  The main material to be used in this mattress is coir. Hence, it can be called a eco-friendly product
  •  This mattress is made of perfect blend of active bond material and PU foam
  •  This mattress offers a springy feel that helps a lot when it comes to maintaining the proper circulation of blood in the body
  •  This mattress comes with “Bounce Back” feature which makes it even more special
  •  This mattress is made of cotton fabric. The durable outer portion of this mattress ensures that it would last for a long period of time
  •  This mattress comes with an warranty period of 1 year
  •  It is a single-bed mattress that offers optimum comfort and support

10. Foams India Brands Natural Latex Portable Mattress

These are essentially latex mattress and are very eco friendly. This is a single-sized mattress and is a portable one. It offers optimum level of comfort. One of the main benefits of this product is the fact that it can be used on different types of surfaces. This is a highly versatile mattress

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Foamsindia Brands Natural Latex Foam Portable...
  • Portable Mattress are made from 100% Natural Latex Foam using the latest pin-core technology which keep it cool always
  • No toxic or synthetic chemical are used in the manufacture and is free from heat and health hazards.
  •  If you are looking for top-quality comfort, then this mattress is the best option available to you. It comes with all the qualities and features of memory foam mattresses
  •  This mattress comes with anti-microbial features which ensures that it remain fresh and free from all kinds of contaminations
  •  This is a portable mattress and can be stored anywhere. It occupies a very little amount of space
  •  The washable protector that comes with this mattress is made of natural rubber. This mattress is quite healthy to use
  •  This mattress comes in a wide range of different types of designs and colors which would suit your preferences and tastes
  •  It comes with a high-quality zipper that works perfectly under different temperatures

 Mattress Buying Guide

There are various aspects that need to be taken into consideration like thickness, size, motion isolation, providing support, comforting ability, and others. In the following section, a detailed insight will be offered to each of these

Mattress Size

In India, the sizes of the mattresses are different compared to other countries. Therefore, before buying one, you need to make sure that it fits the size of your bed. However, there are standard sized mattresses that are available in the market like, Twin, Single, Double or Full, Twin XL, Queen, King, California King, and others. Not all these different sizes are available in India. Here you will only find mattresses of the following sizes:

  1. Double Size Mattresses
  2. Singe Size Mattresses
  3. King Size Mattresses
  4. Queen Size Mattresses

These are some of the standard sizes that are available in the market. You can also go for a customized size which would fit the size of your bed.

Thickness of the Mattress:

When it comes to the thickness of the mattress, it is one of the most essential features. Most of the mattresses are 10 inches in terms of thickness. However, there are mattresses available whose thickness varies from 5 to 15 inches. Your body weight plays an important role when it comes to selecting the right thickness of the mattresses

The Firmness:

There are 2 important factors that determine the firmness of the mattresses, which are

  1. The weight of the individual who will be sleeping on it.
  2. The position in which the individual normally sleeps in.

Those who weigh less than 60m kg would normally opt for softer mattresses, while those who weigh in excess of 60 kg should look for firmer options. The firmness of the mattress is an important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration as the comforting ability of the mattresses to a great extent depends on it.

The position in which an individual sleeps also plays an important role. Those who are used to sleeping on their sides prefer softer mattresses and on the other hand, those who sleep on their back look for firmer and heavier options. It offers comfort.

Therefore, it can be inferred that when it comes to the softer mattresses, they are the best options for the side sleepers and those who sleep on their stomach, for them, firmer mattresses should be the best option

What are the Types of Mattresses Available in India?

The following types of mattresses are usually available in India

  1. Spring Mattress
  2. Coir Mattress
  3. Memory Foam Mattress
  4. Foam Mattress
  5. Re-bound Foam Mattress
  6. Latex Mattress
  7. Airbed Mattress

Here is a brief discussion on each of them

Spring Mattress:

Compared to coir mattresses, the spring ones are the better options. The fact that these mattresses come with springs, make them bouncy. As far as the life span is concerned, a spring mattress can last for 6 years. It, however, depends on how it is being used. Using a mattress topper for a spring mattress would be a good idea.


  • These are bouncy mattresses
  • They provide a medium level of comfort to those who are suffering from back pain
  • As far as price is concerned, they are quite affordable


  • The durability of these mattresses are of medium range
  • Motion transfer is being exhibited by these mattresses. It can disturb your sleep if someone moves around

Coir Mattress:

These types of mattresses were innovated in India and are only available in India. Usually, coconut coir is used to make these types of mattresses. Out of all the mattresses that are available in the market, these are considered to be the most eco-friendly. They are firm and hard and might not offer the same level of comfort as the ones made of foam. But the fact that they are economical makes them popular in the market. These mattresses do not last as the other mattresses do. The average lifespan of these mattresses is 5 years.


  • These mattresses come with a firm base
  • These mattresses are economical
  • Motion transfer is not being exhibited by them


  • The fact that these mattresses are formed, can cause pain and discomfort
  • If someone is suffering from back pain or stiffness, the condition might become worse for them
  • They do not last for a long period of time

Memory Foam Mattress:

These are the type of foam mattresses; however, there is a difference. These mattresses come with an open cell structure which allows the mattress to retain pressure and register it even when you get off the bed. The fact that it can remember the points of pressure, hence it is called “memory foam mattress”. These mattresses can be used by both stomach and side sleepers. These are considered to be the best options for the side sleepers


  • These mattresses offer a high level of comfort and can mold according to the pressure exerted upon them and are also capable of distributing the pressure equally throughout the surface
  • For those who are suffering from spine pain, for them, these are the best options.
  •   Those who are suffering from shoulder pain can also get comfort by sleeping in these mattresses
  • One of the best features of the memory foam mattresses is the fact that they help to maintain the proper body temperature

As far as spinal alignment is concerned, memory foam mattresses are the best options
The foam contains polyurethane which makes the mattress free from dirt and helps to prevent allergy


  • If you are looking for proper support, in that case, then these mattresses are not the best options. These mattresses are way too soft to provide the proper support
  • If you are in the habit of tossing and turning around while you are sleeping, then these mattresses are not the best option for you
  • This mattress can cause sweating and those who are sensitive to high temperature can find it to be quite uncomfortable
  • Different types of chemicals are used in the process of manufacturing these mattresses, which can create a certain degree of discomfort for the users. However, the smell disappears after a couple of days

Foam Mattresses:

These are the most popular types of mattresses to be used in India. Here the foam is used instead of coir. This makes the mattresses soft and offers optimum level of comfort. These mattresses have the tendency of sagging towards the ends. These mattresses are considered to be the best option for those who are suffering from back pain. Besides, what makes these mattresses so special is the fact that they do not exhibit motion transfers and they last for a long period of time which can extend up to 8 years


  •  These mattresses are considered to be the most durable ones to be available in the market
  •  Those who are suffering from hip and back pain, for them, these mattresses are the best sleeping option
  •  They do not cause any sort of disturbance or discomfort when your partner is tossing and moving around in the bed
  •  These are the perfect options in cold temperatures as the foam helps to maintain the body heat and offers a great level of comfort


  • These mattresses are expensive compared to the coir and spring mattresses
  •  As far as foam mattresses are concerned, they are sensitive to heat. It can make you sweat if you are sensitive to high temperature
  •  The body tends to sink in the mattress while you toss and move around in your sleep

Rebonded Foam Mattresses:

In these types of mattresses, scrap foam and reclaimed foam are glued together using a particular amount of pressure. These mattresses are the perfect alternative to the coir ones. However, these are considered to be better options than the coir mattresses because of their cushioning advantage, energy absorption, and compressibility.


  •  These mattresses offer better refreshment and sleep
  •  Those who are suffering from shoulder pain and are side sleepers, for them, this is the best option. It offers the proper support which helps to keep the spine and shoulder in proper shape
  •  These mattresses are devoid of any springs; however, they offer the same level of bounciness
  •  These are the least expensive among all the foam mattresses that are available in the market
  •  Recycled materials are used for stuffing the mattress. This makes it an eco-friendly option


  • There are different types of chemicals that are used in these mattresses which might cause inflammation. Toxic emissions can also be released by these mattresses, which makes them not the perfect option for children
  •  When it comes to rebounded mattresses, then one should go for the CertiPUR-US certified ones. However, these mattresses are not available in India and need to be imported
  •  These are quite expensive options

Latex Mattresses:

In these mattresses, latex is being used instead of foam. Apart from latex, these mattresses also contain poly-foams and different other types of materials. These mattresses come with a wide range of different level of firmness which suits people with different types of sleeping habits. There are 2 different varieties of latex foam that is available in the market, which is the Talalay latex and Dunlop latex. When it comes to Dunlop Latex, they are bottom heavy and are mainly used for the purpose of supporting the cores; on the other hand, the Talalay latex is a perfect mixture of frothy and light foam. These mattresses can last over a period of 8 years


  •  When it comes to body contouring, the latex mattresses are the perfect options. These mattresses are known for offering excellent pressure point relief. The mattresses made of Talalay latex are said to be ideal for those who are suffering from neck and back pain
  •  These mattresses offer a higher level of bounciness because of the fact that they have a high rubber content and has foam grid
  •  These mattresses offer relaxed and comfortable sleeping surfaces that do not retain heat
  •  These mattresses usually come with hypoallergenic foam which prevents the formation of mildews, molds, and dust. It keeps these mattresses free from all kinds of contaminations.
  • The life span of these mattresses are quite long
  •  The fact that these mattresses are made of natural materials, make them eco-friendly
  •  These mattresses are known for having the feature of motion isolation. Even if your partner is moving and tossing around the bed, it will not cause any kind of disturbances at all


  •  During the process of manufacturing of these mattresses, harmful organic compounds are being emitted. It comes with a strong smell of rubber, which, however, disappears within a couple of days
  •  There are few stores where you can find these mattresses and test their quality. Most of them are available online
  •  These mattresses are considered to be the most expensive one out the different types of mattresses that are available in the market.

Airbed Mattresses:

These mattresses have gained popularity over the last couple of years. These are basically inflatable beds which are being primarily used for accommodating guests. These mattresses can be folded and stored in the cupboard. They are quite light and offer the optimum level of comfort. People, who frequently go camping, use these mattresses and camping beds. The air inside the mattress can be adjusted for accommodating bodies of different sizes and shapes. These mattresses come with health benefits. These mattresses can also be used as a water toy.


  •  These are flexible mattresses and you can increase and decrease the firmness and softness by controlling the air inside it
  •  Those who side sleepers and those who suffer from lower back pain can find these mattresses to be very useful
  •  These mattresses are devoid of sagging and can be inflated with more air whenever it is required
  •  These mattresses are comfortable as heat from the body is not being absorbed by these mattresses
  •  These mattresses are odorless as they are made of PVC materials
  •  What makes them so special is the fact that these mattresses are portable


  •  One of the major disadvantages of these mattresses is the fact that they are prone to leaks and punctures. However, they can be repaired
  •  One side of these mattresses are flocked and in some cases, both the sides are flocked
  •  The air pumps that are used in these mattresses can be quite noisy

What type of Sleeper are you?

When it comes to selecting the right type of mattress, it the way you sleep that comes as a determining factor. Your style of sleeping can affect the decision of buying the right kind of mattress.

People have different ways of sleeping. There are people who prefer to sleep on their backs and stomach, while others side sleepers.

When it comes to pregnant women, they have a specific posture that they need to maintain while sleeping. Similarly, those with a heavy body weight have a different way of sleeping. All these factors should be taken into consideration while buying a mattress

Side Sleepers:

Those who side sleepers, they should opt for the mattresses which range from medium firm to soft. Using a soft mattress can help to relieve pressure from the back area and neck. It also plays an important role when it comes to adjusting the contours of the body. While sleeping on the side, proper alignment of back, neck, and spine is required. The mattress should support the body in all these measures.

Those who side sleepers, they should avoid using spring and water mattresses. The spring mattresses offer less support to the lumbar area whereas when it comes to the waterbeds, they do not evenly distribute the weight of the body throughout the mattresses

Stomach Sleepers:

During the day, the maximum weight is being carried by the middle section of the body. More pressure is being accumulated in this region as you sleep on your stomach. Therefore, if you are a stomach sleeper, you need to ensure that you have opted for a mattress that offers proper support and don’t give you a backache.

It is important to make sure that the mattress has proper firmness because when you are sleeping on your stomach, the gaps between your body and the mattress is very little. There are stomach sleepers who prefer to use soft mattresses. They can opt for mattresses that are made of advanced foam.

Sleeping During Pregnancy:

Left side is the ideal sleeping position for pregnant women. This is also known as the SOS or sleeping on the side position. The reason why sleeping on the left side is useful is because it helps to improve the blood circulation in the body. Besides, if you have an excessive amount of body weight, it will make sure that not too much pressure is being exerted on your liver.

There are 2 sleeping positions that pregnant women need to avoid; they are, lying in the stomach and on the back. Besides, pregnant women should also make sure that they don’t sleep of extremely soft or firm mattresses. When it comes to pregnant women, the memory foam or the foam mattresses would just be the perfect option for them.

They need to make sure of using a thick pillow so that pain the neck can be prevented. They should also have a pillow by their side so that they can rest their feet on them.

For Heavy people:

When it comes to mattresses, those who weigh more than 75 kg are considered to be heavy. For these people, a thick cushion would just be the perfect option. Usually, people choose mattresses which are in between 8 to 10 inches in terms of thickness

For heavy individuals, it is important to select a thickness between 10 to 12 inches. This is due to the fact that more pressure is being exerted by those who are heavy as opposed to lighter individuals.

When it comes to heavy people, they emit more heat from their bodies. Therefore, it needs to be made sure a breathable mattress is being used by them. Compared to a spring mattress a foam mattress tends to accumulate more heat. It is due to the fact that the scope for air circulation in the foam mattresses is very less.

For the heavy individuals, it is important to go for the mattresses which are strong and durable. Latex mattresses would just be the perfect option for them.

For Back Pain:

No matter what your profession might be. Whether you are the CEO of a company, a student or a homemaker; if you use a bad mattress, it can affect you big time. One of the deadliest side effects of using a bad mattress is having back pain. Back pain can cause extreme difficulties.

Not only back pain, if you use the wrong type of mattress you might also experience other kinds of complications, like shoulder pain along with neck pain. There are a couple of signs that you need to look for that would help you decide if it is time to change your mattress.

  • The Firmness: If you sleep on an uneven surface, then it can result in continuous pain. Over a period of time, any mattress will go out of shape and the surface won’t remain as smooth and plain as you want it to be. The moment the mattress loses its firmness, it’s a sign that it needs to be changed
  • Tired waking up: After having a good night’s sleep, you are supposed to feel fresh and energetic. However, if you feel tired and fatigued, in that case, it is a sign that there are some issues with your mattress and it needs to be changed
  • Difficulty in Sleeping: Do you wake up frequently in the middle of your sleep? Find it even more difficult to go back to sleep? In that case, it can be your mattress that’s causing all the problems. Such uneasiness can be caused by a sagged mattress.
  • Allergy: Did you know that millions of dust mites can settle on your mattress? These particles, along with sweat, oil and the dead cells from the body can result in allergies. These allergic reactions can lead to continuous itching and coughing
  • Turning and Tossing Around: If you keep on turning and tossing around while you are at sleep, then it is an indication that your mattress is not in the best of shapes. It is also a sign that you need to change your mattress as soon as possible.

What types of Mattresses can offer you Relief Back Pain and other kinds of Discomforts

The mattress that you have chosen should be firm enough so that proper support can be offered to your lower back. At the same time, you need to make sure that it is soft enough to support the contours of your body. Therefore, it is very important to have a perfect combination

If you are sleeping on your back or stomach, you would require a firmer mattress.

On the other hand, if you are a side sleeper, in that case, a softer mattress would be the perfect choice for you

Those who are suffering from back pain, they should opt for the orthopedic mattresses that are available in the market, like memory foam mattress, foam mattress, and latex mattress

How To Clean Your Mattress

Before you start to clean your mattress, it is very important for you to make sure that you have stripped the bed entirely and your linens are being washed properly. At first, you need to clean the pads of the mattress before you get on with the sheets and then finally proceed to the bed sheet. You should be using hot water when it comes to cleaning the linens as it can help to kill the dust mites easily and quickly

Here are some of the ways in which you can clean your mattress

Use a Vacuum Cleaner:

Using a vacuum cleaner to clean your mattress is one of the easiest and efficient ways. With the help of a vacuum cleaner, you will be able to reach out to every section of the mattress and all the debris and dust particles will be sucked in by the machine. The process of cleaning mattresses using a vacuum cleaner can be quite fast


It is important to use disinfectants in order to make sure that all the harmful germs are driven away. Baking soda can be an excellent option. All that you need to do is to sprinkle baking soda on your mattress and then use a scrub brush to rub it

Remove the Stains:

There can be different types of stains on your mattress. They can be from sweat, body fluid and different other sources. It would be easier to clean them when the stains are fresh. However, you can use strong detergents to wash them away


At the conclusion, it needs to be mentioned that there are plenty of different options that are available in the market as far as mattresses are concerned. You need to select the best one that suits your requirements. At the same time, it is also very important to take good care of the mattress.

We have provided a full fledged guide of best mattress in India covering all the main Pros and Cons. If you still have any question, you can comment below and someone from our team will connect with you in the next 24 hours.